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There is (outer) space for everyone - Anonymous

The Bible & Homosexuality

- Gen 19:4-5
- Jude 1:7
- 1 Cor 6:9
- 1 Tim 1:9
- Lev 18:22, 20:13
- Rom 1:26,27

Scientific Studies


+16 June 08 - Brain scan

+10 May 05 - brains of gay


+12 Dec 07 - It's in the blood

+12 July 05 - Born/made Gay
+19 July 04 - inherited .
+25 Oct 2003 - Gays at birth

EX - GAY testimonies

Sir Ian McKellen at CNA, SG


Once we were not a people, God's people now we are
A gay and lesbian people, A new community,
We once feared condemnation, On earth and from above
Until God's grace and mercy showed us the way of God

We are a holy nation, empowered and called by God
As prophets, teachers, healers, to spread good news abroad
to live and work together, God called us from the light,
Of gloom and isolation into a wondrous light

We are an exiled people, with bitter tears baptized,
today, as through the ages, rejected and despised,
But always there have been those transgendered folks like me,
To claim their way of loving and boldly speak its name

We are a pilgrim people, of every class and race,
from many sects and cultures, Now gathered in one Place
We challenge one another to bend and grow, and be
A Church where all God's children can find a family

Once we were not a people, God's people now we are
A proud, determined people, still striving to be free,
A gentle, loving people with justice as our aim,
A queer and righteous people, united in Christ's name

Interesting facts

Ryan Dobson (son of James Dobson) divorced in 2001. Now living with 2nd wife and part of the ministry

Newt Gingrich (father of the Christian Political right). Divorced his 2nd wife in yr 2000 after affair discovered.

Virginia Graham (daughter of Billy Graham). Arranged marriage at 17, to a man 20 years older - rich supporter. Divorced. In 2005, charged with abusing second husband.

Tom Papania (whose testimony used by Focus of Family for fund raising) claimed to be a member of the mafia mob but later found to be untrue.

Dr Joyce Myer. Received an honorary degree to call herself a "dr" but had not even an undergrade degree.


Let me say first that we are not against the mega churches, and the sin of condeming gays is no greater than other capital sins such as murder, and worshipping idols of all kinds.

Below is a sample of the highly provocative rethoric and deceptive comments on gays which has deeply offended many, violated and added to the meaning of the bible, and brought great harm. May God have mercy, and may Christ redeem us.

(Mat 12:36, 37 NKJV) "But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment."For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."


Archboshop Desmond Tutu
- Arch. Bishop Tutu Dec 17, 2007

Reverend Troy Perry
+ MCC 1973 One God - Troy Perry

Reverend Yap Kim Hao
Rev Yap KH on Christian Dialog
Reverend Mel White
+ Rev Mel White @ Safehaven 2007

Reverend R William Johnson + Ordination of Rev. William R. Johnson, 1972
Mrs Peggy Campolo
+ Peggy Campolo - Part 1

Mrs Peggy Campolo
+ Peggy Campolo - Part 2
Mr Jeremy Marks
+ Jeremy Marks - Courage

Bishop Gene Robinson
+ Gene Robinson Interview
Reverend Jay Bakker
+ Rev Jay Bakker (son of Jimmy Bakker)

Reverend Caldwell PR by Rev Yap KH & Rev Caldwell

Reverend Yap KH dialog on Christian Perspectives - 10 May 2007

Reverend Yap KH Christian Perspective by Rev Yap - 23 July 2005

Reverend Yap KH No reason to condemn gays - 18 July 2003

Safehaven 93.5 FM - 13 Feb 2001

United Church of Christ firsts

Biblical Response A blibical response to questions

Quakers Gay and Lesbians in Quakers

Soulforce What the Bible say about gays

Soulforce Homosexuality not a sin - part 1

Soulforce Homosexuality not a sin - part 2

MCC Our story too - part 1

MCC Our story too - part 2

MCC Our story too - part 3

Reverend Mona West The Bible and Homosexuality

Human Rights Campaign Finally Free


NGLTF Challenging the Ex-Gay

FCC response to NCC, 16 Mar 07

UCC - Equal Marriage Rights - 04 July, 2005

Gays OK - 14 July 2004

2001 - A letter to Louise -

1999 - Bruce Garner to Archbishop Moses Tay





Aware Saga - Christian Post SG Ed -

- Ashamed of the Gospel 01 May 2009
- Offence of Offence 03 May 2009

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong, all the men in Sodom succumbed to Homosexuality, 24 Feb 08

Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong,Cornerstone Homosexuality is far more rampant, militant and organised than most of us actually believe it to be. The battle lines are now drawn ' - Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong,Cornerstone Community Church, 23 July 2003

"If we don't warn people against it, there will be more homosexuals, and many of these people will be harassing and seducing young boys and they inturn become homosexuals", Pastor Rony Tan, Lighthouse, Jan 2009

Pastor Joseph Prince of NCC
@ Sunday service - 20 May 2007
"If you are a nasty guy, you are a pondan. Read my lips, pondan". [Pondan = Gay in Malay]

Pastor Joseph Prince of NCC -
Gays finding new victims Pastor Prince 12 Sept 2002

Pastor Derek Hong of Church of Our Saviour
- 19 Aug 07 - gays seeking "sepcial rights"

Pastor Derek Hong of Church of Our Saviour
- 19 Aug 2007 - Gay activists used by Satan -

Pastor Derek Hong of Church of Our Saviour
- 19 Aug 2007 - Gay activist to destroy the church

Pastor Derek Hong of Church of Our Saviour
- 19 Aug 2007 - Gays want to silence pro-family groups and religious organization

Cornerstone Community Church -
10 May 08 - Cornerstone on Mynamar
St John St Margarets Anglican Church
28 Oct 07 SJSM - Special Thansgiving 377A

Community of Praise Baptist Church
17 Oct 07 Thank God for not amending laws

Church of Our Saviour
+12 Oct 2007 - Churches mass political mobilization

Methodist Message
2007 +Nov 2007 - Methodist leads way

Church of Our Saviour
+COOS Statement - 16 Oct 2007
[ response ]

Cornerstone Community Church
+Rapid Response Team - 18 Aug 07

Cornerstone Community Church
+Matter of Great Importance - 12 Apr 07

Kum Yan Methodist Church
+03 June 2007 - Kum Yan Methodist
applies political pressure

National Council of Churches
+ NCCS on PC 377A - Mar07

---- > FCC Response

Methodist Church of Singapore
+ Methodist Stand 1
Methodist Church of Singapore
Methodist stand 2

Hillsong Church Australia + Hillsong

Cornerstone Community Church
+ Cornerstone crusade-19 July 2003

Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS)
+ Celebrate Christmas in Singapore- 23 De05

Church of our Saviour
+COOS - Spiritual darkness - 25 July 2003

Cornerstone Community Church
+ Cornerstone action plan 16 May 2007

Anglican Archibishop Sinagpore
+ John Chew 04 Nov 2003
Anglican Bishops
Anglican Bishops - 13 Aug 2003



National Council of Churches
+National Council of Churches - 29 July 03

--- > response by Safehavena
Church of Our Saviour Banner
+The banner - +09 Feb 2001

Trinity Theological college
+ Symposium - Homosexuality 1998


Former Anglican Achbishop of Singapore the Most Rev Moses Tay "... showed deep concern about the present situation of the Singapore Church ... the gay lobby in Singapore has the support of a former Methodist bishop...." 08 Oct 2008

Assembly of God Australia
+ AOG - Hillsongs 1992

Reverend Pat Robertson
+ Pat Robertson attacking gays

Reverend Benny Hinn
+ BennyHinn on God destroying Gays



Reverend Jerry Falwell
+ Jerry Falwell & James Dobson - 911

Reverend Jerry Falwell
+Jerry Falwell on Andersons Cooper.
Reverend Jerry Falwell
+Jerry Falwell on Larry King Life
Reverend Jimmy Swaggart
+Jimmy Swaggart would kill a homosexual
Reverend Ted Haggard
+Ted Haggard on Sexuality

Reverend Ted Haggard
+Ted Haggard bashing gays




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