As a human who considers the idea of sex with aliens as abhorrent, I am writing to applaud the Singapore censors for banning the video game that included a sex scene between a female human and a female alien. In fact, I contend that the Singapore authorities have not gone far enough.

Given that sex between 2 humans of the same sex was recently evaluated and deemed criminal (Penal code Section 377A), it's clear that we also need a law criminalising alien-human sexual acts -- which in the unnatural order of things, surely ranks higher (or is that 'lower'?). Not criminalising alien-human sexual acts (which I will henceforth call aliensexual acts) could potentially send Singapore society down a slippery slope to where just because it was legal to have sex with an alien, some might eventually come to find it acceptable for all humans to engage in indecent acts with any other human. Our society must send a strong message now that it will not tolerate such behaviour.

This new law should criminalise ALL aliensexual sex, meaning both heteroaliensexual and homoaliensexual acts. This is important since humankind has never actually encountered any actual extra-terrestrial life and we need to take into consideration that beings from outer space might have more than one sex (even earthworms from Earth do) or some might even have no definable sex (yet still want to have sex for some alien reason). This would certainly confuse matters. Thus a blanket law criminalising ALL human-alien sex would thus be the most pragmatic. Not to mention suitably ‘kiasu’. We can call this law Section 377A-L-I-E-N.

I would urge the MPs and NMPs who spoke so eloquently on the topic of not repealing Section 377A to take up the 377A-L-I-E-N cause. Since it is a cause with obvious parallels to the principles they have already so passionately expressed in Parliament. After all, aliens might actually have straw-like appendages for noses from which they might deliver liquids to their stomachs. Thanks to the fiery speech of one very convincingly human NMP, we know that is something we never, ever want to see... or for that matter to hear about ever again.

Religion has been a very useful partner in ensuring that sexual behaviour other than the norm is deemed abhorrent. It will be harder for us to evoke 2000 year-old Christian values in this fight, since aliensexuality isn’t specifically mentioned in the bible as being a sin, let alone mentioned. But this should not stop us. After all, Jesus himself never once said that sex between 2 men was a sin but churches from Zambia to Korea still consider it a sin of the highest order. And for those (potential) pushy aliensexual activists who might contend that His immaculate conception was by it's nature a form of conception between a terrestrial female and a extra-terrestrial being, that is sacrilege. God is not, I repeat 'NOT', an alien! He is a higher being who does not need a spaceship or a teleportation device to fly from one wild wild west-end of the galaxy to the other like real aliens do.

As for other religions, I am afraid I cannot speak in a qualified manner about them as they are alien to me.

Finally I would like to add that we should not condemn any human or alien who fall in love. 'People Like Them' will surely tend to be creative, talented and of course, adventurous. They would, after all be experiencing something quite literally 'out of this world' on a regular basis. These are qualities we want in our worlds to make them better places and so we should treat these aliensexuals with a mixture of pity and compassion. And while the saying "they are born this way and we are born that way" may take on a whole different meaning once we actually know how aliens are born, it would behove us to put up a straight face, look them in the eye (or all 8 if necessary) and say with conviction that "we are all the same, but you could go to jail if we decide you are too uppity".

Bottom line is we need to make space and outer space for these aliensexuals, while (of course) keeping them branded criminals. That would be a neat 'social contract' which will surely ensure that human-to-human heterosexual sex remains universally (and here we really so mean the whole universe) the only accepted kind of sex until the end of time.

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