Welcome 2010 - just to care

As we celebrate the start of Year 2010, it is important to have certain realistic targets based on what we have done the previous year, and what we seek to achieve in the coming year. As Gay Christians many of us live a rather boring lives - work, shopping, dating, going to church, clubbing, holidays, cell group, coffee with friends, dinners with family members. It is a repetitve cycle, and in no time 20 to 30 years will have gone past and we will join the queue of the retired. It is difficult to look beyond ourselves, to consider "the other". We cannot be involved in everything, but a few focus and a purpose beyond ourselves can and will make a difference when we avail ourselves to God's Kairos or opportune time/season.

Jesus called His disciples to be something beyond themselves, such that when Peter testified before the religious leaders, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it was no longer him (the unlearned fishermen) speaking, but Christ in Him, the Hope of Glory. But Peter have had to take the first step of faith, to be willing to declare the Gospel message to a hostile Jewish religious community where he could have been very easily taken to tasks and be put to jail for transgressing against the Mosaic laws.

I believed that at the end of our lives, as Christians (whether gay or straight), we will be welcomed Home in heaven one day. It is by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ, in His finished work for us that we will find our abode in heaven. God will accept us whether we are Billy Graham or a new believer just the same, for in Christ we are all equal. It is therefore "ok" to just exist and make millions of dollars living a life of luxury, but there should be a fulfilment beyond a mere existence. One day in heaven, the only label I would like to be put is not I am gay or straight or even a good Christian, but that "he cared". When we care, we may be caring for Jesus Himself. We are not doing much really, for we loved, because He first Loved us, and gave His best and everything for us. We should do likewise.

When we see Christians taking God's grace for granted to persecute the gay community using false witness, we should be there to say this is not right. Christianity is not about preoccupation with gays to the extent that it be considered imparing the Anglican Communion. When we see and hear of the struggles of other gay churches and gay christians leaving the church, we too feel for their burdens. We may not be able to do much, but what little we can do, I believe we should do.

It has been a difficult year, with heavy workload, sickness, cell group issues, but it has been an amazing year where much have been achieved at work, and this website impacting many with the writings on Christian Faith and being gay, and growing much closer to my Christian Gay brothers in Singapore and Malaysia. In the coming year, my resolutions include:-

a) More focus on the bible study group, through prayer, followup, and relationship building, and less perhaps on serving in other areas.

b) A deeper faith walk with Jesus Christ through sitting down in prayer and contemplation, and through it all taking action in walking by faith - moving out of the comfort zone to do things God has impressed me to do but require a real sacrifice of giving time, effort, grace and mercy.

c) Keeping healthy, fit, and being financially prudent.

May you have a blessed New Year, and may His mercies rain upon your life in all that you do. God bless, merry christmas, and happy New Year and may each one of us be a blessing - be God's hand, feet and leg, going out with a heart of compassion to the lost, and wounded showing God's Grace, Mercy, Love and Compassion. God doesn't ask much of us, really, but just "to care" in our own special ways and where we are.

Verse 1:

We are marching in the light of God,
We are marching in the light of God.
We are marching, we are marching, Oh oh
we are marching in the light of God.

Verse 2:

We are singing in the light of God,
We are singing in the light of God.
We are singing, we are singing, oh oh
we are singing in the light of God.

Verse 3:

We are praying in the light of God,
we are praying in the light of God.
We are praying, we are praying, oh oh
we are praying in the light of God.

Verse 4:

We are dancing in the light of God,
we are dancing in the light of God.
We are dancing, we are dancing, oh oh
we are dancing in the light of God.

Verse 5:

We are singing in the light of God,
We are singing in the light of God.
We are singing, we are singing, Oh oh
we are singing in the light of God.


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