Wear White will loose 2015

1 Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  

Love Singapore and FCBC came out with 6,000 wearing white at Suntec and Marine Parade in order to oppose Pink Dot 2015. This was much lower than the Pink Dot numbers of 28,000.

By next year, Pink Dot 2016, they may want to wear white again but the churches may then have their own moral issues to deal with pertaining to the corruption cases of the mega churches in moral issues involving Hollywood exploits into the hedonistic dance world.

The problem of wearing white proclaiming our own self righteousness and morality is that we immediately become a target. And Satan is a roaring lion waiting for that door to come in. When we depend on our own righteousness, Satan is waiting to magnify our fall and to put traps in front of us.

Satan is real and the more fundamentalist we are - whether far left or right, we sometimes loose focus and our vigilence. When Satan enters, he destroys and steal. When Israel entered Canaan, the command was to kill everyone, because the people have joined themselves to Baal and Asteroth. They were one when the men had sex with the temple priests.

Hence, Christians today are now condemning the act of homosexuality when it was actually a deeply occultic faith worship by straight people of demonic powers. God ordered the destruction of the Cannanites because God sees them no longer as humanity but one with Satan.

The Ten Commandments was not against gays, but it clearly sets against the worship of other gods and idols. Therefore blibical morality is righteousness based on worshipping the God of Israel and Jesus Christ, not just faith per say. Therefore, Love Singapore is highly selective and unblibical in condemning gays. We already committed the sin of hypocrisy.

There is no such blibical notion of the Gospel of Love, for Love is the summary of the Law and it is no Gospel good news because we have failed to love and are condemned as sinners for our failure.

The Gospel is about receiving forgiveness and cleansing of our sins because we are then free to love when we are forgiven when we fail to love.

 When we say we love, we must first realised that we are sinners forgiven by God's grace. How can we love? when we only see the sin in others whilst forgeting about our mere humanity and weaknesses. Jesus came not to condemn contrary to the religious pharisees who were the moral defenders of the day.

Love Singapore doesn't love Singapore, they love religious laws which they selectively see themselves as of high morals when compared to what they see as hedonistic gays. It was never about straight families with their multitudes of divorces and abortions.

Their appearance of white wash tombs can only be achieved when they put their own sins on the hapless gays. Hence, they are selfish and self centered on their own special rights whilst denying the basic rights for gays to love and be loved. Therefore, on Sunday when they wear white, Satan sees it and their sins becomes uncovered and no longer protected by the grace of God in Christ Jesus. Under grace, it is Jesus'  righteousness that matters, not ours. As Christ is, so are we, and not the other way around.

As the annual battles between the wear white and the pink dots are coming to an end for this year, the Pink Dots will always win because gays are naturally thus whilst the Wear White have to strive very hard to be holy and righteous for the rest of the year. One small sin, and they are no longer white but have black dots. At the end of the day, if they truly look themselves in the mirror, they are wearing black garments.

Only the blood of Jesus can cleanse us and not our self effort. When we condemn others, we ourselves are condemned. Jesus did not condemn the people except for their failure to accept Him as Messiah.

Jesus is the centre, not us wearing white. Jesus did not come after gays, but He was perturbed by the religious pharisees. As a result, the people faith killed Jesus when their self righteous indignation of Him declaring Himself as God totally drove them to hysterical anger.

One of the most touching scene in Pink Dot 2015 was the singing of the national anthem. The light was dimming, the small drizzle gave a cooling mist and the voices of Singaporeans filled the air declaring they too are Singaporeans. At the end Gays are Singaporean residents too. Loving Singapore means giving all an equal right irrespective of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Then, Singapore will prosper and be blessed.