The Wedding day tolls in Washington DC

Whilst a big tremor hit Chile, a number of much smaller Tsunamis hit the strong anti-gay stance by the Catholic and the Christian Churches including:-

  • Same sex marriage and adoption going into effect Thursday 04 March 2010, in Mexico City, Mexico, a predominantly Catholic metropolitan city of 20 million,
  • The same sex marriage law comes into effect in nation’s capital Washington DC, USA, Wed 03 March 2010, despite several desperate attempts by Christian Pastors to stop it on account that it will somehow impact their own straight marriages.
  • On 02 March 2010, the House of Lords in England, voted 95 to 21, to lift the ban on Civil Union ceremonies in religious premises in Britain.
  • 03 March 2010, in Fiji, the Crime Decree which came into effect replacing the Criminal Penal Code effectively decriminalizes homosexuality having no codes against it unlike the Penal Code. More than 50% of the population is Christian in Fiji.
  • Portugal, Nepal, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Iceland seem destined to allow same sex marriage in the next six to twelve months.

One day these small Tsunamis will lead to a bigger wave where Gay people in Europe, America, South America, Australia /New Zealand and even in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan will experience equality. The world will not end, straight marriages will continue to be broken by straight people going into divorce, straight people will continue to disregard the family and have abortions.

The rhetoric against gays by the Christian Fundamentalist about the breakdown of straight families has been proven wrong in the countries/states with gay marriages, yet they continue on, peddling their false witness. In Singapore, It is amazing how 10% Christian population is so politically influential as to effectively veto any moves by the Government. The Christian Right here motivated by their American Counterparts have gotten away with special rights to act as they wish against the Gay community calling them all sorts of vile names (dogs, donkeys, monkeys) and still thought they did nothing wrong. What comes out of their mouths perhaps indicate the great religious self righteousness within.

The opposition against gays in Washington DC was led by the Christian Right, a Bishop Harry R. Jackson who with a religious right zeal threw everything against the gay community, and even sued the City Councils. However, it is difficult to logically and morally justify being the aggrieved party, whatever extreme spin and lies being employed. Bishop Jackson is the Senior Pastor of a 3000 member church in Washington, and part of the prophetic elders under Peter Wagner and his New Reformation to conquer the world. He blames gays for almost everything right down to having pay inheritance tax.

It is difficult to understand why the Black community who knew the cost and suffering of discrimination should now lead in the persecution of a weaker minority group, underscoring the dangers of religious radicalization in the world. Worst still, it is done in the name of Jesus, who willingly chose to be persecuted rather than throwing stones of judgment which has instead defined His opposition, the Jewish Pharisees zealots. Our Christianity is not a Biblical Christianity if it is not Christ centered. We are following the religious zealots so despised by Jesus, doing the “do not’s”, for it is easier to throw the stones of judgment rather than to sacrifice oneself for others in Agape Love. Without God’s Agape Love founded on God’s unmerited grace in Christ, we can’t surely call on God’s grace so desperately needed by the Black community to rise beyond their own means.

The floods are coming; it will come in giant waves of justice and equality for the various people groups such as the gay community which has been put into bondage by the religious right. The flood of justice will destroy all the cages of the Christian Right from the dismantling of the “Do not Ask do not tell” or DADT in the Armed Forces, to the reversing of the many statues against gay marriages. The floods will not only bring freedom and liberty, the removal of the heavy burden and yoke of condemnation hitherto placed on the Gay community, but it would also sweep the religious right into the open sea where their hypocrisy will be exposed.

(Isa 55:12 NKJV) "For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills Shall break forth into singing before you, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

(Isa 56:4 NKJV) For thus says the LORD: "To the eunuchs who keep My Sabbaths, And choose what pleases Me, And hold fast My covenant,

(Isa 56:5 NKJV) Even to them I will give in My house And within My walls a place and a name Better than that of sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name That shall not be cut off.

The natural Eunuchs in Isaiah 55 and 56 will go out with joy with singing before God, and even the trees will rejoice with them as they get married, many having waited for decades to get married whilst the straight community so casually treats divorce and then blame the gay community for the breakdown of their own straight marriages. The Gay community had waited on God for decades, and justice will not be denied them.

When they get married, they will soon be able to adopt children, or have children born to them through surrogacy, for God will not leave them without an inheritance, and even if they have no children, God will take care and honor them, as they honor God by continuing to have Faith in a loving God despite many misusing God’s name to come against the Gay community. They still believed in God and had stayed firm in prayer and hope.

The glory of a man is in the number of children he has in the ancient cultures. There was no glory in being a gay men, nothing to be boast about as your name and reputation is tied down to your lineage and the perpetuation of it. The amazing good news of the bible that is still to be fulfilled is that God will give us a name that is higher than that of having sons and daughters. We do not need to boast of the many children we have, for our glory comes from God and He will glorify and uplift the gay community and give them honor far beyond their small numbers. Perhaps, as the freedom and liberty comes to the gay community, you will see arising a people of special talents and capabilities influencing society far beyond their small numbers when they stay faithful to God.

Today, Hope is arising for a change, for a new morning like the very first morning when God created this world. It will be soon a new world, a new society for the GLBT people, once despised and persecuted, and had even joined the Jews in the gas chambers of Auschwitz because of their sexuality. God remembers the suffering of the innocent and their cries to God. Their names and their pain will never be forgotten.

Through the desperate attacks by the Christian Right against the Gay community to stop them from receiving even the basic of rights, had invoked the remembrance of the long history of persecution against gays, and the weight of history and the demands for the historical wrongs to be corrected coupled by the present day injustices will come like a big wave which cannot be stopped despite how hard Bishop Harry Jackson tried. It is hard to kick against the rock, to kick against God’s move, and if we persist despite the warnings, we may end up being drowned at the Red Sea as the departing waters of gay rights come tumbling back on us, as we pursue the gay community mercilessly.

As the marriage bells are sounded at Washington DC, at a place no less symbolic than the capital of the United States, the bells will toll like a wave throughout America and across the Pacific Ocean through to Asia. It is a bell of resounding joy and a recognition of the sacrificial love and mutual commitment of the gay couples who had stayed together despite not being allowed to get married and be affirmed and be recognized in their relationships. But God sees our commitment to each other, and honors it. As the bell tolls, it marks a closure of the long battle against gays by the Christian Right, and the Gay community will return home in peace and joy.

The jail houses where the Christian Right has for so long put gays in bondage, will be the very jail houses that they will be locked in, trapped by what they have done – the lost of righteousness, morality and credibility, and a demand for recompense for the great harm done. The blood of gays who have long died, crying out for justice, will be silent, as the bell tolls as all the rights are now given, and for now at least, will be at rest, and peace.

The great injustice permeated will be corrected one day not too far, and those of the likes of Bishop Jackson surely be taken to task sooner rather than later like the Pharaoh of old. As the Bishop Jackson so boldly says “let the people vote”, one day, his right to worship God may be subjected to people’s vote the same way that he has insisted and demanded that the unalienable rights of the minority gay population be taken away solely on account of the will of the majority influenced by religious extremism of the Christian Right.

For now as the bell tolls, the liberty bell sounding an end to discrimination and injustice committed against the gay community, let us prepare for the way of the Lord to move in the GLBT community to show forth a message of God’s love, grace and mercy through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We are to prepare ye the way of the Lord, for a new and mighty wave of God in the GLBT community.

My Glory and the lifter of my Head

My Glory and the lifter of my Head

My Glory and the lifter of my Head

For thou O Lord art a shield to me

My Glory and the lifter of my head

I cried unto the Lord with my voice

I cried unto the Lord with my voice

I cried unto the Lord with my voice

And He heard me out of His Holy Hill

1967 Mae McAlister

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