The real Sodom and Gomorrah


(Gen 19:4 NKJV) Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house.

(Gen 19:5 NKJV) And they called to Lot and said to him, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally."

In Mat 10:11, Jesus made a reference Sodom saying that it would be more tolerable for the people of Sodom on judgment day rather the towns that had rejected the mission of the twelve sent out to the people of Israel. If Sodom had been a gay city as claimed by mainstream Christianity, surely it was more wicked that the towns in Israel made up by straight people. Yet, it was the towns that had rejected Jesus that will suffer more. The issue here was never about sexual orientation, for both cities were straight.

 It was because Jesus was made flesh, revealed Himself fully as the Son of God, and not in the form of an Angel, and this was a far greater revelation that the people of Sodom ever had.   They only had seen the Angels and rejected their message of salvation, but the towns had rejected God Himself in person.

The sins of the people of Sodom were very clear, on the surface an attempted rape of the "angels" for which even the daughters of Lot could not detract.

But it was not about sexual immorality which is by en-large committed by straight people in their divorces, adultery and abortions, and not also about being unkind and inhospitable to the foreigner in our midst.

If the angels were women, would we have considered heterosexuality as the sin of Sodom. We would have just called it rape.

Why was Lot so protective of the "strangers" much beyond what hospitality was expected even in the ancient culture of extending  water/food and shelter. He offered his daughters in exchange for the angels to satisfy the sexual needs of the men but it was not enough, for they were not after the physical but the spiritual.

The moment the strangers walked into Sodom, they knew where to find Lot and secondly Lot very quickly saw their heavenly stature. It was a spiritual connection and insight just as his uncle Abraham was able to see beyond the physical.

Lot protected the angels even sacrificing his daughters because the sacredness and holiness of God could not be violated.

The strangers were no doubt keeping a low key and blending in with the appearance of men, yet how could the hordes of Sodom quickly tailed the men and brought in the "entire" city with them. We need to see beyond the physical into the supernatural for answers.

The City of Sodom were Baal and Molech worshippers - especially the men. It was a god - a powerful spiritual deity who demanded human/baby sacrifices and where the men would have sex with the priest to join themselves with the demon god.

Hence, the men of the City of Sodom were possessed by a demonic and satanic force that comes into their bodies and minds through religious worship via sex.

Yes, they had sex with men but not out of same sex orientation or love, but because through sex with the temple priests they are joining their bodies as one with the demon. The temple priests was already possessed and taken over by the demon.

The people of Sodom were indeed people of faith, but faith in the demonic gods.

When the heavenly "strangers" came into the city, the entire city seemed to know, because there was a demonic spiritual force to gather the men to look for the angels. It was supernatural.

When they sniffed out the angels in Lot's humble abode, they wanted to knock down the door in such a demonic angry frenzy. How could they have known Lot was keeping the angels, because they were guided by demons.

The Christian Right has potrayed the people of Sodom as gays wanting to rape the men. It was not about eros love for they were in a violent demonic rage.

It was not because they were of same sex orientation for they had wives and children, but because their actions were governed by a strong demonic principality.

If they gay queens, Lot would have offered himself or his son in-laws. Yet he offered his "virgin" daugthers for the Sodomites were straight, yet it was not enough.

When Sodom attempted to rape the angels, it was not just rape per say or violation of rights, but it was a statement of power and rule over God Himself. They were showing their middle finger to the heavens.

When God destroyed the entire city, including all the heterosexual men, women and children, it was justified even though only a small group attempted to rape the angels.

Abraham gave us a clue, for he pleaded to God to save the city. The entire city was straight and if it was the small minority of gay men who had attacked the angels, the rest (the straight men, the women and children) were still innocent. Yet God could not find anyone righteous (as justification to save the city) for they were all Satan worshippers under deep demonic control. Homosexuality was not the sin issue.

For the entire city was condemned, under deep spiritual bondage of satanic worship and were no longer acting on their own accord for the spiritual forces within would rise up to take over.

Why did Lot stay in such a place? I don't mean a city full of gay men, but a city so full of people and heterosexual men who were violent, cruel, wicked and prone to demonic manifestation and possession.

When Lot's wife looked back to the city, she was not after the gay men of the city, but the glitter of wealth and possessions she would need to give up.

It was all because of wealth and money and business. Lot had to cross over to the world, not a secular irreligious world, but a religious world of powerful deities and demons.

God wanted to destroy Sodom because they had sold their souls to the devil as a city to do his bidding. In return, they had enormous wealth and power.

The story of Sodom is not about homosexuality but about demonic worship for the sake of money and power.

When the devil tested Jesus in the desert, he offered Jesus money and power as long as He bowed down to Satan. The people of Sodom took up the offer and became slaves to do Satan's bidding until they followed the command to rape the angels so contrary to the prevailing culture of hospitality.

And these demonic powers are so pervasive that it hides itself under the guise of homosexuality that we may blame and persecute gays as sinners, and so that we will not be aware of its power and deceptions which is to make us bow down to Satan though the deception of wealth and power.

Just as the people of Sodom wanted to rape the angels, when we deny gays their basic rights and same sex marriage, we are essentially raping gays. For our religious indignation is actually of the same demonic spirit who goes after the weak and the defenceless but exalts the rich and the powerful.

The demonic aggenda is about power - the power to subjugate and to control - for which raping a man would deny him his manhood - the power to rule rather than be ruled! The men who were raped would become be humiliated and become  women in their culture hence reduced to be subservient to the people of Sodom.

The  demonic forces in Sodom would want to rape the angels (via the men of Sodom), as to exert their authority and power over the angels. Essentially, they were proclaiming their power and might against God Himself.

We don't have many angels to rape in the 21st century and raping angels is not that well known even in Geylang Singapore.

Yet, would we have raped the angels if it had meant power and wealth and putting the weak such as gays in closets and jails to lift up our religious and moral standing.

We have become the 21st century Sodomites, yet know it not because we blame gays for it.

We have raped the weak and the innocent to exalt ourselves and have worshipped power and wealth even as a christian church.

When the churches in Singapore were so vary of a breakdown of morality in the slippery slope to Sodom and Gomorrah, they were not entirely wrong. For the Sodomites were the straight 95% majority and not gays.

Even though Lot in his humanity was tempted and stayed too close to the temptation of wealth and possessions, he came out alive because he honored and protected the righteousness and holiness of God. He had protected God's honor against the Satanic forces.

Deu 6:4 “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one! 5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength."

The name and image of God is so holy that we dare not commit a false witness against the weak, lest the name and honor of God be compromised by our actions and deeds.

The walk that God is calling us tonight is not only to do no harm, but to honor, worship and protect the glory, Holiness and righteousness of the presence of God in Jesus Christ. 

The Cananites worshiped many supernatural gods and deities, but the greatest commandment remains that God is One God, the Holy one of Israel. We are to worship only the One God and not the many gods and supernatural powers then and today. There is no one like our God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

God is One God for He is the One amongsts the many gods and supernatural powers that the different people of faith worshipped. For only One God is the true God of Israel.

Do we honour God today or do we worship wealth, power and material possessions. Choose this day whom you will serve.



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