Lord make us an instrument of peace not hate




(Mat 12:36, 37 NKJV) "But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment."For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

The Christian Post article on 02 March 2009 "Pastor Explores Pedophilic Roots of Homosexuality" asserts that most homosexuals are pedophiles seducing young children whose victims become homosexuals themselves in an article concerning the allegations made by Pastor Pastor Rony Tan of Light House Evangelism when introducing the testimony of a Lesbian who apparently was healed of her “lesbianism”!. The allegations were based on the worst kind of stereotypical opinions. When we define Pedophilia as the sexual abuse of children, we find that rarely the case involving gay men, and almost never involving lesbians. Homosexuality has no direct relationship with Pedophilia, any more than heterosexuality. In one study involved 175 male adults who had been convicted in Massachusetts of child sexual assault. They found that none of them were homosexuals but instead were heterosexuals. Should we then declare the root of Pedophilia as Heterosexuality? Surprisingly, the mega church pastor made the comments when introducing a lesbian who had apparently been “healed” of homosexuality. Would you see Lesbians committing pedophilia against the young boys he spoke of? Serious allegations must be based on facts rather stereotypes when spoken by leaders as it represents Christianity. If they conjure up tales to rationalize their theology, then it is a sin, which denies people of Christ, and it’s simply a false witness. Why associate of gay men with straight pedophiles and then extend this to Lesbians? Because it will confuse the matter and all of majority distaste of this crime will be heaped upon the gay community. Therefore, we make gays guilty by simply associating them with a group of criminals and then repeat it often enough as if it is the truth.

(Luke 12:10 NKJV) "And anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but to him who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven.

We heard often enough that there is no big or small sin because all sin results in death when talking about Luke 12:10. There are many sins, some only between God, and us, as we do not put Him as first in our lives. Therefore all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). The sin of some is more serious, with consequences involving deaths even thousands of deaths. I believe that God would forgive the religious terrorist who repent and turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and heaven’s gate will be opened to them, but there may be consequences on earth that will remain. This was the context of Luke 12:10 where it is not talking about the generalized sin of Adam. Here, the meaning of the “unpardonable sin” is that it was a very serious transgression that will not be taken lightly and those guilty will be taken to task or that there will be unpardonable serious consequences. It is not stating that external forgiveness is not available through the blood of Jesus Christ, but that we have to answer to it and that the judgment and the consequences is already sown. When the Pharisees spoke out against the Holy Spirit, the protection of God for Jerusalem was lifted. It took about 40 years later to bear fruit. The Jew leaders finally bore the consequence of equating the work of God to that of Satan. When the religious zealot rose up against the Romans in AD70, the entire city was destroyed with 2 million killed. The religious perpetrators who blasphemed the Holy Spirit had probably died by then, but the consequence remained.

Some characteristics of unpardonable sin is that

a) It is done to deliberate and maliciously with the intent to find fault and cause harm and confusion without any regard to either the consequences or fear of God that they are blaspheming. They wanted to find fault with Jesus, and so accused the miracles that He did as works of Satan. We have no hesitation to come against gays with outright lies even though it is illogical and not based on facts. We try our best to commit false testimony against gays to their harm and for our benefit in supporting our theological position. The Pharisees did too. They thought Jesus was a blasphemer because He claimed to be God and therefore tried to discredit Him. It's not just a white lie, but a false witness in a blatant lie.

b) It is directly opposite to the truth of the matter. The Holy Spirit came to heal the sick and the wounded, to convict men of their need for a savior, whilst the thief comes to rob and to steal from mankind. The work of the Holy Spirit is directly opposite to the work of Satan, so how can the two be equated. They were blaspheming and violating the image and character of God. When straight people do almost all the Pedophilia, how can we put the blame on gays? And equate sexual abuse to their genuine and sacrificial love for each other! Their sexual orientation was God ordained and we smeared it by confusing this with sexual abuse of minors. We are blaspheming the God of their creation, our God.

c) It denies people of seeing God and distorts the perception of the character of God. The miracles done by Jesus would have given all glory and honor to God; instead, we now have the religious leaders saying that it is the works of the evil one. Therefore, we mislead people from knowing God and do not give God the Glory. Not only did the Pharisees were hell bound, they wanted to bring as many people with them. When we distort the truth against gays, we deny them the insight to see God as their creator who created them wonderfully and beautifully as who they are. If Gays do not accept how God has created them, then how can they see God! There are very few gay men in the church whose doors have been shut and those staying behind have to hide and be in a closet. People can’t see God passed our closed doors and our hearts that are shut closed to listen to God on this matter. The Archbishop, Desmond Tutu once commented that

“We treat them as pariahs and push them outside our communities. We make them doubt that they too are children of God - and this must be nearly the ultimate blasphemy. We blame them for what they are”

Have we committed an “unpardonable sin” against gays? There is a serious consequence that will be sown, that will not be forgiven nor excused. What are the consequences or judgment that will be sowed? Could it be the same manner that we have judged? We are sowing sexual immorality, and abuse in the Church, in the body of Christ. It is no coincidence that the Catholic Church has a horrendous and widespread issue of priest sexually molesting young children resulting in billions of claims. We open the door of judgment instead of the door of grace.

(1 Cor 12:26 NKJV) And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.

The mega churches are great churches and I believe there is nothing wrong for Gay Christians to attend it and remain in the closet. Coming out is a long process, in CHC, there would be an impartation of Faith, at LHE, an impartation of Love, and at NCC, a fresh anointing of Grace. There is a time to sit under the teachings and anointing of these great Pastors. At the right moment, there will be a call at the end to “come out” just as Moses came out of the desert to identify with His people. Each must come to our own burning bush experience in the high mountain of God, to bring our people out from Egypt. Moses took so long to wander in the desert because he had to come to accept his Jewish identity, so too many of us will take many years to accept ourselves as Gays as how God created us. But our wanderings in the desert and finding God must first start when we have this seed of identification with our own people (Ex 2:11). We may have wandered many decades but most of us would be younger than Moses when he came out of the desert at the age of 80.

"It is as much our moral obligation not to cooperate with evil as it is to cooperate with good." Rev Mel White

When Moses first came out 40 years earlier before his Exodus ministry to bring the Jews out of Egypt, it was a moment of anger after repressing the inner conflict and struggles for 40 years. He knew since young he was a Jew just as gays knew that they were different since young. It was a struggle until Moses finally had to face it when he saw his people being harmed. It was not the first time for it must have been numerous occasions that he saw and did nothing and his spirit and conscience rose up to accept that he too was a Jew. We have to identify one day with the community that God has bought us in. Are we perturbed that Gays are bashed up daily by the Christian churches? Are we angered that many have left the faith? Do our hearts ache when we see gay homeless youths being kicked out of their homes just becuase they were gays? We may stand idly by until one day, we finally see that they too are our people. Moses had not settled his inner conflicts and confusion when he stood up for the Jews in a moment of revelation and decision/choice to act. It took him another 40 years of wandering the desert before He could reconciled the fact that he was born a Jew. It is only when we fully reconciled and accept that we are gays and it is God given, in our own time and inside a safe closet to work these issues out that we are ready to again stand up for our people. There must be a burning bush experience, an intimate experience of a God, a God moment and commission to seal our destiny. How long Lord we cry? It took 40 years for Moses to accept Himself to the level that He can be an instument of peace to bring his people out of the closet to accept themselves above how others see them as only a tribe of slaves but rather a great people ordained by God for mighty works. So too, the Gay community, is royal community, ordained by God in these last days to show forth His grace and mercy to the nations.

"What do we do about it?" White said. "Do anything!" --- Rev Mel White

We “come out” to lift up others and bear the Cross with them – it may setting up support and prayer groups to share our stories and remember Christ in our midst. It could be to sow into the forums and groups the message of God’s inclusive love and grace irrespective of their sexual orientation. It may be to give generously to the groups tackling the anti-gay groups when once our tithes went to support churches which were anti-gay. We ourselves would be exposed but Christ exposed Himself to us that we may know God, that what we loose others will gain. We come to identify with the wounding of others when we learn to touch God’s deep heart of love and compassion for the Gay community. Without taking a stand, in our own timing and ways, there could be little collective freedom gained. Their closet, their jail, becomes our closets and our jails too. Their pain and suffering becomes our anguish and pain too. We no longer feel only our lack, but see much beyond ourselves to the community God has put us in.

God is asking us today from 1 Tim 5:8, to take care of those in our "household" because our basic Christianity should first be lived out in the community that God has placed us in, especially in the context of 1 tim 5:5-7 where there are so many hurt and lonely "widows" in the gay community marginalised and rejected by their own family for being gay and many living alone as Christians have denied them of marriage and the protection of relationships that come with it. We are called to live a legacy - to be a blessing to others just as we have been blessed. We could not shut out our ears and our hearts to the cries of the Gay family. Listen, see, and touch and you will feel their pain, rejection, and sadness. We are called as Christians, to bear with them, as Christ would and never allow those who spread hatred and prejudice to be taken lightly.

Father God, May we each of us be an instrument of peace to the GLBT community, preaching hope, that there will be a new and brighter tommorow, preaching Your Grace and Mercy to a group so marginalised and despised yet dearly beloved. Put the desire in our hearts to go forth to the nations, to be instruments of peace, your peace in Christ Jesus, that the GLBT community may know that they accepted in Christ. All are welcome to Your table, whether straight or gay.

Lord make us instruments of Your peace
Where there is hatred let Your love increase
Lord make us instruments of Your peace
Walls of pride and prejudice shall cease
When we are Your instruments of peace

Where there is hatred
We will show His love
Where there is injury
We will never judge
Where there is striving
We will speak His peace
To the people crying for release
We will be His instruments of peace

Where there is blindness
We will pray for sight
Where there is darkness
We will shine His light
Where there is sadness
We will bear their grief
To the millions crying for release
We will be His instruments of peace

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