The real Noah is not Hollywood


The anti-gay crusade by Christians has undermined the bible and made it to a myth. At the centre of it is God, creation, and Satan. When we use the bible as a justification to bash up gays, we forget that sin and abomination was intertwined in the struggle between man worshipping Satan versus man worshipping God.

Through our anti-gay crusade, Christians mixed up between good and evil, until Hollywood picks it up and created a Noah where the fallen angel of light from the sky above to earth is actually depicted as the good guys helping mankind when they were the rebels against god and became demonic powers and principalities.

The Hollywood Noah was a rather liberal adaption of the bible. The issue here is not about bible literalism, but what was missed out, is the present reality of Satanic and demonic powers that choose to deceive.   The movie Noah took them out of creation and the storyline.The scene of mankind poking the angels (now transformed to monster like creatures) until they died was amusing because the reality is that these entities that are tormenting mankind.

Mankind was beyond hope because the demonic angels had married with the daughters of man producing giants and half breeds. In Gen 6:4 "There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. "

The Hollywood Noah took a very progressive theological position that takes out the spiritual and puts mankind at the center:-

  • In the movie, we never see God speaking to Noah. It was all through vague dreams. God was someone high up there rather than being present in the Ark. God was potrayed as being distant and indifferent to the sufferings of humanity.

  • In the bible, Noah warned his peoples for more than a 120 years reflecting God's grace and mercy. Yet, they denied God. The God of mercy was not reflected in the movie. They had a 120 year warning, to build their own arks.

  • An Impersonal God protrayed versus a God who spoke in person to Adam and Eve. God was protrayed as being a kind of higher spirituality rather than a kindred friend who was with Noah during his 100 years of building the Ark. In the movie, He left it to Noah whether to continue mankind, whereas the God of the bible had mercy and grace to save Noah and His family from the flood and to perpetuate mankind.

  • Man was seen as the Lords on earth having power over the animals rather than man giving the ownership to Satan in the fall.

  • Deception came through a wrong decision and temptation of sin within rather than being deceived by Satan. The snake was so amusing and deliberately made to look like a myth. It was the snake's fault and man's rebellion rather than being deceived by Satan.

  • Evil was personified in mankind rather than Satan. The power of darkness, the third entity in the equation was totally removed. In this progressive kind of Christianity, Satan and demonic principalities do not exist. Evil was personified as something within mankind. Therefore, the cure was to love and do good and show kindness,

  • The ending of the rainbow showing God's grace and mercy never to destroy the entire earth again was not shown in the Hollywood Noah.

  • Evil versus Good in the movie was depicted as being in two separate communities, Noah's family versus the rest of the peoples. In the bible, Noah lived in the same community with the rest. They were his friends, people whom he knew well. There was no separation in the bible. Yes, Noah was different than the rest because he was righteous and a good man, but he still lived amongsts them.

  • The end happened very suddenly in the bible. Therefore, the end times could happen was quickly. It was not played out in the movie of the rest of humanity coming against Noah over the few months and then attempting to storm the Ark to survive. Even a heavy downpour would flood Orchard Road within an hour. What happened if the rain never stopped.

  • Evil was depicted as good. The fallen angels, the demons of old, were depicted as angels of light trying to help out the humans rather than the real cause of the fall.

  • In the movie, God asked Noah to kill the first born of his children, whereas in the bible, in Gen 9.1, "So God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.


At the end, the story of Noah became humanized rather than involving God and Satan. The truth is that we were only part of the central play. The devil does not cease to exist just because some Christians does not believe in the demonic powers. The Holy Spirit, His presence, and His power to save and restore is not determinant upon man's idea but on our faith.

Evil did come upon mankind and God destroyed the entire earth because the angels in Noah actually had sex with the daughters of man. They produced giants. The angels were powerful and were worshipped. The abomination grew so terrible that the Holy Spirit left mankind just before the flood. The Holy Spirit was taken out in Gen 6:3 "And the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not abide with man forever ....""

God is a personnel God, full of love, grace and mercy through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour who is the modern Ark. The flood will come again in the end times. Our earth will be destroyed.

There are many who is making heaven on earth, our commnwealth. One day, this earth will pass away and end time will come. But God has provided a way out in Jesus Christ.

They laughed and scorn at Noah for building the Ark, and many people of faith who scorn those who believe on Jesus, as the Way, the Truth, and the Life to God.

The failure of the movie Noah is the failure of Christians too, of failing to choose between Good and Evil, between God and Satan. We make homosexuality as the greatest sin, making us hypocrites and persecutor of the innocent when there is so much injustice, pain and inhumanity in our midsts.

We dare not come against the evil within mankind, and the demonic principalities, and the dire consequences of the harm done.

For more than a hundred years, Noah warned the community he lived in of the flood, and for repentance. Yet, they never believed in His message. The message of Christians in the last days is also undermined when we could not distinguish between Good and Evil, until our condemnation of Gays become our focal point instead of proclaiming a new Ark to go through the storm.

Jesus is our Ark, for today and tommorow. Will we enter in? or choose to stay outside.


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