Christian Activist fearing the truth


In Singapore, the MDA recently gravely restricted the screening of "The kids are all right" on the grounds that it was promoting Homosexuality as if it was abnormal or needs promoting and advertisement. As said by S'pore patriach MM Lee, Gays are natural and born like that from birth. People don't become gays because of TV and radio advertisement to buy a product. It's not glamorous anyway with the rejection of family, community and the religious activist.

What is more scary for the Christian Right is not two men or two women having sex, but that the families are "normal", with the "kids are all right" under a gay family. Therefore, raising of kids do not necessarily require a female and male parents. The anti-family arguments used by the Christian Right would be negated.

The MDA was of course following rules and trying to make this a non issue as not to agitate the religious right of more than 600,000 Christians in Singapore. The mega churches have made their presence known in an open manner in Expo, and Suntec, and have incredible financial and voting power. They are not afraid to openly promote their Christianity by persecuting gays.

It would be ridiculous to blame Christians for "promoting Christianity" by having thousands of video tapes of Christian related movies and sermons. But as Christianity is a choice, it requires promotion. On the contrary, being gay is not a choice and do not require the thousands of videos to promote it. It is innate and self evident across race, religion and cultures. Even the few videos for affirming the gay community is banned by the Christian right when they themselves have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of videos.

Why the fear of gays? because the anecdotal evidence is so overwhelming that the Christian Right is forced to spin lies to condemn the gay community. If gays are born like that, for many Christians it would undermine the bible as God would be seen as contradictory by creating some as gays whilst in their interpretation of the bible, condemns it. They are afraid of inconsistencies not that gay sex is any more sinful than straight sex, and added to the fact that gays are such a small minority as to virtually have no moral say of the wider community.

As a result, the Gay community is demonised by the Christian Right, and maligned by describing gays as femine and seeking for sex change when most gay men look very straight and love their sexual organs and sex. Therefore transexual anti-gay champions such as Sy Rogers and Leslie Lung kept calling themselves gays when gay men look, sound and act nothing like them. They claim to be gay in order to discredit gay men.

Gay marriages and Gay families frigthenes the Christian Right because it undermines all their distortion and lies about gays. They can't use the "family" argument against gays. In addition gays cannot be said then to be prosmiscuous since they are having sex within marriage.

They are trying their best to stop gay marriage, lest the sight of successfull gay marriages and families having children touches their hardened conscience. The truth cannot be accepted after all the harm and lies told because they would be guilty of such great sins against humanity as to warrant judgement from God. They have no choice put to peddle the lies against gays.

If the Christian Right continues their religious activism against gays breaching their basic rights, we might one day be persecuted for "promoting Christianity". The bible says that the same manner we judged, shall be judged against us. In fact, if we deliebrately caused harm against others, the penalty is four fold. ie the harm against gays limiting their rights, and relationships, will return back to the church multiplied. It is a sin committed by the church as a whole which calls for justice and judgement.

In Massachusetts, gay marriage became legal on May 17, 2004. Despite the ridiculous claims by the Christian Right, there was no moral anarchy. The straight folks who wanted divorce and abortions were still able to do so. It became a non issue as it should have been even with gays adopting or having their own children.

In New Hampshire, where Gay marriage became legal on 01 Jan, 2010, the conservatives who came into power in Nov 2010 are now trying hard to repeal the law. But the public opinion once hostile to gays are against this move with 62% opposing the repeal. In fact 51% strongly opposes the appeal, whilst only 24% strongly supported such a move. Therefore, once legalise, all the arguments by the Christian Right and fears planted are all found to be false, and any repeal unlikely.

It is truth that is prevaling across America, that it is the Christian activist who are the immoral party spinning the truth from the public with their anti-gay aggenda. It is not a matter of personal opinion as we are exerting our rights to limit the basic rights of others that we ourselves enjoy even though we are not impacted.

Whilst the truth will set the GLBT community free, the truth is detrimental to the Christian church for it implies a false witness leading to incredible harm and wrong judgement upon the gay community. There is justice coming, and justice demands compensation and those who did harm to be taken to tasks.

In 2007, Nominated Member of Parliament Thio, in a thumping speech in Parliament calling for gays to be  imprisoned under 377A, to the thumping support of Exodus/Choices, National Council of Churches, and the mega churches. Four years later, we begin to see the backlash as the Law of judgement insisted by the Christians comes back to haunt them. When City Harvest move to Suntec on March 19, 2011, they only have the use on the weekends, and a much smaller facility rather than the exclusive use paid for. When we insist that others be jailed and be in a closet, we may be condeming ourselves to a tighter closet.



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