The Budget and the New World Order


(Mat 4:8 NKJV) Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

(Mat 4:9 NKJV) And he said to Him, "All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me." 

The Sojourners mailing email on Mar 30, 2011, reads ".. our country's problem isn't just spending -- it's misplaced priorities". The fund raising email sights supporting details of 11.2 billion cut of the childhood education programs whilst a tax break for the estates of milionaires will cost $11.5 billion. The Tea Republican Party under the mantra of redeeming the budget deficits are targeting the poor and the have nots those that can ill afford the help they can get, whilst the rich remains unaffected.

The misplaced priorities by the Politicians is due to their  connection with Wall Street their key constituents. The businesses paid millions in donations and are now receiving the  returns. The bail out by the Senate of big businesses is no coincidence. The effect of using easy money and near zero interest rates are fueling a artificial rise in the stock market ie the rich are getting richer whilst the poor are getting sidelined. Unemployment remained high and house prices stagnant.

Sojourners were perturbed by the constant matra that "The Government is out of money" being the excuse to cut welfare for the poor and at the same time not increasing taxes for the rich. But the truth remains that the US Government is in serious debt. It is not that the US is poor, but the wealth has been shifted to the very rich.

The Deficit for Y2010 is 1.17 Trillion, and for Y2011 1.3 Trillion. In Y2010,   spending was 3,456 billion, whilst the tax receipts were only 2,161 billion. Coorperate America contributed only 9%.or USD 191 billion to the tax receipts. The deficit of 1.17 Trillion is more than 50% of the receipts. ie for every dollar US have, it is spending a dollar fifty.  The Republicans are calling for a 100 billion cut. But it seems that no one is addressing the core issue for Y2011,   that a cut of 100 billion is less than 8% of the 1.3 trillion deficit. In order to have a deeper cut, the options are limited as to how to cut :-

  • Defence Department + Homeland - 737 Billion

  •  Social Security - 701 Billion

  •  Medicare & Mediaid - 793 Billion

The dollar is protected by being the World's reserve currency and so the Fed continues to print money. Just like the Roman Empire, the value of the US currency will diminish. There is an enormous debt of 14.3 Trillion. This dwarfts in comparison to the 50 trillion unfunded liabilities and 60 trillion private debt. The 90 million baby boomers are starting to save much more, spend less, and as they go into retirement, tap on the unfunded liabilities.

Soujourners got it only partially right as they have not targeted the root cause. Jesus warned us of the New World Order. In the temptation of Jesus in the desert, many don't even believe that Satan exist, but the temptation is real of power and wealth and is offered to every stake holder.  We are living in a New World Order which started with the Roman Empire, then the Catholic Church, the Templar Knights/Freemasons, the merchant banks, the European Colonists, and now the central banks such as the Feds. The Christian Right is likewise tempted.

Secrecy and world wide dominion is the hallmark of this new order with many mega churches refusing to be audited including Benny Hinn. No one knows who really owns the Feds. The US capital Washington DC was planned by the Founding Fathers based on the Masonic religious pagan symbols. The Catholics have their secretive orders inlcuding the "Legion of Christ" and "Opus Dei". The Christian Right have their own "kingdom theology" or "seven mountains" movement even reaching Singapore and was the real motivation behind the Aware takeover (not homosexuality). Gays were only a scapegoat to cover the secretive motives of dominion.  

The Bankers have been creating new money with debt. The Fed was created in 1913 by a group of the wealthiest men in America as a cartel to make themselves rich and the public to pay for it. As they create money out of nothing, then money can also dissapear. This rise and boom cycle is innevitable. In the New World order, people that suffers most are those that at the end of the food chain - the poor, the outcasts, the weak. We now see a large scale back of spending in the state and federal budget with the poor having the bear all the cuts.

In 1999, at a service at City Harvest, Pastor Kong talked about the End Times, and the Tribulation and the coming of the anti-Christ. Surely, the end is near. Yet, we knew not that the End Times started with the New World Order and we were living in it. The tribulation of the 1st to 3rd century Christians by the Roman Ceasers and the 11th to 16th century Christians by the Catholic Pope haunts the Protestants and gave us a persecution complex, yet our eyes could not see the unfolding deception and lure of power and wealth.

When churches preached about prosperity theology about 100 fold returns, they too are talking about creating money out of nothing, the same language used by the bankers as they manipulate the money supply, rates and stock market. The Christian Right in the 90s were beginning to be drawn in by power and wealth, and creating a gay aggenda was the avenue to generate funds. 

(Mark 12:42 NKJV) Then one poor widow came and threw in two mites, which make a quadrans. 

As we are reflecting on a morally acceptable budget, and what would Jesus cut, and some Christians calling for a Queer Theology to breakdown the hierachal barriers of the new World order,   we begin to realise how different Jesus was. His emphasis was on a simple life, a love devoted to others rather than the seeking of power, and wealth. A life of transparency where we own little and our motives pure before God and Man. It is a supernatural life filled with signs and wonders. It is a life of prayer and meditation, a communion and walk with the Holy Spirit. Jesus was living a simple life in this reality, and the same time being God in the Spiritual reality. We should therefore live simply, and take upon our inheritance as Sons and Daughters of God in Jesus Christ in the spiritual realm. 

Let us decide to follow Jesus, for surely we can't bring this world along with us to heaven. It's just too heavy with all its wealth, worldly power, and spiritual deceptions.

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