Pastor Khong blames Gays for Conservative sex revolution


Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC and Love Singapore highlighted the Momentum 2014 held at FCBC where a Dr Jennifer Roback Morse proclaimed that LGBT agenda has resulted in three decades of a sexual revolution promoting divorces, abortion, and adultery in the straight conservative population. Hence, gays are to be blamed for the conservative sex forays.

It is like going into Geylang in conservative Singapore, the red district many times bigger than Kings Cross in Sydney and say it is all caused by homosexuality when gays played no part in the conservative debauchery. The desperate blame game undermines the integrity of the Christian faith.

Ironically, Gays are not allowed to get married and homosexual acts carries a two year jail sentence. Hence, the assertions by Pastor Khong are particularly disingenuous.

Putting the blame on 5% of the population for the sins of 95% is like yeast in the bread. The yeast will grow to impact the entire Christian community in Singapore and corrupts it.

The yeast of hypocrisy opens it to judgement, and hinders the power of God to move in a mighty way. When we pray, we wonder why God doesn’t answer for our hands are filled with blood of the innocent.

When we raised our hands to worship God, it is the same hands who threw the stones to kill the innocent. Jesus was particular opposed to legalistic and self-righteous Pharisees because they misrepresented God, and perpetuated deep injustice in God’s name.

In this dispensation of grace, there is still grace for repentance but the time is short for the cries for justice grows louder each day. Any attempt by gays to speak out against the audacious claims by Love Singapore/NCCS will be labelled as “militant”, the loud voices of the majority drowning the small voices.

Gays are the perfect scapegoat, the silent lambs for slaughter. But their blood cries out for justice. Too many gays have died. When we bear false witness harming tens of thousands of innocent people, we are breaking the Ten Commandments flagrantly.

The Pharisees they thought they were doing God a favour by killing Jesus. But at the end, their fates were sealed in the fall of Jerusalem. Judgement is slow, but gays have been suffering for too long. For justice will start in the church in Singapore, and the call for justice gets louder. In what form it takes, time will tell.

The real revolution is against the Gospel message to undermine it and not about any sexual revolution. When we declare a false witness against gays together with the truth of the Gospel message, it undermines the bible, and weakens the Gospel message of God’s grace.

For the harvest is ripe but we chase after the rainbow.   We fail to see God's grace and made it cheap by harming and blaming the innocent for our own sins.

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