The battle for Jerusalem



The United Nation upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority from an observer entity to non-member observer state. The push brings closer to the formation of Palestine as as an independent state yet brings upon it responsibilities. They wanted Jerusalem, but the time of the gentiles is over and the diaspora of Israel has returned home. It was and is their homeland.

As the Palestian fires Iranian rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, some Christians lamented at the strong response by Israel. There are many more rockets that the airstrikes contrary to the cartoon images potraying Israel as the agressor. It's just that Gaza is so heavily populated that any response will kill more innocent victims and that was the plan by the religous militants to sacrifice the innocent.

Has Israel a right of response? and are the battles a proxy war rather than just between Israel and Palestine, but Israel and the Arab world who had supplied much of the weapons. The Palestinians religious militants are not gentle lambs but are known for their religious zeal and mass killings of gays.

If I were the Jews, I would let them fire their rockets and not respond - for it is better to show love and grace over our enemies. Surely the iron dome, the hand of God will protect the innocent.

God's grace is moving in Israel, and the Gay Arabs are escaping from death and torture to move and escape into Jerusalem and Tel-aviv. They were willing to set aside their own faith who had persecuted them, to seek God's grace in the "enemy" which their nations had despised but who accepts their innate sexual orientation beyond the identification of them as non-Jews.

As Gay Arabs escaped into Israel accross the walls that were meant to stop suicide bombers, they are attaching themselves to the God of Israel. The blessings of God, the blessings of Abraham will also flow to them and they will receive honey from the rock.

These Gay Arabs will one day join themselves with Israel and play a vital part in Israel's claim of their promised land. For God will exalt the least to come against the mighty.

On the left hand corner is the Arab world which covers 1/5 of the world (including indonesia) and a billion in strength. They hold half of the world's oil resources and seem perhaps to blame Israel for the failures of their own rulers.

On the right hand corner is Israel, on a tiny strip of land, no more than 30 km wide and less than 500 km in length with a population of 6 million in Israel and 7 million outside Israel. They tried three times to push Israel back into the Mediterranean but they Israel got stronger each time until Jerusalem fell to the Jews.

The Palestinians were residing on barren land that nobody really wanted and owned by the British and a few Arab nations before the foundation of Israel. Palestine was never a state even when the Jewish settlement in 1949 was just a small conclave of towns.

Perhaps the war centers around the worship of the land (in particular Jerusalem), and religion (the descendents of Abraham), complicated by the foundation of Christianity in Jerusalem for Jesus was a Jew. There seems to be little concern for the lives lost on both sides. Dogma and hatred takes precedence over the sacredness of life.

Israel has a strong historical and religious claim to the land for which they had been expelled from by the Romans (modern day European Union) in AD70. Their ownership of the West Bank and East Jerusalem for which the Palestinians wanted to be their new capital goes to the very heart of the pain and suffering that the Jews have suffered for two thousand years - being expelled from Jerusalem, and the longing to return being stopped by successive Arab forces. The Jews kept their tradition, culture, language and religious identity with the longing to one day be reunited with their homeland.

Jerusalem was the very center of the Jewish religious faith way before the advent of Christianity or before Islam came into the scene in the Arab peninsula. It was the spiritual portal where the tribes of Israel would come out to the Holy Hill to worship God on high. It was a place, a mountain with a gateway to the Yahweh.

There may also be a spiritual reason for Jerusalem may be a center of control not only of earthy armies but spiritual forces battling for the portal to heaven. The Abrahamic God was an unseen God for the Jews not represented by any person or any last prophet nor are we to worship any man made deities/ monuments, for God is One. Even Moses only saw the back of God. Even Jesus had an empty tomb, for we worship God in spirit.

When Jesus Christ came as the Messiah prophesised, He did not lead an army to conquer an earthly kingdom through violence and deaths, but conquered the hearts of people through the decision to sacrifice Himself at the Cross of Calvary in Jerusalem. He was resurrected, hence there was no tomb to worship Jesus on earth because our worship was to be spiritual based on the truth of Christ identity as God.

The only rainbow peace in this Holy Land are the gay gatherings in Tel Aviv where Arabs and Jews mingled together no more conscious of their racial and religious backgrounds but joined together by their common sufferings as gays in a region where being gay may be a death sentence in the name of god.

Hence, the problem may be having too much harm in the name of religion instead on focussing on own common humanity. The iron dome is a hand of God protecting Jerusalem which Hamas may regret having fired upon.

One of the great moves of God which has thus far unnoticed is the increasing freedom given to Gays. It appears that God in His mercy is reaching out and releasing the Gay community in a Year of Jubilee where they receive full freedom and rights again and no longer be put into bondage by the religious zealots. Singapore is about 30 years behind Israel, where in 1953 and again in 1972 an instruction was issued was not to actively persecute Gays for same sex activities.

When the gay pride marches on to Jerusalem, the House of God will at last be opened to the GLBT community. It will be the final welcome home.

Ps 122:3 Jerusalem is built like a city that is closely compacted together.

 4 That is where the tribes go up— the tribes of the Lord— to praise the name of the Lord according to the statute given to Israel.

5 There stand the thrones for judgment, the thrones of the house of David.

6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure.

7 May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.”




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