Learning from George Rekers

(Mat 23:13 NKJV) "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.

The sight of a young man escorting a much older Western man, would not cause much of a stir in Orchard road Singapore and much less in Europe, unless you happened to be Professor Dr George Alan Rekers. In the Christian anti-gay movement, Dr Rekers is not a prominent public figure, but no less important, being the intellectual, scientific, and religious motivation behind much of the rhetoric spoken by the likes of James Dobson, Exodus, and Focus of the Family. In fact, together with James Dobson, he founded in 1983, the vehemently anti-gay organization called the Family Research Council who leads in the fight to limit all rights for the gay community. Now, 61, Rekers is currently a board member of anti-gay organization NARTH and has written hundreds of books and pamphlets masquerading as “science”. He is used as a subject expert matter in several governmental inquiries and in courts proceedings giving evidence against the gay community.

The fall of Alan George Rekers finally outed by Lucien (Jo-Vanni Roman), a toy boy he engaged from “rentboy.com” for his trip to Europe, represents the start and fall of the Christian anti-gay movement itself. He was the authority in how to be “cured”, yet all the while he was calling on call boys. He had lived a double life, and in great irony and sadness was finally shown to be a great hypocrite. It is not only a loss of credibility on a personnel level, but shows that all the arguments used by the Christian Fundamentalist were really “junk science”, and a false witness.

George Rekers had testified falsely against gays for the last 30 years, his false witness used over and over again to expel gay people from church. He has caused incredible harm, forcing gay Christian men to hide in closets and not to be free to have a genuine relationship. Many have committed suicides, and their blood must surely be on his hands. In Africa, Christians are using such rhetoric to “kill Gays” in public without conscience nor remorse thinking that they were doing God’s will. The Law in the bible will never pass away especially when it relates to lives lost, for the blood cries out to justice to God himself, and we are now seeing justice with Dr George Rekers being exposed.

According to the bible, the penalty for a false witness causing great harm is the death penalty. Dr Rekers had not only caused harm to one to two, but to hundreds of thousands. Therefore, he deserved to die many times over. Yet, in God’s infinite mercy and grace, he has not been struck down by lighting. Nevertheless, he will now have to live in isolation, shunted by all. In Singapore, his materials have influenced the likes of Pastor Derek Hong of Church of Our Savior, Pastor Rony Tan of Lighthouse Evangelism, Archbishop John Chew, and they too will one day be held responsible and be taken to tasks for using false evidence. One may run away from Civil and State Laws, but not God’s moral laws. Whatever good that one does will not negate the harm caused.

It would be unfair to single out Dr Rekers for condemnation. He only fed those easily waiting to use any fabricated scientific research and authority against the gay community. The likes of Focus on the Family, Exodus, NARTH, and the Family Research Council are equally if not more guilty for their reach is magnified plying on the fears of Christians that gay ducklings are after them to destroy their Christian faith. Their motivation may be good, but it never justifies falsehood, and harm caused. The terrorist who caused 9/11 had “good” motivation based on sincere religious beliefs, yet they caused massive destruction. Dr Rekers had misused his Christian Religion and made it a weapon of mass destruction. Fundamentalism in religion leads the entire nation down to the slippery slope of economic downfall, and uncontrolled violence often justified and rationalized in the name of God.

At the end, Dr Rekers himself should be pitied. He was gay but tried to hide and run away from being true to himself. He was denying himself, and created scientific sounding reasons and arguments in order to rationalize his denial. The root of denial is however founded on his Christian faith. He feared, and had feared that being gay would somehow separate himself and God. Hence, out of fear, he created a whole scheme of deception and half truths in order to deny his intrinsic orientation. It was fear that drove him, and not faith just as fear drives the anti-gay movement. It is this fear that is self destructive. He had to justify to his own mind and soul continuously. It is a sad life, wasting his life and effort on something not only useless, but one which he would forever be held responsible for. He forced himself to live in a closeted life, and forced others to do the same. He was on a road to hell on earth, and led others along the same path of perdition. Hopefully, his perdition is not absolute and that there may be a soft heart to repent.

Even when being outed, Dr Rekers remains adamant claiming that Lucien was only the baggage handler, and that he employed the prostitute to tell him about Jesus. These were lame excuses much like the weak reasons used by the Christian Right against gays and then sanctify their arguments by cherry picking the bible and leveraging on erroneous translation and negating the context. They were desperate to paint gays as deviant, and against biblical living even to the point that they were lying and proclaiming a false witness. It is like leaven in bread, the gay issue, growing so much out of proportion that it defines the 21 st century Christian church movement such as the Anglican Global South. The hypocrisy of the Christian Pharisees has the potential to impact the entire body of Christ. The damage has been done even with Dr Rekers now moving out of the scene.

The damage done to the Gay community and to hundreds of thousands of lives are grave and profound, but the hundred fold harvest is the destruction of the credibility of the Christian Faith (as it is now defined by it), and it weakens any moral standing. We are supposed to be persecuted for righteousness sake, for proclaiming the Gospel of righteousness, but instead, the church will one day be persecuted because of unrighteousness sake. At the end, the demise of Dr Rekers showed that the anti-gay movement so pervasive and fundamental to the Christian Charismatic and Evangelical Faith in America, Asia, and Africa, even to the formation of church groupings solely based on their anti-gay stance, is built on nothing but sand and not the solid rock of Jesus Christ. It will fall because it is not anchored on faith but fear, and has profaned the Word and image of God, causing harm and deaths.

It is time for the church to chose a different path, to love and not hate, for the writing is on the wall, and the grave wrongs and injustice are now being exposed as never before.

Ray Boltz “Who Would Jesus Love”

Verse 1

I used to wear a bracelet
asking what would Jesus do
All my faith and my promises
would quickly fade in view
I tried to do my best
What I did was never enough
Then I ask the question
Who would Jesus Love


Would He only loved the ones
who looked the same as me
Would He only offer hope
when he saw similarities
Would He leave the others waiting
like the stranger at the gate
Would He discriminate
Tell me who would Jesus love

Verse 2

I can build a bridge that would reach from me to you
Or I can build a wall instead if I don’t like the view
Cos I make the decision of how to follow through
I don’t need a bracelet to know what He would do.



There’s no Jew or Greek, There is no slave or free
No male or female, He treats us equally
Until we only love the ones who look like you and me
Do we only offer hope when we see similarities
Do we leave the others waiting like the stranger at the gate
Do we discriminate, Tell me who would Jesus love

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