The Rainbow flag - God's grace to the nations


During World War Two, In Germany, the devil through Hitler wanted to kill all the gay people and the Jews. There was a reason.

The Jews were the bearer of the Seed of the Messiah and their return to Jerusalem will mark the start of the coming back of Jesus Christ. The coming back of Jesus will bring in a new Kingdom where the devil will be forever cast out and where there will be no pain and sorrow.

The Gay people would reflect God's grace at the end of time, the last tribe for whom the Gospel will be reached. The last tribe is not in some far away jungle but God has placed them right in the middle of the city centre. Noticed that the GLBT centres are often next to the heart of the city.

The end will come not when World War Three happens, or when there is a final war in Amargeddon, but when Israel could finally rebuild the temple of God in Mt Zion in Jerusalem, and when the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches the last tribe on earth, the gay tribe.

Gay people has suffered incredibly at the hands of Christians which makes it highly unlikely for God's grace to ever reach this tribe. One can see Love Singapore almost with merciless religious zeal persecuting gays. The reason is spiritual.

In Australia, St. mark church in Melbourne has become the first Anglican church to say sorry to the GLBT people. But one cannot undo much of the harm done to gay people nor the resultant cynicism of the people against the Christian faith.

Sorry has no meaning and will not begin the healing process unless it is followed by tangible works of love and grace to right the wrongs done and to plant the seed of redemption. In the court of law, having a contrite heart will reduce the sentence, but the sentence is not negated.

The Pink Elephant will sink even Hillsongs for too many GLBT people have died and have suffered and are living lives that are shortened, and lived without dignity, hope nor love.

There is a gay flag flying strong in the streets of Tel Aviv Israel where gay people from Arab lands escape to. Scotland is flying a rainbow flag for the Commonwealth games in 2014 in Scotland.

The colours of the Rainbow in the Gay flag represents God's grace to Israel, and to the Gay people.

Red - is the suffering and the blood of Christ, the righteousness of Christ, the presense of God.

Yellow - represents renewal and hope in the resurrection of Jesus.

Green - represents life, an abundant life in Jesus Christ

Blue - the bright blue represents the new creation in Christ Jesus.

Purple - is the colour of Royalty in Jesus Christ. Jesus is King.

Hence the Rainbow flag is a reminder that the death of Jesus and His resurrection beings us abundant life, a new creation, being a child in the royal household of God.

The Devil uses the Christian Right and organizations such as Love Singapore to come against gays, because the Rainbow, God's grace is the sign of the return of Jesus Christ.

The rainbow appeared after the destruction of mankind in the flood. The rainbow will appear again in the end times. There will be no second flood for God has promised never to destroy the entire earth and mankind.

In the first flood, God destroyed mnakind because the daughters of man had sex with the demons hence corrupting the seed for whom the Messiah supposed to come from. It was not gay sex.

The King is coming. Let the little chidren come to Christ, for theirs is the kingdom of God.







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