The unique purpose and calling of God for modern day Eunuchs


In Luke 4:16 Jesus started His ministry in public in the synagogue in Nazareth by proclaiming from Isaiah 61:1, The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; ….”, thus declaring Himself to be the Messiah.  The good news was to the meek to those who are in the fringes of society, humbled by their circumstances and rejected by the majority. Isaiah prophesized in Isaiah 56:12 that there shall be such rejoicing and gladness of heart of the coming of Jesus Christ, for none was excluded including those previously rejected by the Law as unclean such as the foreigner and the Eunuch.

In our 21st century, we could only relate the word Eunuch to castrated straight men, and many were. But in the cultural context, the word Eunuch includes the gay community. It is not me, we may say, for we are not castrated, but we share the pain described in Isa 56:3 of not having heirs and descendents.  God sees the pain and longing for the gay men and women to have a family and children. Our protests that it could not be referring to gays, becomes reflections of joy when Jesus too in 19:12 declares that some Eunuchs were natural and born thus from their mother’s womb, ie in the context of the passage about adultery and not desiring to get married, was referring to those with same sex attraction right from young.

In Isaiah 56:4, Isaiah then went on to proclaim that when the Messiah comes, when Jesus came, for the Eunuchs, the gay men and women who has hitherto faced rejection from the community, and having a sense of dissapoinment for not having children, if they chose to be set apart to worship God and hold fast their covenant based on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for their salvation, then God will filled their hearts with a new found joy, far beyond even if they had been accepted by the community or have children. For in Isa 56:5, gays will be given an honored place for eternity in the church, in the house of God, and each, an everlasting name that will never be cut off unlike natural descendents. The everlasting name speaks of relationship, a special relationship between God and the gay tribe. We are asked to minister to God and be known to Him personally and not be forgotten nor only a name amongst the crowd of many.

Isaiah then went on in Isa 56:7, to declare that “even them”, even the gay community God will bring to His Holy Mountain that His house, the Church of Jesus Christ will be called a House of Prayer of all nations including the Gay tribe. When Jesus was chasing out the money changers and the businesses from the house of God, He again declared that His house will be a house of prayer for all nations rather a den of thieves, thieves who abuse the religious worship of others to cheat and make lots of money, thieves who stole from the people and made it expensive and a hindrance for them to come to God. For the gift of eternal life is free to those who seek it for Jesus Christ has already paid the price. Likewise, in the last days, God will clear out from His church, all those who has denied God’s gay tribe a place and a name, and have stolen from them their relationship with God.

It is not surprising then that the first group of people, in Acts 8:27,28, outside the Jewish people, to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, was the Ethiopian Eunuch. At first glance, we may have mistaken it for a castrated Eunuch working for the Queen of Candace in charge of the treasury. But he was no castrated Eunuch, for he was a Jew and most likely worshipped in the synagogues in Ethiopia where Judaism was founded by the Queen of Sheba. No castrated man would have been allowed into the synagogues nor would have made the 1600 miles journey if they knew they would have been rejected. And we know from Acts 8:27,28, that he was allowed to enter and worship at the Holy of Holies and was returning back from Jerusalem. He was a Gay Eunuch and a Jewish one, having in his procession the Book of Isaiah and reading aloud when Philip led by the Holy Spirit intercepted him to explain to Him about Jesus Christ. Likewise God is intercepting many lives of Gay men and women today to give them an understanding that God is for them.

After Philip had explained the Gospel to the gay Eunuch, he asked a question so much in the hearts of gay men and women throughout the centuries, “…what doth hinder me to be baptized?”, what hinders me from being part of the Body of Christ. Philip through the Holy Spirit was fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy for hitherto under the law, the Gay men would have been rejected from the household of God, and suffer shame of not having descendents. Now through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,  one of the first who entered the Kingdom of God, to have a new family, a new name that will never be forgotten being called to be one with God, and be with God into the ends of eternity was a Gay man.

Jesus said in Mat 19:12 “…The one who can accept this should accept it.". Jesus is saying that those who naturally can accept this gift of same sex orientation from their mother’s womb should embrace it as a blessing. For a straight person, would never be able to avoid attraction to the opposite sex.

We are not to force this gift of same sex orientation upon ourselves unnaturally by mutilating our bodies. For the other two types of Eunuchs we commonly refer today are actually counterfeits, the first are man made Eunuch to serve in the royal household so that they cannot have initmacy with the queen and princesses, and the second counterfeit who made themselves Eunuchs as part of religious worship so that they can be one with their gods.

They were worshipping Molech and the goddess Cybele which requires its male priests to be castrated and "become" a woman so that they could be the receipient of the anal sex from the straight men and they would wear women's clothing. When Jesus said of those of made themselves Eunuch for the "Kingdom of heaven" there would have been a murmur of laughter for He was mocking them and it was certainly no kingdom of heaven for the castrated priests for castration was something that a Jew would seldom do for having a family and descendents was everything.  

There is such a desperate attempt to counterfeit the natural Eunuchs, who are born like that, for there is a special ministry for gay men and women in the church of Jesus Christ that will bring great blessings and grace to the church. For there is a special place and relationship with God set apart for each gay men and women just as Apostle  John the beloved was found resting at Jesus bosom, we are to be found resting and have our abode in the house of God, having deep insight into the heart and mind of God just as John had. There is a call for a special intimacy and relationship, thus fulfilling Isa 56:5 of having a special relationship with God which is better than the relationships we have so longed for with our earthly sons and daughters. God will give each one of them an "everlasting name", because we will be known as a friend of God in a close and intimate first name basis.


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