Singapore Gay "parade" and Neo-colonialism

23rd September 2008, In the Christian Post Article SG, entitled " Understanding the Homosexual Agenda", written by Mdm Thio Su Mien, an anti-gay "christian" related to the nominated MP who had stormed parliamenet insisting that Gays be persecuted, it was claimed that a Gay Pride Parade scheduled to take place at Hong Lim Park, is a " very aggressive political movement from the West which seeks to radicalise the institution of marriage and the family unit, both core values of our society. This is neo-colonialism".

Reference was made to a New Paper article highlighting that a Mr Roy Tan was intending to organise this Gay Pride. If Mdm Thio had read the article clearly, and the local context and not go on to a rambling about the US colonialism, it would be clear that the pride was a few individuals going round a small piece of land with not even support from thier lone Gay activist "Alex Au". Therefore, a small gathering of a dozen people going round and round becomes a "radical agressive political movement".

Allegdly, one of the gay "protestors" will be a former Church of Our Saviour Pastor who past experiences appear to be akin to torture by the Christian Right in Singapore. He was hoping to march 7 times around Hong Lim Park, and the walls of Jericho, the walls of 377A will fall he claims. Indeed, Christians are becoming more irrational, and extreme, huddled up for battle at Jericho. I believe that the walls of Jericho will fall because it is the work of God, and all glory will be given to God for what can a small band of fairy queens do against a church numbering hundreds of thousands with amazing political and economic wealth.

The "US colonialism" highlighted by Mdm Thio is not the agressive gay aggenda but actually it is the Christian Right aggenda that we are now seeing in Singapore. Week in and week out, we have this conservative Pastors from US and Australia plying the churches to spread their Fundametalist kind of Christianity and spreading deliberate distortions about the dangers of the Gay aggenda in Singapore. Therefore, we have the likes of Mdm Thip Su Mien and Rev Derek Hong talking about the Gay aggenda by Singaporeans through this misinformed source and neo colonial influence. The Government should take note of this loop hole for which foreigners come to Singapore to interfere and push their foreign aggenda through such church organised speaking arrangments.

The "neo colonialism" claimed by Mdm Theo seeks to compare the allegedlly conservative Singapore with the "immoral" western influence. Surpisingly, the same arguments gave been used by the Liberals in Singapore but in the reverse sense that the Colonial powers have bought in their religion - Christianity which has displaced the local cultures and religions.It appears that "conservative" is a tag line for being anti-gay and being morally upright and righteous. The Christian Right when using this argument against gays, deliberately ignore the fact the "conservatives" are for most part non Christians and worship other religions so contradictory to the Christian Faith! Worshiping other gods therefore is far more acceptable to Christians in Singapore than a few Gay queens parading in an unending circle. What a biblical distortion of basic Christianity! of righteousness before men and God.

The hatred of gays by the Christians Right in Singpore is so extreme that they are willing to deny their colonial pasts who brought Christianity to SIngapore - through the Anglican, Catholic and Methodist Churches. Without this colonial influence, alas, all our cathedrals would not be there, along with our modern mega churches amd their titanium cladded churches whose roots are intertwined with these mother churches.

Colonialism brought us Christianity to Singapore and now we are against the new wave of modern colonialism because we fear that it will bring us Gay rights, and so we castigate it as neo-colonialsm versus the local conservative identity. The "Western Colonials" are only correcting the wrongs they have made. Along with Christianity, they brough their anti-Gay, homophobic ways to Singapore for which they have long repented in their home soil with Homosexuality legalised in the 60s in the UK.

Yes, the "gay aggenda" is neo Colonialism for it first brought 377A anti-gay aggenda to our shores against the local Chiense and Malay culture of "live and let live", and it is now endeavouring the right the wrongs that it has made, hence closing the undending circle. The anti-gay movement in Singapore is the fruits of our colonial past and the religious systems and we should get rid of it.

(Deu 15:9 NKJV) "Beware lest there be a wicked thought in your heart, saying, 'The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand,' and your eye be evil against your poor brother and you give him nothing, and he cry out to the LORD against you, and it become sin among you.

I believe that God is today is gently prodding Christians and denominations in Singapore, not to let the gay issue becomes "sin amongst you". It will become sin as we stand at the door to resist the basic rights of the gay minority and to insist on our own unbiblical theology to persecute them. The Gay community have nothing - they have no right of existence, no right of relationships, and are discriminated in every sector of public life and work force.

If the Christians in Singapore has that evil thought against the "poor" gay minority to give them nothing, and when their cry goes up to heaven, then it will become "sin" amongst the Christian community that will stop the move of God in our midst. We may have the loudest music and the best band at St. Andrews Cathedral, but without the Spirit of God, all is at vain. Do not take the move of the Holy Spirit for granted nor grieved Him. Sin blocks the move of God.


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