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In the debate over gay issues in Singapore, it has been commented that Singapore has an extremely conservative views and despite the Government’s openness for change, the population is not yet ready. Outwardly, for the majority of Singaporeans, they would have quickly distanced themselves from homosexuality insisting, “We are not people like that”. The dictionary defines conservatives as “One favoring traditional views and values”. However, does our outward conservative views translates inwardly into a conservative sexual morality? ie do we walk the talk. Is the Conservative reputation only façade, ever maintaining a strong front and declaring that gays are the hedonistic? but inwardly more "immoral" than countries that have legalised gays. In the Durex Global Sex Survey 2005, the conservative in Singapore performed badly when compared to nations with a similar cultural, and language makeup to us – Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have more sexual partners, extra marital affairs, and one night stands. Average sexual partners (Singapore 7.2, Taiwan 6.6, Hong Kong 3.7). Extra marital affair (Singapore 17%, Taiwan 15%, Hong Kong 11%), One Night Stand (Singapore 29%, Taiwan 25%, Hong Kong 18%). The more we insist to stand on the Mosaic Laws, it seems the more we break it and come under its curse. The conservative heartlander would see it no wrong to visit "health centres" week after week for special massage but would react with "holy" indignation when referring to gays. This is particularly so for the Christian Conservatives.

On the Straitstimes on Friday 19 Oct, "MP Irene Ng says that to date, the conservatives have not called for the law to be enforced rigorously and that 'live and let live' attitude has given homosexuals the space to live as they want to.". The majority I believe do not really care too much, but the Christian Anti-Gay lobby has called for the laws to be enforced rigorously and indeed extended to Lesbians as per the National Council Churches response to 377A. The debate on the 377A appeal has started to create a perception that Christians are concerned too much on the gay issue. Many Evangelicals are concerned that Gay "rights" will destroy Christianity. Ironically, this may be happening if we follow the American way. After 20 years of making Gays a big issue in the political scene, it has resulted in an increasing negative perception of Christianity. In the Barna report, ten years ago, “the vast majority” of non-Christians [under 30] had generally favorable views of Christianity. Now, that number stands at just 16%. the strongest negative trait associated with the church among non-Christians was “anti-homosexual” at 91%. A close second and third were judgmental (87%) and hypocritical (85%). The most common unprompted comment among those surveyed Barna was “Christianity in today’s society no longer looks like Jesus.” Non-Christians and Christians explained that beyond their recognition that Christians oppose homosexuality, they believe that Christians show excessive contempt and unloving attitudes towards gays and lesbians.

I wonder whether Jesus would be setting up an appeal to continue to criminalize Gays!. I don't think so. His greatest angst was against the religious who had insisted that people follow the law strictly without mercy nor exceptions whilst the the most important aspect of religion to keep justice for the outcasts were not emphasised. Jesus stayed with the outcast of His day and I believed He would be in the midst of the gay community if He had come in the 21st century. I believe that Jesus would not have anything to do with appealing to an earthly government, but I am sure He would have a lot to say about those who is appealing to the government to keep 377a. The Church tries to tag it as the "Majority", but is deceptively a church and a religious driven event with mass mailing from the various churches to their members.

On the last count this morning, the number of signatories for KEEP is over 6,000, and on this book of petition the church has put their name down for judgement. The comments given at the site clealry shows the religious nature of the site and not the "majority" opinion which it claims.

Ironically, the church will not be persecuted for continuing the ministry of Christ - to heal the sick and to declare the day of salvation to the lost, but it would be in return for persecuting others. Such people will have all the legal right to come against the church and there will be no spiritual protection whatsoever, because the church has open itself naked to this exposure. The petition by the conservative christians may be at the end a needless event because the Government would have already made its decision as it clearly states on numerous occasions. We are entering into a fight where the "man is down", and we continue to pummel him even when he raise his weak and bloodied arm to appeal for leniency and mercy. We want him to be truly dead, but his other hand will grab us and we will be implicated for the crime when the police comes with blood all over to show.

The word of God to the Christian Church in Singapore today is to lift Jesus higher, higher than our fear of people not like us, higher than our religious mindset, Higher than our morality, higher than wealth and prosperity, higher than ourselves. We have made Christianity in our own image but God is asking us to look to Jesus and put Him first - to see through His eyes and to follow Him. His ways are not the ways of the world. When we lift up Jesus, men will be drawn to Him. Let us preach Christ and Christ alone to the ends of the World, to the last remaining tribe on Earth, the queer tribe and they too will be drawn to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Let us not lift ourselves up. Amen

Lift Jesus Higher
Lift Jesus Higher
Lift him up for the world to see
He said If I be lifted up from this world, I will draw all men unto me.

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