A Confession of Faith



What is our statement of faith? in an era where GLBT churches are seeker friendly and broadly defined as welcoming and inclusive. Is being Gay what glues us together in the inclusive churches, or is the Blood of Jesus Christ that glues us together for a congregation that just happens to be gay majority? perhaps blood is thicker than water.

The Spurgeon's Confession of faith might be regarded by some from the dark ages and of bigotry (as opposed to what they termed Progressive and Post Modern), but at least it does not downgrade and reduced the revelations from the bible which hitherto has been considered in many churches as at best tradition, and at worst myths.

We don't actually read the same bible in many churches, for some read the Word of God by their humanity to deny and redefined the inspired truths, whilst others read the bible  by the Holy Spirit of God receiving Faith and revelation. But all are brethren within the same body of Christ.

In light of the German Higher Criticism of the late 19th century, and early 20th century, which defined many of the beliefs of modern day ivy league bible colleges, the greatest fight begin by what erroneously called as "Mr. Spurgeon's Confession of Faith," or "Manifesto" :-

In many churches, they do not believe in eternal punishment, for their redemption is the creation of a new heaven and commonwealth where all are equal on planet earth. We are to save "Gaia" or Mother Earth. This is a good cause in the light of the massive injustices faced and the dire environmental issues, but should not be our primary dogma.

Are we having "the greatest fight in the world" as Spurgeon puts it where the bible and Jesus is reduced to only containing some elements of truth and only a way to God amongsts many faith traditions? A heavenly Salvation is now considered a swear word in the glbt circles.

There is actually no need of fighting for the tares and wheat is allowed to gather together in the Christian Faith as Jesus puts it. For only the works of the Holy Spirit in the revelation of Jesus will last the distance of time. And its a long way to go, after coming 2000 years.

In a world where grocery stores and fast food outlets are selling toxic items such as soda drinks and foods with massive sugar and toxic concoctions and artifical sugars, high fats, sugar filled, and salt laced snacks!, with medicines priced way too high for many, and where babies are killed daily through abortions in our very hospitals, the right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right.

Doctors deny many life saving herbs replaced by medicines that are expensive and require life long adherance and often do not cure but only alleviate the symptoms. This is again injustice.

This world is not a better world until our hardened hearts begin to change to reflect Jesus Christ. Our entry is through our baptism of faith placed solely on the Cross of Calvary. Thereafter, the Holy Spirit leads us to the lost, the suffering, and injured, and the inequality and injustices of life, to be a light shining, to bring God's grace and truth as Jesus did.

The source of sin is our hearts which must change first. For everything comes out from within. If our eyes, how we see things are darkened, our body is dark indeed. However, if there is a light shining within, it cannot be hidden. Only Jesus can come in to redeem us inwardly so that outwardly we can raise and reflect the banner of God's grace and truth to a lost world.

We start with our statement of faith, a redemption of our souls both in heaven and on earth by the blood of Jesus Christ. We too follow Spurgeon's confession of Faith but also a confession to first reliase that everyone is equal.

We are all equal, in need of salvation here on earth, and in heaven, to be treated with equal rights, dignity, love and respect. We have equal rights to receive God's love and forgiveness, to receive healing, and good health, to have a life where there is family, friendship, love, hope, food, shelter, education, work, and a freedom to love and be loved looking forward to an eternity in heaven to come Home to Jesus Christ.



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