Why Christians fear gays

Over the past 100 years, we have seen a deliberate agenda to vilify gays, blame them for social and family breakdowns, accused them of harming children and sexual predators, and coming against Christianity, so that we could justify putting gays in prisons and limiting their basic rights. Ie gays do not exist. What is the real agenda of Pastors such as Rev Wan and Feminist mentor Thio who made their primary agenda to come against gays, with plans to kick out their supporters from the Methodist Church, and to stir up an anti-gay opinion amongst Christians? The agenda is so deep seated in their sub-conscience that many Christians don’t even realize it.

For the church, the unsaid agenda is that Gays as a sexual orientation simply could not exist because it will destroy their absolute theology. The anecdotal evidence that being gay is innate since very young is so strong that it sacres the Christian Fundamentalist. For many, there was no possibility a person being born gay despite the obvious evidence and experience in the history of humanity through time and across cultures and religions. If being gay is innate, it would go directly against their bible interpretation and put in doubts – ie how could a good God create gays, whilst the bible considers it as sin. This may deconstruct their faith and trust in the bible, hence their Christian beliefs. Therefore, a fictitious gay agenda, false scientific facts, and a legalistic and judgmental bible morality were created all to deny their own obvious experiences they had with gay people.

Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil; homosexual teachers are estimated to have committed at least 25 percent of pupil molestation; 40 percent of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality," Richard Cohen “Coming Out Straight”

The above unproven and wild allegations by Richard Cohen was taken as scientific information by those who made it a political and anti-gay crusade by Christians in Uganda to execute gays as they are “recruiting Children” they claimed. Cohen is a discredited physiologist who in 2002 was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association.

Such wild allegations have even reached Singapore, where the likes of Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation and Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church asked gays not to come to their church to seek more victims indirectly implying that gays were sexual predators. As Christian leaders they have fallen short of doing the God thing of checking basic facts as not to give a false witness against not one person and an entire people group.

In the recent sermon by Bishop John Chew in the Anglican Centenary in Singapore continued on this rhetoric that gays are causing family breakdown and broken marriages. His sermon is carefully worded rather than the more direct approach and statements given by Rev Derek Hong of the Church of our Saviour who gays are destroying the family, the church, and Christianity. With the core emphasis of integrity and morality in Christianity, what made them so eager to broadcast lies, fiction and false witness causing great harm, without any conscience?

The reason why Christian Fundamentalist creates entire false storyline concerning how bad gays are morally and how dangerous they are to Christianity and the family unit, is to hide the fact that their real reason is that the “bible says so”. However, they cannot use this argument in public and so they conjure up a series of false arguments. If they had said that the bible says so, then the debate will be focused on biblical text. Once, we open up this Pandora box, other arguments comes in such as the consistency of the biblical text, the context, and historical, religious and cultural perspectives. Once the real reasons are examined in depth, their very own biblical faith would be deconstructed. Fundamentally, the question asked is that “could the bible be wrong”?

Insisting that something is a “sin” because the bible says so, when it is an innate human attribute such as racial makeup, hair color makes a mockery of the bible. Therefore Christians make up reasons why gays are sinners and sinful, and give reasons why people become gay (as a chosen lifestyle they claim) rather than accept the innately obvious. It is not a difference of opinions, but a deliberate false witness to justify once own religious perspective and dogma. Therefore, should Christians have a “speaking right” if they use this opportunity and grace as the majority to cause harm.

The Christian Agenda is to use gays as proxy in their battle against the liberals. Therefore, you would hear allegations such as gays being well organized, militant, and seek to limit the gospel witness, when were actually referring to liberal groups. Their battle is personified in the gay community. You would not hear such arguments against adultery, divorce and abortions, because these are losing battles for the church in the mainstream public. Gays are being linked to them as the proxy to be blamed. It is a “winning” issue to gain maximum mileage against the Liberals. Losing would mean admitting that the bible could be wrong, thus opening the Pandora box of asking what other fundamental doctrines and beliefs were wrong.

A life is too short for anyone to live in fear and denial, whether the Christian Fundamentalists or Gay Christians who had fallen into believing that their sexual orientation is somehow sin. The opposite of fear is faith. Our relationship with God is not based on the bible per say, but based on the resurrected Christ. If based on the bible literally, we would be following the Jewish laws which actually led them to appear righteous on the outside but great sinners on the inside. The bible has its purpose and meaning to reveal Christ, as the Alpha and the Omega, from creation to the end of the world. If we do not see Christ, for which it was written to reveal, we would see the cruelty and injustice of manmade religions and attempts to abide by it. The bible presents to us religious hypocrisy as lessons learnt but we take it literally as actions to be followed. The religious leaders who knew the bible inside out such as Pharisees feared insulting or blaspheming God, but they ended up killing their own Messiah.

Even if the bible was proven wrong about homosexuality, or as often the case, misrepresented to support our own fears, our faith should be far stronger if it indeed based on a living, walking, and sleeping relationship with Christ. As Christ is so are we. It is time for the church to follow the footsteps of Christ – having less material wealth, always loving and being full of God’s grace and mercy, and being vigilant against religious pride and hypocrisy. We are called to be the salt to the world, by continuing on the ministry of Christ. If we lose our salt and become anti-gay crusaders and rationalize it with all sorts of biblical and moral self justification, it is very difficult to regain saltiness once we lose it. The Pharisees lost the plot by persecuting Christ, so today let us be vary and examine our true motives and agenda lest we too walk in the path of no return.

What Christians so fear and loath may be the God given opportunity to show God’s grace and mercy to the world that God’s love is inclusive to all who call Jesus as Lord and Savior even to the lowest and most despites people groups of the world. Perhaps God’s love is so wide and deep, to stir our hearts forth to show His love to the nations. Gays remain a stumbling block, just as the road to the outside world from Jerusalem lies in Samaria.
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