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11 states banned gay marriage



04 NOV 2004 : The stage is now empty, the victory celebrations have come and gone. Along with 4 years more of President Bush, a Bush initiated push to ban Gay marriage was successeful in 11 states, and the 'moral' argument appears to have won. It this only a battle that is won, but ultimately a war that will be lost by the Christian Right.

At the cross of Calvary, there was darkness, and all was lost. The religious leaders of the day sent Jesus to the court of law (doesn't it sound familiar), rigged the Justice system, fabricate the enough evidences, and sentence Him to death. Jesus was a serious problem for the religious leaders for He proclaimed liberty not by self effort and abiding by it therefater. Rather, Jesus proclaim that He alone is the way and the truth to God the Farther. Man is a moral creature and left alone having a sin conscience would gyrate towards a religion of morality where it is only right that doing good be rewarded for eternal life rather that drinking the blood of the Lamb that was slain, Jesus Christ.

The Christian Right championed by President Bush have won the battle, but they have in the process dilute the message of Christianity to one of morality based on human morals so abhorent to God. Does banning Gay marriage further the Kingdom of God and the spread of the message of the good news ? Does it bring greater relevelation of Jesus - his love, compassion, and grace? On the contrary, it distorts the message of the gospel, that God is a condeming God, and that at every turn, He condemns you of your sin. Hence to 5% of the population who are Gays, and who naturally are, Jesus becomes an indifferent God, and have no relevance nor compassion. What a far cry from Jesus of the bible.

The victory by Bush, will alienate Gays from Christianity. It will galvanise support, and organization framework, to vocally and strongly push for their rights are never before. Within the next 20 years, i believe the world would have changed, Gay marriage amendments would have been overturned, but the eternal opportunity for Jesus to reach out to the Gays may be of a distant past. Generations will be lost. Hundred of thousands would die not knowoing that God accepts them as who they are, Gays.

Bush victory was supported by the big businesses and the Christian Right which he himself is part of. Jesus addressed these groups in the bible. In Mark 11:17, He challenged the Pharasees that they have made the House of God a place for immoral businesses. Likewise, the Christian right is in a coalition with the very same big businesses who are the modern day professional thiefs, cheating the tax department, overstating the earnings, creating false book entries, channeling funds to illegal accounts, colluding with stock analyst to push up the stock prices well above their reasonable value, all the cheat the investors. These same businesses supported financial the Republicans in the election, who in return put in place policies to prolong and to protect the businesses. In Mat 23:25, Jesus calls the pharasees as hyprocrites, why ? , claiming to be righteous and holy, to be Christian, to be moral, yet hiden behind, full of lies, deceit, and promotion self interests to the detriment of the nation and the citizens. This is so evident in the partnership between the bush administration and the big businesses and the special favours bestowed to them.

In Luke 42-47, Jesus repeated proclaim woe's to the Pharasees or "be cursed". The Big Bussinesses in America will be cursed. The party cannot go on forever. The ever expanding credit facility, the paper money feeding the highly over prized stock market, the artificial low interest rates feeding the stock market but in return creating a shocking current account deficit, all points to the mother of all financial collapse and the demise of America and the institutions thereof.

Total Debt
2005 (F)
7,700 billion
2004 (A)
7,200 billion
2003 (A)
6,800 billion
2002 (A)
6,200 billion
2000 (A)
5,674 billion
1999 (A)
5,656 billion
1998 (A)
5,526 billion
1997 (A)
5,413 billion
1996 (A)
5,224 billion
1990 (A)
3,233 billion
1980 (A)
930 billion
1970 (A)
389 billion
1960 (A)
290 billion

In FY04 the U. S. Government spent $322 Billion on interest payments* to the holders of the National Debt. The huge deficit meant that the dollar had no backing but it continued to be used internationally because some people still accepted payments in dollars.But there will come a time when we will switch away from the dollar

The tribulation coming upon america could be great. luke 23:29 says better not to give birth for there will be much sufferings for the new born. The average amwerican household is deeply in depth. their houses are many times over valued. Therefore, when the economy goes into deep recession, most will not only loose their jobs but will loose their houses. it will impact nearly all families thus bringing down the entire economy, the government, and institutions. There will be much sufferings and deaths, as the sick will not have enough money for food, and many will rob and kill to live.

The Christian Right in America assert that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. In reality, the majority of the signatories of the declaration of independence in 1776 and constitution were Freemasons. America was created as a centre of a new world order devoted for pagan worship. But God had other ideas, a series of Christian revivals followed with:-


God is the Alpha and Omega. He has the Last word. He can and has turn America into the greatest missionary nation that the world has ever seen. God is a good. He is good God. There is protection upon America. It should have fallen a long time ago. It is not that they deserved blessings as evident in the way which is discriminates the Gays.

God did not stop with the Azuza street Pentecostal revival in 1904. Approximately sixty years later, God begin doing a new work in America. From where He left of at the east coast of America, at Los Angeles, started MCC, one of the greatest Gay affirming churches in America in 1968. The story of MCC begins with one man, defrocked by his Pentecostal church for homosexuality and recovering from a suicide attempt, who dared to believe God's promise of love and justice for all people. Out of 'death' comes revival.

For Singapore gays, as we look at what seemingly a defeat for Gays at the polls, in the midst of death comes revival if we put our trust in God. What happens to America is not our area of concern. But what happens in Singapore, and in Asia, is our concern for God has placed us as Gay Christians in Singapore for such a time as this.

Father God, I pray that Gay Christians in Singapore will not despair concerning the events taking place in America and the constant stream of verbal abuses against gay by the mainstream churches in USA. Father God, I pray for Singapore. Just as you moved in USA in 1968 to form the MCC, Father God, build a strong Gay affirming Church in Singapore that we may be a blessing to South East Asia and to the rest of the Asia region. God can turn a defeat into a victory. At the Cross of calvary, it was not the end, it was just the beginning.

Thus saith the Lord, "there will be a new beginning, for I will pour out the new wine. No longer will you be in old wine skins. It will be the wine that brings joy and gladness to the heart for the Gays accross Asia. 'I AM' the Alpha. 'I AM' the Omega. 'I AM' the first. 'I AM' the last. 'I AM' the 'I AM'. Do not fear, nor be disheartened, for you shall see a new work in your midst so great that it will not be believed even if I told you so. For I am a good GOD".



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