AWARE - the battle for a kingdom transformation of Singapore


The AWARE EOGM has shifted to the Singapore EXPO, apparently so that the members of COOS and 40 other churches as part of the Transformation 09 of Singapore, can do the theory in one expo hall, and then do the practical test in another hall in support of the new exco. This is not a rainbow coalition, rather a "red flag" with the team coming the same religious affiliation, racial group, same feminist mentor, and education level. Even the new centre manager replacement appear to be from the same flock. The door locks are changed signifying a closed door policy versus the openess and diversity of the old guard. However, the very door that we shut, can also lock one in.

The real motivation of the Christian Extremist may be multi-layered, one reason may be the Market place theology. There might even be further motivation for being obsessed with the GLBT issue until they deliberately linked the former Aware President of the old guard to be a family member of a gay preacher to try to impute some wrongdoings. Why such desperation until lies are fabricated? In the X-Men Origins movie - Wolverin, near the end of the show, the hidden aggeda of the main evil antagonist who seeks to capture and kill the "mutants" aka Gays in the Singapore context, was revealed. He was motivated by the death of his son allegedly killed by a mutant. Therefore, the obsession by particular Christian extremist and churches in Singapore may be driven by the fact that some of their family members may be gay. Just like in X-men, for one to be unnaturally obsessive over a single aggenda, there must have been strong personal motivation.

The root of the AWARE saga did not start overnight or a miraculous independent gathering of the same minds to vote for the new team. It was all planned with the motivation based on the Market Place Evangelism which was first made popular at the Singapore Festival of Praise 2006, with Dr.Rev. Dr. Ed Silvoso, a strong advocator of this theology. The Transformation 2009 organised by the churches seeks to further transform Singapore accordingly. It is not only COOS, but a theology well accepted by main stream mega churches such as City Harvest Church, and Faith Baptist Community Church. It is the Christian Kingdom taking over other spheres within society. Perhaps, such overseas influence is unhealthy and undesired in a multi cultural and multi religious Singapore which is different from the predominantly Christian population in the States where this teaching came from.

In summary, it is the mass mobilization of grass root christianity where one of the main purpose is where they will "Seek to establishment of kingdom values and principles as market place norms and standards" in all the pillars of society such as a) Family b) Religion c) Business d) Education e) Government f) Arts h) Media. By Kingdom, they mean the rule and dominion under Christ' kingdom. It was not a coincidence that the news reporters apparently heard one AWARE exco member mumnling something about changing Syariah law. The strategy is a 7 year plan with three main phases:-

a) Synergise - 2009 to 2011
b) Saturate - 2011 to 2014
c) Jubilee - 2015

I don't believe that the Exco members had planned for the extent of the public concern about the morality of the takeover creating a big buzzing point for dialog and reflection in Singapore. It was a negative demo showing the underhand methods and an undeniably strong religious motivation. They would have planned for a stealth takeover occupying the Exco to exert their influence in the background and putting their own people in the key committees to push their "kingdom" aggenda. Any grumblings from the existing members would be reassured by the continuing presence of Constance Singam and Claire Nazar. However, Constance resigned thus ushering in this strong distaste and opening the can of big worms. They kept fumbling in their quest to hide their true aggenda, not that the media was bias. Nevertheless, it is likely that with COOS and 40 churches supporting, the EOGM will be a forgone conclusion.

The Christian Extremist I believe may consolidate their control and membership of Aware at the EOGM giving legitimacy to the new Exco. However, 02 May 2009 may signify a start of a turning point for wider community support for the GLBT community after seeing what happened to Aware who even though was not particularly pro-gay was hijacked to push through their anti-gay aggenda. It highlights the tyranny of the powerful religious Right against a small defenceless group invading the little turf and space they have in the community. Whether they win or loose at the EOGM, the Christian extremists will have lost the battle for the minds and the hearts of the general public whom will symphatise with the minority under such oppression. Ironically, through this series of events, Singapore may start to be transformed to be more inclusive and accepting of their gay sons and daughters. These are Singaporeans too.

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