Pastor Kong's sin - Being human?

A simple error of judgement or leadership failure does not seem to be consistent with Pastor Kong and the five others accused who were very intelligent, and brilliant, with extensive planning to ensure that they plan to succeed in funelling the building fund into Sun Ho's music career in the tens of millions. Alas they were too discrete, for even their non public audit reports didn't mention Cross Over or Sun Ho.

Being gay is only human, but misappropriating 25 million requires special pennance in the depths of hell no one knows.

Pastor Kong may of course be innocent and may fly off to heaven a free person next year. But the court will make their judgement in their fairness and widsom, especially to the many thousands who thought they were giving to the building fund.

Pastor Dr AR Bernard, the Apostle of the churches in New York, spoke or pontificated at CHC on Sunday 21 Sep 2013 indirectly hinted at a few yearnings for the church.

a. This is Apostle of God speaking, ie God speaking to the congregation - so it is a word from heaven.

b. Don't follow or be used by others causing harm to the future of the church for their own aggenda eg CEH? Settle within the church, not outside in the world.

c. Pastor Kong did make "mistakes" but it's only human.

d. Pastor Kong had sought forgiveness from God, so why are we still condeming him.

e. Embracing Pastor Kong's leadership means embracing his humanity, his faults, and shortcomings as a package deal.

f. If you are not happy, you should leave the church rather than gossip and cause harm. Bye, we don't need your help!

Perhaps, we may have an exodus soon, a cross over to other churches in Singapore. But time will tell, after all the best Senior counsels in Singapore have been employed to free Kong Hee.

Can the Cross over to the other churches be stopped by a show of humanity? or is it too late and too little with the detailed revelations to the fact in the trial.

What ever that was hidden, will be revealed in the light of the day. There can be no turning back, no business as usual regardless of what the New York pope may like to see.


From on CHC sermon on 21 Sep 2013:-

AR Bernard [concerning Chen Eng Han]- I was approached in the spirit of reconciliation, in the spirit of concern for the health and future of CHC. I listened, and I expressed the fact that I too am concerned about the health and future of CHC. I also expressed that I understood where they were coming from in the things that they shared. That meeting was in confidence, and the purpose of the meeting, as it was presented to me, was to follow the pattern of Matthew chapter 18, where it says that if you have an offence with a brother, that you go to them. It was told to me that that first step was taken. And the next step was to bring a witness. So it presented to me for the purpose of, and the spirit of, reconciliation. I expressed to these individuals that I met with, that  I will not be used or manipulated by anyone to further their agenda.

AR Bernard [questions CEH credibility] At the end of the meeting I also expressed and warned that they should abstain from slander, that they should abstain from gossip, because if they engage in it, then as far as I’m concerned, they destroy their credibility in my eyes, and the credibility of anything that they have to say. 

AR Bernard [Pst Kong made mistakes only]- Now, Pst Kong, let me ask you a question. Come, come up here. I hope you’ll invite me back to preach after all this. You’ve been through a lot, and I know that for reasons of the trial, you have to be careful what you say. You have to be careful what you can respond to, what you can’t respond to. Erm, because it can undermine what the attorneys of the church and the attorneys of all the individuals are trying to accomplish. And I think they’re trying to get you exonerated. I mean, I wouldn’t pay them if they weren’t trying to do that. But I wanna make sure, because I’m here, I come and go. But I wanna make sure, so I’m asking you this publicly. You’ve had time to reflect. You’ve had time to look back. I know you’re not perfect, so you don’t have to tell me. I know that already. Sun told me already. Don’t worry about it, we have covenant, you won’t get any information from her. But as you look back, on hindsight, would you say that – I don’t know any other way to put this, so I’ll try to be as nice as I can – would you say that you made some dumb mistakes?

Pastor Kong: Dumb mistakes? Absolutely.

Dr AR Bernard: Stupid?

Pastor Kong: Stupid. Doctor Cole would say asinine.

Dr AR Bernard: Asinine, I like that even better. Thanks for reminding me. Would you say that there were some areas of weakness in leadership, and the decision-making that you made, over time?

Pastor Kong: Yes, doctor, ya.

Dr AR Bernard: So you’re not pretending to be innocent of being human. You’re not pretending to be innocent of making mistakes and unwise judgments along the way as all leaders (points to himself) do?

Pastor Kong: Absolutely not.

Dr AR Bernard: I just wanna make sure because I don’t want anyone to, you know, have the impression because you stand up here and share the Word of God continuously – which is really hard to do given circumstances that you’re in, to be consistent with it –  erm, how have you worked those mistakes out in your relationship with the Lord?

Pastor Kong: Well, doctor I, I, the only way I know how to do it is bring all my problems, my mistakes, my oversight, my sins, in prayer, in repentance, and say Jesus, forgive me, cleanse me, help me never to commit those same mistakes ever again.

Dr AR Bernard: Have you done that? PK: Doctor, all the time. ARB: Again and again?

Pastor Kong: Again and again. Not because I’m guilt conscious in any way, but… yeah, 3 years is a long time to reflect on 20 over years of ministry.

Dr AR Bernard: ....They don't think you're perfect, Sun told them too. But when you embrace a leader, you embrace not only his spirituality; you embrace his humanity. They come together in 1 package.

And here's what I tell people in New York: if you are in a church that you don't like, and that you have a problem with the church and its leadership, your continued attendance becomes a testimony to your stupidity. Because why in the world would you continue to reside in an environment that is deemed by you to be contrary to your spiritual growth and development? Here is a clue for you: Pray and ask God for another church.



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