Is Exodus falling?


Exodus International is an anti-gay para church organization that stirs up an anti-gay movement in the churches with sharp rethoric and deception about a gay aggenda and harm to children. In Singapore, through Choices (of the Anglican Church in Singapore), they were the impetus behind much of the outrageous condemnation against gays such as Gays having sepcial rights, or that gays are used by Satan to destroy the church when it was Satan using the church harm a small and weak minority and depriving them of the most basic rights. 

The news that Willow Creek is disassociating herself from Exodus is significant because it is a large mega church of 30,000 and sets the theological trend and focus within the church. Whilst the existing 245 affiliated churches is likely to stay put, Willow Creek probably represented 50% of the support in terms of numbers based on the remaining churches having the average size of less than 100.

Exodus has blamed Soulforce for the decision, but Willow Creek would unlikely be swayed this small organization which is a non violent organization focusing on dialogue with the evangelical churches. Soulforce met Bill Hybels in 2008-2009.

Whilst dialogue helps, it is the Holy Spirit that sometimes constrains us expecially when we spin half truths about gays indiscriminately and somewhere in the deepest recess of the church surely there is a conscience. If we were to lie, cheat and steal in order to paint a bad picture of gays, surely we are by far the worst sinners. A false witness to convict others falsely of sinning is a terrible sin against the ten commandments that would grieve the heart of the Holy Spirit.

There is an increasing number of set backs including Apple rejecting the "Gay Cure" App on iTunes in March 2011. Everyone has a right to their opinion but not malicious propaganda and half truths causing harm and hurt to others.

Exodus remains a force to be reckoned with, having a budget of over USD 1 million a year. With the increasing realization by the general public and the church that being gay is innate and not a sin, it becomes more difficult to conjure up stories to gain support and the funds appear to be drying up. Exodus seems short of funds in the appeal below in 2010:-

"Dear friends, please pray for us at Exodus. We have experienced an unexpectedly low giving season this summer coupled with much higher expenses (insurance, utilities, etc). Sadly, we have had to let several staff go. Your prayers are appreciated. For those who are also having to endure this unfriendly economy, our prayers are with you!"

Exodus claims that Blibical truth is unpopular as if their anti-gay campaign was blibical, for the truth in the Bible is about Jesus Christ as God, and Saviour, and not what a very small minority does in the private of their bedroom.

In claiming that the bible was about gay bashing, or that the same sex acts in the bible were about same sex orientation rather than the prevailing abominations of religious idol worship, they were distorting the truth revealed in the bible. Sex was a major issue in the bible especially when the majority of the population resorted to having anal sex with the temple priests in order to be demon possessed. It was a real abomination of religious faith and not because of the same sex orientation by a small minority.

In East Asia, the HQ of Exodus is in Taiwan. Exodus is represented by

  • Singapore - Choices (Anglican Church) and Liberty League

  • Malaysia - Pursuing Liberty Under Christ (Full Gospel Assembly/Glad Tidings/Baptist)

  • Phillipines - Bahong Pag-Asa

  • Taiwan - Rainbow 7

  • Indonesia - "On Eagles Wings to Asia"

God is moving with a strong opposite voice through the new affirming churches especially in Taiwan, Singapore, Phillipines, and Hong Kong. I believe that God will raise up new and Christ centered churches to expose Exodus even in Malaysia.

 The battle is effectively lost by Exodus with the massive information available through the Internet. They may be able to confuse the older gay christians, but younger gay christians have few such bagages and are now accepting the biblical truth that God loves and accepts them.

 It is not the fall of Exodus which is inevitable, but the harm it has caused and the price one day the church will have to pay for their anti-gay crusade which has become a sin for the church.  Because so much blood has been spilled (gays commiting suicides through the religious torture) and lives destroyed, there is a deep cry for judgement that will not be denied.

The Holy Spirit is moving mightily to change the hearts of the mega churches in America from supporting harmful organization. Willow Creek is just the start. People need the Lord. It's about Jesus and not our sexual orientation. It never was.

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