Gays as scapegoats


Why does people of faith in Singapore hates gays so much! to masquerade as "truth" their labelling of gays as immoral hence sinners. Gays are made to look guilty by whatever evil Christianity associates them with.

All this whilst claiming the special right for hate speech and persecuting those who criticise them as having an aggenda.

Gays are a scapegoat for people of faith, because their faith aren't enough to get them to heaven! so they need to show that they are holy and righteous as compared to gays and therefore deserving God's commendation to enter heaven. In reality God doesn't care whether one is gay or straight, but whether Jesus owns us.

The condescending tone "love the sinner, hate the sin!", hides the fact we are the greatest sinners persecuting the innocent in the name of Jesus Christ. The Spiritual and moral harm caused will undermine Christianity.

The truth is that Christians are the biggest bullies using their numbers and influence on putting gays in jail whilst fooling no one in public.

The world sees gays beyond their same sex attraction but who they are and their innate characteristics. Sex doesn't define us but our common humanity and love for one and all defines us.

Sexual orientation does not define a person, nor the binary of man/woman, rich/poor, slave/free person, but their identication with Jesus Christ.

The truth is not so much who we condemn as sinners but who we are in Jesus Christ. Our morality is not our own. It is not people of faith who are moral per say because our morality is not what we do but Jesus is our righteousness.

The Cross of Calvary, the death of Chirst and His resurrection becomes our righteousness.

The church hates gays so much to go beyond the castle walls of the church to hunt down gays from Jerusalem to Damascus because there is so much sin within the church.

When sin abounds, we look for scapegoat to justify our own goodness just as Hitler put all the blame on Jews and gays.

We blame gays for the demise of the family when there are

  • over 10,000 abortions per year

  • and over 7,000 divorces per year

in SIngapore alone.

The outside world sees the hypocrisy of the church, and the christians looses their saltiness and is of no use for the ministry of the Gospel.

It becomes a sorry tale when Christian leaders run to the defence of other religious faiths criticising gays when the bible defines immoral acts as breaking the greatest commandments of not worshiping idols but that God is One, the God of Israel.

Therefore, worshiping pagan gods becomes more holy and righteous than having same sex relationships for Christians. We have exchanged good for evil, the love between two person as evil.

When christians stand with others of differing faiths in condeming gays, we aligned with the god that they worshipped. Hence, we too commit spiritual adultery in our eagerness to condemn gays.

The true context of the bible was that because they worshipped pagan gods that they had same sex acts with the temple priests. The demonic spirit comes into the person through sex.

That was why Jesus said that some became Eunuch for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, because Jesus was mocking the pagan priests. They were not going for the kingdom of heaven but the kingdom of hell in their abomination against god. The pagan priests castrated themselves in the worship of Cybele.

We replace the truth of the bible for a lie. Hence, it becomes acceptable to be a person of faith rather what manner of faith and what they believed in. It is Jesus who saves, not religion or a new kind of spirituality or being a conservative!

We are not letting the little children enter the Kingdom of God and they are wandering outside the walls of the church lonely, naked, cold and hungry.

The likes of Lawrence Khong of FCBC and NCCS will loose the war even though for the moment they may have won the battle being highly organised with a militant aggenda.

They will loose the war, because gays are the little children who can't defend themselves. Too much harm has been done. Injustices have gone on for too long.

There comes a point in history, a moment in time when the harm cause by the people of faith against an innocent minority group of people gets heaven's attention.

The time has come for Jesus to step in and go out into the desert to find the one lost sheep who is suffering in despair, sickness, hunger, lack, pain and loneliness.

Jesus is inviting the gay tribe to the communion table tonight. Come and rest says the Lord of Host. Come to the communion table resting on the finished work of Jesus at the Cross. It is Jesus we eat, the bread of healing and abundant life, the blood of His righteousness.

Come as you are. Rest on Christ's finished works.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.Ps 23:5–6



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