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The Victory 2011 Conference was held on 16 to 17 July 2011. Organised by True Light Gospel Church in Taipei, and associated with EMI (Encounter Missions International) of Long Beach California, the theme was about victory, victory in our personnel, work, church life. The theme of the conference was taken from Rev 3:21 “A Person who is victorious. I will grant this person to sit beside me on my throne”. It is to experience victory now, from this very day forth.

The conference was held at the GIS National Taiwan University convention centre in Taipei city. The conference attendees of approximately 100 came from the GLBT affirming churches in Asia including “True Light Gospel Church” of Taipei (organiser), “Church Alive” of Kaohsiung Taiwan , “Grace Church” of Tainan Taiwan, Free Community Church of Singapore. The conference was also supported by US EMI missionaries serving in Johannesburg South Africa, Japan, and Melbourne (Acts2Faith Church), Australia.

The conference started with a video greeting from EMI/Glory Tabernacle Pastors Janet Robertson and Sandra Turnbull both who have played a vital role in the start-ups of the churches in Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Taipei through their missionary efforts to Gay Christians over the last 10 years. The conference brought the churches together in Taiwan in particular, to push for God’s victory and expansion of the Kingdom of God and the Christian ministries in their respective cities.

There is a unique move of the Holy Spirit in Taiwan to bring many straight people into Gay churches. We become a truly inclusive church reaching out both to the straight and gay community with the love of Christ, and the Gospel message of redemption.

On day one of the conference, there were two sessions

a.       Afternoon session -  “be victorious” by Linda Barnes, a missionary to the slumps of South Africa


b.      Evening session – “Prophetic teaching and ministry” by Dr Jeremy Lopez”

On the second and the final day of the conference, there were two sessions:-

a.       Morning church service – by Pastor Chong Liong Chang


b.      Afternoon session – Global missions by Pastor Joseph Chang

God is leading a Holy Spirit led revival in the gay affirming churches in Asia particularly in Taiwan. There is a new and powerful move of the Holy Spirit upon a people once considered unclean and sinners just because they were gay. 

There is so much a freedom of God to move in the GLBT community in Taiwan because they are less bonded than countries such as Singapore, where homosexuality is illegal. In Taiwan, there are no laws against gays, and there is even laws against discrimination. Hence, there is an open heaven in terms of the basic rights of gays as compared to other countries in Asia. This freedom in the natural, allows God to work amongsts the GLBT community in the spiritual.

In Singapore, although, the Government doesn't go out their ways to govern what happens in the bedroom or persecute gays openly, without the affirmation of the "Fathers" or leaders of the land, gay christians are often trapped in closets not moving out nor living their lives and ministry that God have intended for them. There is so much shame, with potential and lives wasted, yet God is beginning to do a new and mighty Holy Spirit led revival with a Open Heaven necesarry to break this wall. 

Come Holy Spirit,





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