Miracle in Vermont

07 Apr 2009 - The scene of the voting call to overcome the veto of the Governor against the Gay marriage bill was surreal. The majority of the Senate and Legislature had already voted to pass the bill, but the veto from an anti-gay governor came quickly. A two thirds voting majority was required to overcome it, which was close to a miracle for a hotly divided issue which typically has only support of a slight majority (if any) in other states. It may have just been a religious opinion for 95% of the population, but for 5%, they have been waiting for decades, some being together for 25 years, sharing the lives and all, much longer than many heterosexual marriages, but alas their love was considered inferior and unholy. As the vote was taken, it seemed like the time stopped, as each representative declared their vote “Yes”, or “No”, the count seemed to last for an eternity. When the total tally was announced, it was exactly 100 votes, the very minimum number to overcome the Governor’s veto. There was silence, then a sudden realization that it was all over and a miracle had taken place. Yahoo! Gays were free at last to be who God ordained and created them.

What a pivotal week it has been for Gay rights! The success of the Gay Marriages in Iowa and Vermont were going to be closed, and hotly contested and long drawn out. Few had anticipated a unanimous vote at the Iowa Supreme Court only a few days earlier, and the overcoming of even a Governor Veto at Vermont. The narrow lost of proposition 8 at California in Nov 08 to an unlikely trinity of Evangelicals, Catholics and Mormons seemed a distant past. God is doing a miracle, and He is calling for a Year of Jubilee for the GLBT, where after waiting for so long under bondage and in closet by the religious conservatives, they now have their freedom even if the anti-gay zealots refused to “let my people free”. They tried every indecent means to keep Gays in bondage, their false witness, lies, fears, and accusations; too long it had worked but no more.

(Isa 56:4,5 NKJV) For thus says the LORD: "To the eunuchs who keep My Sabbaths, And choose what pleases Me, And hold fast My covenant, Even to them I will give in My house And within My walls a place and a name Better than that of sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name That shall not be cut off.

This day, through the Gay Marriage, God has given Gays, a family where they will be known, accepted, loved, and cared for, and not a lonely soul wandering this earth. It is the freedom to love and be loved. They will be recognized, and have a name, an identity at last to be loved. It is a foretaste in heaven, that one day God will give them an inheritance in heaven, a place that they will be taken care of, even though they may not have physical inheritance on earth. God cares for them, and feel their loneliness, pain and regret and has given them an inheritance in heaven, a place of special honor when they come to Him as their Lord and Savior.

The Christian Fundamentalist had alluded that Gays were given special rights when in reality even the most basic rights were denied here on earth in the name of religion. However, in His kingdom, God, had other plans, and in His heart of Grace and Mercy, there will be a special place of honor for them who have been denied for so long their humanity and dignity, their creation as a beloved child of God. God is mighty and arising in our midst as a mighty man of war, to war against injustice. For a thousand years, Gays have truly been taken advantage of, much like the people of Sodom sodomizing those they have captured and put in bondage. Their cries was heard from heaven, many gays who have been brutally murdered throughout history just as they are currently being persecuted by Christian led crusades in Jamaica, Nigeria and Uganda. The Christian Right has tried to rationalize their actions by using the bible, and using the argument of “majority will”. But Jesus came to Earth, for the least in the community, for the Outcasts, and not for the religious right who consider themselves righteous in their own eyes. It is not ignorance that needs education to change, but rather religious self righteousness and hypocrisy that can only be remedied by sincere repentance with a radical change of vision, hearts and mind.

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