UK Gay marriage - let the wine flow



John 2:2 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, 2 and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. 3 When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.” 4 “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.” 5 His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

UK Gay Marriage is now legalised in UK and Ireland, in what the Anglican Church has said due to a profound social change.

Contrary to the dark rhetoric by people of faith on gays causing the demise of marriage, straight marriages were never going to be impacted.

The cover of social change referred to the Church of England is true to a certain degree. More correctly, it is a moral imperative, to seeing gays as part of humanity deserving basic human rights that hitherto started with the foreigners in our midst, then slaves, women, to black people.

The impact of UK law goes far beyond her borders as it would be taken as a reference by her former colonies such as Australia, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

A moral and legal precedence is set against anti-gay laws which were established by Britain herself during the colonial days. It was not that Britain then was particularly conservative – King Henry the Eight had her wives divorced and killed then promptly put into law the decree to execute gays as if to wash himself clean of their blood using the blood of gays.

Gays are historically a convenient scapegoat much as today in Singapore where the National Council of Churches don’t march onto the very large straight red light district of Geylang, nor flood the MP’s inbox with petition against abortions. So much for the conservative HDB heartlands.

Gay people themselves have fought hard for social change and acceptance as part of social justice. As more gays came out of the closet from young, the familiarity of a close relative of friend who is gay for many has accelerated the move for a change.

In John 2:2, Jesus was at a wedding celebration where suprisingly the wine ran out. His ministry started at a wedding where the joyous celebration was coming to an abrupt end when the wine stopped flowing.

Mary the mother of Jesus knowing the secret that Jesus was of God, outed Jesus and His first task was to refill the wine so that the wedding feast can continue.

The wedding speaks of the union between the Church and Jesus Christ, with the church being the bride and Jesus the bride groom. The wine will make the church clean and become white and a pure bride.

Jesus turned water into wine, to turn our mourning into rejoicing. The religious thought he was a drunkard. With no wine at the wedding, surely the guest will mourn and complain!

The gay community has hitherto dranked water, but the wine of rejoicing and celebration we are now having because Jesus is here.

Water speaks of a cleansing of our sins, and wine speaks of the blood of Christ which redeems us. Water will quench of thirst for the moment, but we need to drink of the wine whereby we will thirst no more.

The Gospel Good News of God's supernatural redemption in Jesus Christ brings us joy and celebration, for the wine has started flowing into our lives.

When Jesus performed the miracle and turned water into wine, the wine was so much better than the wine made by hands. For we can reach faith by our intellect and humanity and drink water, but when Jesus in the centre of our faith, the water is turned into the best red wine.

The Old wine is about following the law which is summarised by loving God and loving ourselves and others. It did not work and we ended up being religious and self righteous and some trusting in their own intellect and humanity (from the most liberal to the most conservative).

The good within each one of us was never going to be enough for we as the image of God was tarnished in the Garden of Eden. Works was never going to work even in love. We end up putting gays in prison and put our sins on those we deemed as greater sinners than us, or we become spiritual but deny the work of Christ at the Cross.

Jesus gave us the new wine, not of our own righteousness but by His righteousness. It is not Us anymore, but Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory. Therefore, let us drink the new wine from the hands of God and not from our own hand.

Jesus is here today in our lives when we seek Him and ask Him to come in. He is knocking at our door. He will turn the water of our despair, the water of our tears and dissapoinments and sorrows into the finest red wine of rejoicing and celebration. For that red wine, is His blood, for whom His death and resurrection gave us an unending flow of the wine of redemption, righteousness and grace.

 The water has turned into wine, and this wine is flowing out into the Gay community of freedom, joy, and celebration that has no ending and will drown our bitter despair, pain and sorrows.

The miracle of the red wine has started flowing in Europe, in UK, and in many parts of the US. Surely Gay marriage is a miracle of God that will not end until we are satisfied.

So drink today, the red wine offered by Jesus, for we are drinking of His redemption - physical, emotional, and spiritual of body, spirit and soul in ourselves and in all our relationships with our partners, friends, and family.

Let us rejoice today, and be drunk in the wine of the Holy Spirit. Drink and be happy. Rejoice, for the day of the Lord, the visitation of the Lord is here in the moment of history.

Just as the wedding at Canna, we now see the work of God. Gay marriage is indeed a miracle that few had thought would come.

Praise the Lord.




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