The Father Love of God in Singapore



I remember the song "I will run to you" as we sung it over and over again at City Harvest Church at former Hollywood theatre in Singapore some years ago. We wanted to see the heart of God, the face of God. CHC wanted to extend the Kingdon of God, and they did as thousands gave their lives and accepted Jesus.

 But the "ministry of the Law" came in when the church strictly enforces religious rules and demands. Grace was feared as leading to lawlessness. Mount Sinai with her Ten Commandments was worshipped. The leaders were more zealous than the Pharisees bringing in Sy Rogers of Church of our Saviour / Exodus to stop the "spread" of Homosexuality.

We often do not appreciate the finished work at the Cross of Calvary, and err either by claiming that all of humanity (all peoples) are saved (without even having to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Saviour) or on the other extreme that we need righteous works and be holy to maintain our salvation. And our failure to remain sinless after we become Christians is somehow put on the gay community.

In the bible never once Christians went to the Courts to insist that a minority group be put to jail, even though many of the prevailing faiths in the society then had the worst sinners who worshipped satanic deities as their faith. The people of faith even had sex with the male priests to join themselves to Satan, but the root issue was worshipping Satan and we never go around bringing down High Places of worship of other faiths.   

Yet in Singapore, we go the the "Minister of the Law" to insist that letter and spirit of the law be carried out against gays even though our faith is not under threat. When we go to the courts/ministry of law, know ye not that the courts will one day judge us for our sins and our sins will be highligted in the world media and facebook.

We make a mockery of love. We are called to love our enemies of those who put us into prison because we preach the grace of God in the Gospel message. Instead, we make the Gospel of Christ of no effect when we misconstrued Love as judgement using the law. We misrepresent the Father Love of God and we bring no glory by depicting Him as a God of judgement and vengence without grace nor mercy.

We condemn and persecute the least instead of being reviled and persecuted for our faith and with no conscience claim that we are being persecuted. We have taken grace for granted, our right to worship, the liberty to cause harm to the weak.

It was God who sent His Son Jesus that we are saved by righteousness of Christ that justice may be fulfilled. We seldom focus on love rather on selective judgement of the alleged sins of others but not the log in our own eyes.

We are perpetuating injustice of the worst kind by our false witness against gays thus blaspheming the name of God amongst the least in the community. Unlike other faiths, gays are just too weak nor organised to stand up. They are naturally not as confrontational and zealous as people of faith.

Jesus went out to find the lost sheep, the one out of the 99, because he was not concerned about the mob majority, but the individual. Like the sparrow which is common and not worth a lot, Jesus cared for us individually even when the world do not treat us as individuals of worth and dignity. We label gays based on their sexual orientation and not as individual human beings of infinite worth, and we don't do the same with heterosexuals.

It was not "ego" that Jesus faced at the desert but the temptations of the world by Satan. The temptations of the world was certainly not being gay which is not infectious as the number of gay people is typically 5% irrespective of culture, race or religion. It is not the worldly sin or world culture (as was taught at CHC)

The worldly temptations is the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. The lust of the eye was Satan tempting Jesus the entire world. The lust of the flesh was the temptation to turn stones into bread, and the pride was to let everyone see Jesus being saved by angels if he had thrown Himself down from the hilltop.

The focus of the law by the churches in Singapore by seeking the law minister makes sin infectious in the body. When we bring the law in by insisting that gays be put into jail, we are inviting sin to spread expeditiously in the body of Christ with the temptations of power/wealth (lust of the eyes), extravagant indulgence (love of the flesh), and spiritual/moral pride/self righteousness (pride) .

The church should be focussing on the Father Love of God who is gracious and kind, always giving mercy and grace, and loving us so much that He sent His only Jesus Christ to die for us that we may to return by God by faith in His Son thus satisfying the demands of justice and righteousness for our sins.

The world is coming to Singapore. We are becoming an Antioch to outreach the Gospel as the peoples of the world are coming to Singapore.

We are concerned about the rise in population, rather than being grateful of the blessings of God. Perhaps, God has intended for the church to outreach to the peoples of many nations in Singapore. Surely, the mega churches have  resources to outreach to the newcomers rather than being fixated with hunting gay people.

The ancient cities of Rome and Jerusalem were the gateways to the nations of whom peoples of the world came together. It was in these mega cities that the christianity expanded to the ends of the earth. The same is happening in the 21st century. Singapore is an air and sea port being in the trade routes of nations.

We are located where we are, for a purpose and a calling. We should not despise it  by coming against the rise in population/foreigners. The church in Singapore has a great calling and this calling is being undermined by their anti-gay religious lifestyle. We need to put on a vision to run after the heart of God to witness the Love of God as the nations of the world descend upon Singapore.

The mission field is not to the ends of the earth but right here in Singapore, and it is no coincidence that gay rights would be a major issue for it is a test to the church to bring the Gospel to the last tribe on earth. The gay issue will be on-going pain for the church as France and Britian will soon have gay marriages whilst Singapore remains 40 years behind.

The ends of the earth has been brought to the very heart of our cities, for God so love the World (so love humanity). We are called to be amongst the stranger coming to Singapore to reflect God's love, grace and mercy personified in the Gospel message. May Christ be the center of it all. Let the Father love of God be in our hearts.

We are not to "Love Singapore" but to give thanks for the Love of Father God for Singapore through His Son Jesus Christ. The nations are coming to Singapore. You have called Singapore to Your purpose, O God. May we run the good race that You may draw all men.

I will run to You (Hillsongs)

Your eye is on the sparrow
And Your hand, it comforts me
From the ends of the Earth to the depth of my heart
Let Your mercy and strength be seen

You call me to Your purpose
As angels understand
For Your glory, may You draw all men
As Your love and grace demand


And I will run to You
To Your words of truth
Not by might, not by power
But by the Spirit of God

Yes, I will run the race
'Till I see Your face
Oh let me live in the glory of Your grace





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