The "let them die" tea party


At the CNN/Tea Party GOP Presidential debate on 12 Sep 2011, a hypothetical question was asked of the GOP contenders whether the hospital should treat a person over 6 months in coma if he had decided against health insurance.

 Before Ron Paul could answer, there was a loud cry from the tea party supporter - "Let them die", followed by a resounding shouts, clapping in agreement. I am reminded of the religious bible believing Jews who shouted "crucify Him" when given a chance to release Jesus rather than the thief. In both instances, the self righteous religious people of faith were only thinking about themselves and with moral indignation demanded the most harshes punishment by the law. No grace was shown even to the person in coma.

Ron Paul said in his days the people had responsibility for their own health care, and the churches took the tab. Very few churches run large hospitals with free services. For a person in coma they probably would extend their life support services for years if you were a Bishop or Cardinal, but for all others they would leave it to "God's will". 

When Miss Thio, the ex-NMP, from the Anglican Church in Singapore said that legalising homosexuality would lead to a slippery slope of immorality, the real slippery slope is when religion is based on the letter of the OT/NT laws showing no love, grace nor mercy. The lawlessness here is within the relgious community causing harm in their hypocrisy and self righteousness. This was shown later when they tried to take over Aware through a well planned coup.

If they killed Jesus using the OT laws when He was innocent, surely the weak and the marginalised although innocent will always be the scapegoat of the religious majority. Adding to the insult, is the frequent claim by the Christian Right that they were the victims, but when we look closely we see them holding the gun in their hand ready to fire against the defenceless gay minorities. There is a mass religious delusion of their own "Christian" morality.

In Germany during world war two, it was not pagans who killed 6 million Jews. It was the Catholics/Presbyterian, people of religious faith, yet their lives filled with so much pain and anger that they needed to find the Jews as a scapegoat. Germany paid a heavy price for the lost in World War 1, with a huge resentment against the outcasts. There was such a self righteous moral indignation, that it consumes us and brings us to a danger of committing a grave sin.

Mega church pastors such as Pastor Kong thought that lawlessness is immorality without having a strict set of laws. This immorality in the bible is however not related to gays, it is the worship of foreign gods and deities. The ten commandments is not so much a law, but putting the God of Israel first. In Ex 34:14 it says there "you shall worship no other God ,,," and the first two commandments is not only about loving God per say but not aligning ourselves to other gods. We have gone after many other gods - the gods of power and money.

 Being a people of God does not come by the law, it comes by knowing and understanding God's love, grace, and mercy in Christ Jesus. The law brings us to despair forcing us to repent and turn to God because we could not save ourselves. It is not an end by itself. It leads us to seeking repentance in Christ Jesus. It leads us not arrogant religious self righteousness but be humbled and to walk alongside with the poor, the outcasts and the marginalised in Jesus' time.

The tea party movement seems to have little to do with Jesus although it is associated with the Christian right. Their dogmatic call for smaller Government is the rallying cry by the conservatives yet they had sepnt all the money in the bank in two big wars. Financial deregulation which allowed the packaging of high risk loans into safe securities all came under the conservative reign. Big businesses and big wars led us to a financial disaster and not big government. There is great hypocrisy and denial in the tea party.

The tea party are the more wealthier and affluent Americans and so any cut in welfare and health spending doesn't effect them. However, in the latest stats released on 13 Sep 2011,

  • America's poverty rate has risen to 15.1% or 46.2 million in 2010 (from 14.3% in 2009).

  • There are 52 million (and additional 73 million have difficulties paying) without health insurance largely due to umemployment. Obama's health insurance extends coverage to these people.

They are laughing and jeering at the death of people who could not afford health care with a righteous indignation that they deserved it! True Christianity is about displaying God's love, grace and mercy for which there is no law because it cannot be contained and it is boundless. When our religion is based on religious laws, it kills and we become moral and self righteous targeting the weak and the have-nots.

 The tea party didn't come overnight. Since the early 90s, the Christian Right have used gays as a wedge issue to command block voting and to gain political power. As a result, the have sown the law in the land, the law of judgement and hypocrisy. Lawlessness is now coming into the land with the religious, the rich and powerful insisting that the poor bear the brunt of the pain and suffering.

(Acts 2:44 NKJV) Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common,

(Acts 2:45 NKJV) and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.

Strictly, the tea party ain't wrong either. A nation should not spend money it doesn't have, and rack up a total debt of 15 trillion many times over what it spends every year of 3.5 trillion. The debt is growing at 1.5 trillion/year. It's not that America doesn't have money - it is hoarded by the rich and big businesses.

The answer lies with the rich and powerful rather than the weak. It is about coming back to the core of the Christian Faith of kinship and sharing our wealth and possessions. Our anti-gay crusades have sown hate and judgement and America needs to repent, to change course to one of love. Christ is our example "as I have loved you". It is a call to love one another, even to the extent to help pay for the medical bills of one in coma.

If we want to see Jesus, our hearts must be opened to Him, a heart that is softened and shows love, grace and mercy, for Christ is the personification of God's love to us.

(John 13:34 NKJV) "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

(John 13:35 NKJV) "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."




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