hard truths for the Christian Right

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew recently stated in his book "Hard truths" concerning homosexuality that “It’s already accepted in China,” and goes on further to state that “It’s a matter of time before it’s accepted here.”

In America, the latest 2011 Pew rolls, indicated 46% opposing gay marriage versus 45% supporting it. In 2009, the stats was 54% versus 37%. The change towards equality and justice has a strong positive trend especially amongst the younger population.


What has aided and set the impetus for greater public acceptance is the "coming out" of public entertainment stars such as Adam Lambert in 2009, Clay Aiken in 2008. Ellen DeGeneres, the famous TV hosts came out in 1997.

  Whilst many countries are constrained by their strong fundamentalist religions on the legalization of Homosexuality, the British who first came out with the colonial laws now used by these countries has long repealed these archaic laws such as 377A which goes back to King Henry XIII. The king who was also the defender of the Anglican Faith must have felt so subconciously guilty of killing and re-marrying so many wives that gays are to be blamed for his sins.

When the Anglican Church in Singapore (who is also the leader of the National Council of Churches Singapopre, and the Global Anglican South) talks about morality concerning homosexuality, they should be mindful of history. The laws against gays were created out of hypocrisy, the injustice and prejudice sanctioned by the Christian Faith lasting for more than 500 years.   

 Justice has a way of redeeming itself even after decades as seen in the uprising in Egypt and Libya where the harsh dictators ruled over them with the general populace suffering from poverty whilst the rich and the political elite were enjoying untold riches. Injustice cannot last indefinitely. The closet will finally be broken, sooner rather than later.

We are getting to a point a history, a sharp turning point for gay rights where for the first time in the Western World, not only are gays decriminalised, but the full rights of marriage given. The GLBT community has hitherto been persecuted, murdered, denied relationships, made to suffer a lifetime in the closet, their blood cries out for justice to God.

The crimes against humanity done against gays are still going on in many countries such as Uganda and Nigeria who have reverted to their primeval and savage instincts of hunting down gays and even call it "Christian". The gay community has become the new saints and martys in these countries just as the Protestant Christians were persecuted by the Catholics from the 11th century upto the 17th century.

Every change from injustice to justice has an ending where the perpetrators of the crime against the nation is taken to tasks. What will happen to those who has made it a lifestyle to persecute gays. When it is all over, their mitigation that it "is a matter of religious right" to cause harm will not stand in the court of judgement either here nor in heaven above.

 We are at a turning point in Gay marriage, and it will impact the church because of justice and righteousness. The harm caused by the Christian Faith cannot be washed away so easily just as Pilate washed his hands clean of his part in crucifying Jesus.

The laws against gays was never part of the 1st century christianity when the bible was written but added in later by the pagan influence through Constantine and through infidelity by Henry XIII.  The church has been trying to defend a lie by emasculating the bible of the pagan religious context, and the supremacy of grace versus the law.

There will likely to be no "big bang" when Gay marriages are fully legalised in all states in the US. The gay marriages in the US came very quietly with no heavely hail or fire of judgement predicted by the Christian Right. The straight men didn't become gays and the straight population continued to have their divorces and abortions.

Gay marriage in America will happen in a few years when the polls go above 50% support for gay marriages. The churches will most grudgingly accept the hard truths and in Singapore perhaps delay the innevitable for another decade or two unless of course Hong Kong and Shanghai sets the precedence first for which Singapore could not but follow suit.  

 However, in the fight against gay marriage, and to persecute gays and put them in prisons, the Protestant Evangelical church would have lost its innocent Christian soul and conscience which is very precious. The integrity, righteousness, and moral standing lost will not be easily reclaimed.

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