A Gay Star is coming to Singapore - a scandal of grace



 There has been a report to the National Council of Churches Singapore (NCCS) that the upcoming concert at the Star Performing Arts Centre by Adam Lambert would somehow promote a "gay lifestyle" simply because Adam is openly gay.

Apparently, NCCS is taking the complaint seriously enough to pass on the concern to New Creation Church which manages the Star Centre even though the church has stated that the performances are public in nature and not church related.

The accusation that simply because a person is "out" as gay person is equated to promoting a lifestyle conveys a high degree of self righteousness and nastiness.

It is not surprising that Christians are viewed poorly by many because of our hypocrisy and a heart of judgement without grace nor mercy. We are reminded that NCCS once chided the Government for employing gay people, and insisting that Lesbians be put into jail as well.

Christians are not viewed by many as a holy people, set apart to do good rather an unholy finger pointing and vocal busy bodies intending to put on their yoke of burdens on others - eg the Gay community. Jesus came to set us free from the burdens of the law, the yoke that the pharisees put on the people.

Two thousand years later, we still selectively put on the yoke of the law and condemnation upon others - upon gay people even for sins that they weren't guilty of, for the religious abominations of the Jews in the bible of some 4,000 years ago was related to having sex with Satanic priests.

Even the Pharisees had the sense to distinguish between the Prostitute and the natural Eunuch born as such from their mother's womb as not having an attraction to the opposite sex.

We have put gays out of the kingdom of God, labelled them as sinners, and insist that the law makers put them in jail and the Government not hire them. Such indignation against the gay community can only be inspired by Satan for what has the Gay community ever did to the Christian church to deserve this harsh treatment?

In order to satisfy our conscience, we create the notion of a gay aggenda, of gays being used by Satan to destroy the church etc, when we are guilty of the very condemnation which has destroyed the lives of many.

Gays are so natural and innate in their same sex orientation that we fear it would undermine the bible whom we consider as sacred. That fear has been translated to an intention to make the gay community out of sight by putting them in jail. Hence, the appearance of Adam Lambert, a Gay pop-star in the very centre of one of the biggest mega church in Singapore is disconcerting to many.

The world will know us not by our works, but by what we hate. This is sad for the church has a great Gospel mandate to bring Salvation and healing to the nations.

On a Sunday afternoon, the Anglican Cathedral church grounds at City Hall is filled with foreigners taking their day off. There are no Singaporeans as these strangers occupy the church grounds.

Opposite the Anglican Cathedral is the Myanmar people congregating at the meeting spots at Peninsula Plaza which has been transformed to little Burma.

 Jesus is knocking at the door of the church. He comes disguised in the form of a gay man, a foreigner, a stranger. He keeps on knocking for when we receive the least in the community into the Kingdom of God, surely the door will also be opened to the strangers that is occupying the grounds of the Cathedral.

The rainbow flag has six colours - it symbolises the number of man, for God created man in the sixth day. Therefore, the rainbow flag that represents the gay community is the grace of God given to mankind. God created man on the sixth day but no woman! who came out out man. Perhaps within the first Adam was already the makeup of a gay man and woman. 

Jesus is the second Adam, and calls for all mankind regardless whether we are male, female, straight or gay to redemption and forgiveness for our sins to enter into the Kingdom of God. We can't choose who to enter just because we see some people as more sinful than us. It's all by the scandal of God's grace.

It is not suprising that Adam Lambert's Christian name is "Adam", for God has sent the church a representative to knock at the hardness of our hearts. The name "Lambert" is to mean a bright land/brilliant, bringing brighness to the people. Hence, a representative shining/brilliant star is knocking at the church gate.

God has sent us many messengers of His impending grace to the Gay tribe but we didn't respond, so a bright shining star is sent to knock at the door of the church.

Would we let Jesus in? Grace is such a scandal that God sends the Singapore church a Gay star to let us see the depths of His sovereign grace and goodness and glory extends to such a scandalous manner by the standards of the world.



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