HFB should mention Gay children


The Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore suprisingly neutral potrayal of gays has resulted in a strong response from Love Singapore/FCBC, the Christian mega church anti-gay moral defenders of Singapore. It appears however that the other mega churches in Singapore have been slow to respond in kind.

The HPB online resource was not a well known site, and the messaging in the FAQ's was neutral, to the fact, and was a passing mention.

For FCBC to find it a sin is a reminder of how the Pharisees sees the splinter in the eyes of others as sin whilst there is a log in their own eyes. (Mat 7:3-5).

For FCBC, Gays doesn't exist but a chosen lifestyle. Their angst was so great they urged the other churches not to be silent.

HPB was simply declaring a truth - that gays do exist and their relationships genuine consistent with the prevailing health research. After all, HPB serves all Singaporeans including gays.

Why the angst when FCBC and Love Singapore was not harmed in any way, and when gays form less than 5% of the populations. You would find streets after streets of straight prostitutes in Geylang, yet the Christian Church only complaints about the non existent gay den harming the family.

If FCBC/Love Singapore had been so concerned about the family, perhaps a petition to come against abortion which kills more than 10,000 babies a year would be more genuine and a moral imperititve.

It is sad when Christians find their Christian identity of being moral and righteous by being anti-gay. ie their condemnation of gays as immoral, and unrighteous builts their own identity as moral people. However, our morality is in what Christ has done for us at the Cross that as Paul said, that no man may glory in their good works.

Therefore, the anti-gay angst by FCBC/Love Singapore is no more than glorying themselves of how good they are.

Strangely, in Mat 19, the family was under attack by the religious jealots (not gays) divorcing their wives at will.

The disciples lamented the issue of breaking the commandments due to sexual immorality will always be there as long as man are naturally attracted to women by sight. Hence, always looking for the younger and more beautful and sexy woman.

In Mat 19:10, the disciples jokingly remarked that it was better not to marry ie be religiously celibate and not to have sexual relationships with women, so as not to break the law.

In Mat 19:11, 12, Jesus must have laughed and said that it is impossible to be celibate and not to have sexual relationships with women unless:-

  • One is born Gay - the Jewish concept of natural or born eunuchs born from their mother's womb

  • One is made an Eunuch by forced castration by others to serve in the King's chambers which was rare by the time of Jesus,

  • One made themselves Eunuchs ie self castration for the sake of religious faith - which was common as the priests for the idol worshippers were often Eunuchs and the men would have anal sex with them eg in the popular worship of Cybel.

Hence, Jesus blamed the religious zealots for being anti-family and anti-law rather than gays who were mentioned in passing as being born-gay with no attraction for women and therefore could abstain from sex with women and so not fall into the sin of adultery.

The rest of the churches in Singapore are silent on the HPB issue because when we enter the fray, we better be very holy and sacred, lest our smallest flaw be judged! because we have condemned the innocent gay children as guilty, and they cried out loud to God in heaven who will hear their cries one day.

The HPB should at least be biblical and mention Eunuchs born as such from the mother's womb. In ending, Gay babies are born to straight parents. We should never reject gay children, for they are family too.


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