Aware Anglican women perform crucial service NCCS chief explains


"In his letter, The Most Rev Chew acknowledged that the Anglican women in the Aware issue had performed a “crucial service” - but added that the method they used raised issues of ethics and propriety, even if they did not contravene Aware's constitution - by alerting Singapore society to what was being taught in some sexuality education classes in schools." [Christian Post SG, 15 may, Earlier, Curt Statement Meant to Allay Tension, NCCS Chief Explains]

Some interesting facts about the sexuality classes, that the New Guard really took a microscope to find the most minute evidence in an attempt to incriminate the Old Guard -

  • The Trainers guide was private and confidential and never given to the students.
  • Nobody had any concern because it was hardly a mention in the 3 hour program
  • MOE received no complaints until they dug up the issue
  • It was taught in 12 schools out of thousands.

They were not a group of innocent and gentle lambs, but very smart, determined, and clinical. How would they know what was in the training guide, unless after the takeover, they started a search and find for evidence, and changed the locks so that no information can escape from their grasp.

There is a danger of Christians taking an absolute position of interpreting a non core and debatable issue of the bible in a fundamentalist and absolute approach, and then spend all their effort to twist the facts that is contrary to their strongly held beliefs and make up stories to support their position is quite sad and disconcerting. Once you start lying about a biblical interpretation, you continue to lie even more in order to cover up.

Their half truths and rethoric becomes more and more extreme until an outsider would not be mistaken if the church only concentrate about sex! not their sexual lifestyle, but the sex life of a small minority of the population who has nothing to do with the church and minding their own business and space.

Once you start on the "Road to Perdition" it is hard to turn back.

"[What's] important, in this story, is what the violence does to the person who pulls the trigger, and what it has done to them over the years, how it has gradually corroded them. It has rotted their insides."
— Sam Mendes, Director, Road to Perdition

Even then we are faced with the obvious facts of our error, we do not ackowledge our faults nor take a big step backwards for a time of reflection, for it would mean admitting a very big error not only on the issue of Aware but on the entire issue of Homosexuality. For Christians who so strongly believe in the judgement of God through the religious laws, admitting any wrong with so much blood on our hands, is not an option unless we like judgement.

It is important for Christians to imitate the ministry of Christ, rather than being attracted to power, politics, wealth, and religion, which Satan had offered Jesus from day one of His ministry. We should follow what Jesus did, and continue on His ministry, that the Kingdom of God may be extended not by the methods of the world but by the Work of the Holy Spirit and the testimony of what Christ has done in our lives. With the Aware saga, our credibility and witness is at stake.

(Mat 4:19,20 NKJV) Then He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

We are to be fishers of men, rather than going to the deep sea to hunt for whales. How many fish did we caught as a result of Aware? None. But our nets are filled with holes because the gay fishers that we caught are sword fishers who cut a hole through. There is a need for repentance and a contrite heart in view of God's grace to us, that the grace of God may do an effective work in our hearts to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and be found worthy when Christ do come back again for all people, even to the rainbow fishers.

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