A "Sad-om" story from Malaysia



(Gen 14:21 NKJV) Now the king of Sodom said to Abram, "Give me the persons, and take the goods for yourself."


A Malaysia national newspaper "Metro Ahad" translated as "Sunday Metro" published a full page article condemning gays on 22 Aug 2010. The article entitled "Kota Sadom hancur, penduduk homoseks tidak hirau Nabi Luth", translated as "Sodom destroyed, the homosexual citizens ignored warnings by Prophet Lot". Link to JPEG

The article was a religious article finding its way to the national newspaper speaks of how interelated religion and everyday secular life in Malaysia. Although a multi-cultural country, it is predominantly Muslim and has a record of being anti-gay.

A few interesting aspect of the story emerges as compared to the Christian version:-

a) Sodom was a big country with many cities.  The bible only talks of Sodom as one city.

b) Before going to Sodom, the Angels first met up with Abraham to bring good news of the birth of Ishmael, whilst the angels in the bible brought good news about Isaac.

c) The word "homosex" is not a Malay word. If all the citizens were "homosex", how could Sodom grew so big with many cities as they claimed.

d) Lot in this story told the men to go back to their wives, and said to them that God created man and woman to have sex for procreation. This sounds like the Chrstian Right. If they were gays, they would not have wives.

e) Lot's wife became the fall guy in the story having gossiped about the arrival of the angels that a crowd grew at Lot's house. If it was already late in the day and all the shops closed when they were coming, how did the crowd built up in such a short time. Surely, only a few percentage of Sodom were gays, the rest were straight.

f) The "gays" were very strong and physical to push down the doors. Can't imagine how the King of Sodom which Pastor Prince of NCC proclaim as a weak femine gay person would be so agressive. Sounds like a group of red neck straight man full of testerone trying to rape the poor visitors. We see this in prisons often not because of love but because of subjugation. Once, they screw you, you belong to them like a woman.

In Gen 14:21, the bible gives us a clear understanding on the role of Sodom. They were slave traders. They brought people into bondage and control them with brute force to do their bidding eg build cities etc. This reminds me of the Christian Colonialist in Africa where one of the major trades were the slave trade that was driven by the rapid growth of America. If Lot were so righteous, why did he and his family chose to stay in a courrupt and evil city where danger lurks and if the Christian Right is correct, a gay man lurks at every corner ready to molest you. Because, Lot was rich and he was doing trading and booming business with good growth. He overlooked the human suffering of the slave laborers. He could have stayed in the desert like Abraham yet illicit wealth drew him to Sodom. If the city was full of gays, they would have first rape Lot for he had stayed there so long.

  (Gen 18:23 NKJV) And Abraham came near and said, "Would You also destroy the righteous with the wicked?

(Gen 18:24 NKJV) "Suppose there were fifty righteous within the city; would You also destroy the place and not spare it for the fifty righteous that were in it?

If we were to be consistent, if all the citizens in Sodom were gay and hence were sinful according to the Christian Right, could God not find 50 straight people in the city probably of a hundred thousand people.  God said that He would not destroy Sodom even if He could find ten righteous men. Surely, God could find 50 straight people. Even in Mexico City, nobody turn gay because gay marriage was legalised! It is not straight people who are rare but gays.

The Christian Right should have no worries of Singapore falling into slippery slope of immorality since 95% of the population is straight. Perhaps the sinners were not gay people but straight people corrupted by power, wealth and greed to perpetrate gross inhumanity to others. Sex was the means to domination and not because of same sex love.  Perhaps we too have screwed the Gay community depriving them of basic rights and insisting our rights as the majority to do so. 

Pastor Prince once said that you were a gay man, a femine weakling if you hit your wife. The angels came because the people that Sodom subjugated were oppressed and called out bitterly to God. So too, God will answer our prayers and one day He will sent the two most femine looking gay couple (angels in disguise) to New Creation Church as candy and temptation for NCC. Will the angels be screwed (figuratively? by being expelled from the church) and Suntec becoming a mountain of salt. Sometimes Pastors talk too much just like Lot's wife who was a busy body.


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