Real Christianity expose in Singapore

At a time when the greatest sin protrayed by the National Council of Churches in Singapore are gays, it hides the real sins of a church that is moving away from the centrality of the Cross to a church controlled by power, wealth, and fame.  It's all about self, and all about maintaining power and control by the church.

Satan offered to Jesus, the same temptations that have engulged the church today of worldly power, wealth, and dominion. But in the background, worshiping Satan. Therefore, when the church becomes the world, Satan comes into the church, and we begin to persecute the weakest as the vilest sinners ie the gay community.

The Singapore web site "The Real Singapore" has published an expose of Christianity in Singapore


An exposure by an ex-City Harvest member described a church where It's hierachal structure of strict accountability, real time feedback, total control, and with "spies" everywhere.

This is what law based Christianity has become, full of do's and don'ts and close monitoring and full adherance to religious laws disguised as Christian discipleship.

In an exposure  of absolute control and spiritual abuse in Cell Groups- "We have to tell her everything that we do, everything that we were thinking. She also expects us to tell her what we know about other members. "

It was said that "The prosperity gospel has successfully turned the whole congregation towards materialism", with the the "first 5 rows of the church services were seated with individuals clothed with VonDutch, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier etc. ". Note that these rows are reserved for CG leaders/ Zone Supervisors and Pastors.


The Cell Group leaders at City Harvest Church were reported to be particularly abusive calling members evil names, demanding cell group offerings.

There was also incredible sacrifice to Christianity activities - " I was present for every service, cell group meeting, sub zone meeting, zone meeting, conference, seminar, bible study, prayer meeting, crusades, mission fund, building fund etc. I have sacrificed so much for this church, I was 14 and I was going through my puberty. To contribute to the mission fund that year I pledge $500." said the ex-CHC member.

Singing the song "Church Without Walls", the ex-CHC gave much to the building fund only now to realise that "Years later it came out in the news that the leaders have used the building fund money to fund Sun’s failed career. HOW DO YOU THINK PEOPLE LIKE ME WOULD FEEL? MY SAVINGS, MY SWEAT AND BLOOD.  " said the ex-CHC member.


What is happening in Singapore is indeed a revolution in Christianity which is becoming more religiously law minded, spiritual abusive and control, self righteous of their own wealth and spirituality, and anti-gay.

We need a new reformation. In the bible, the greatest is the least, the greatest is the servant Jesus Christ. We are not to Lord over others, but to exalt and serve our bethren. However, our condemnation of gays makes us self righteous and we fail to see our own sins.

We are all equal at the Cross, the Senior Pastor no greater sinner or greater saint, than the vilest sinner we condemned as gays.

Let us return to the Cross of Calvary, where we become servants of Christ, redeemed by His blood, and His righteousness becoming our righteousness, where there is no strive but rest in His finished works at the Cross.


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