Who are we to judge?


Romans 2:1 Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.

Why is Pastor Lawrence Khong/Love Singapore so against gays? because he knows he is no different than Gays. His grandson was apparently born out of wedlock hence he is now denying gays the same freedom to love and be loved in the guise of being "pro-Family"! He needs to receive God's grace in Jesus Christ to understand that there is no judgement being fully justified in Christ. Why is He bringing judgement by wearing white?

The "Pro-family" stance to justify their anti-gay outlook by Love Singapore and FCBC is just a disguise to hide their real reason for being against gays is that for them the bible says so, especially Romans 1. The verses assigned to gays are nothing more than religious faith practices of the ancient romans and Jews. These were not gay people.

The bible message is historically, culturally, and religiously bound, and in Paul's case often specifically directed to the polarity between Law and Grace. Just like Pastor Lawrence Khong, the Judaist were adamant that religious law eg pro-family was the way.

When Pastor Khong said that Gays are promoting homosexuality, one can only promote religion which in the case of the ancients were full of same sex acts not that they were gay. It was a religious practice not to be confused with innate same sex orientation.

For Paul, the Jewish law abiding, much like Love Singapore wearing white does not produces righteousness, only God's Grace does. Indeed, under law the Jews were no lesser sinner than the pagan Romans whose religious practices often depict same sex acts. These were not gay people. 

The Letter to the Romans was a Gospel message of God's grace in Christ Jesus to the religious Jews who considers themselves moral and godly because they followed the law and were children of Abraham. 

Are Christians wearing white on Sunday against Pink Dot more holy? Wearing white only attracts dirt.

1. The Jews saw the Romans as pagans worshiping goddess Cybele

The prevailing worship in Rome of the Syrian goddess Cybele was both male and female with a bearded face and a big breast. The male priests who serve the cults were castrated to mark the mourning of Cybele’s androgynous lover Attis. His death would be re-enacted by cutting themselves with stones, castrating themselves and putting on women's clothing.

Catherine Kroeger in “The Apostle Paul and the Greco-Roman cults Of Women” found in the Journal of the Evangelical Society details how these cults were often marked by gruesome sex exchanges. Hence, it was a choice for the male priests to exchange their natural sexual orientation, to become a "women", and what Paul said was shameful was their role as the receipient of anal sex by the men who worship this goddess having now the role of a woman.

2. Paul equates the goddess Cybele with Jewish ancient god Molech

Who is the "creature" in Rom 1:24-27? It was Satan and the Satanic worship of Molech and once we understand the "therefore" in Rom 1:24 was referring to changing " ...the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.", the context and motivation of Satanic worship was very clear. 

Paul's leading question? in Romans 2:1, Jer 2:7-11

The question Paul was asking the  Jews were that they were no different than the Pagan Romans! So how dare they think themselves so holy and criticise and judge the Romans!

Paul was quoting the prophet Jeremiah (Jer 2:7-11) and reminded the Jews how they had not changed and had continued to worship idols just like their forefathers even though claiming to worship God.


When FCBC and Love Singapore wore white last Sunday, they were only condemning themselves when they judge gays.

Who are we to judge? when we judge we bring judgement upon ourselves for the all the sufferings, pain and deaths suffered by GLBT people.

So let us not judge, but know God's heart of justice and mercy, justice to those who are denied their civil rights. When we deny justice, our white hands are filled with their blood.

Therefore, when we wear white, we are inexcusable. Because under the Law we are also sinners even greater sinners.

Not only we are without any excuse, we are justifying our sins against the weak using the bible, hence undermining the Gospel message. 

The Only person who can wear white, is Jesus Christ our God, our Lord and Saviour.

When Love Singapore/FCBC wore white last Sunday, all the pain, deaths, rejection, denial, loss, sufferings and injustice suffered by the GLBT Community entered into the church!

Do not criticise, don't be unkind but let the Love of Jesus fills your hearts and minds. Then you will be called Children of God.

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