Government reaffirms space for Gays

(Jer 17:9 NKJV) "The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?

The Christian Post article "Government Reaffirms Moral Stand on Homosexuality" on 14 may 2009, claims that the Government of Singapore has reaffirmed the churches Moral Stand on Homosexuality. In other words, it is trying to say that the Government is in agreement with the position of the Christian extremist. There was no moral judgement made by the Government, rather a clear attempt to remind Christians to give space for all in the community and that gays too are part of our society.

Again, this is a distortion of facts by the Christian Right and part of their anti-gay aggenda. The true facts were that:-

a) The Government refused to be dragged into the Aware saga to make a judgement especially when the Homosexuality issue was used by the Christian Extremist,

b) It reaffirms that Singapore is a secular country, ie it would not want to be seen as siding any particular religion or race, or judging the issues as moral and immoral.

The Christian extremist also deliberately misquoted the deputy prime minister, Mr Wong Kam Seng, quote "Singapore is basically a conservative society and the conventional family, a heterosexual stable family, is the norm and the building block of society, said deputy prime minister Wong Kan Seng", but missed out the critical follow-on statement by DPM Wong, clarifying that

"However, we recognise that homosexuals are part of our society. They have a place in our society and are entitled to their private lives. This is the way the majority of Singaporeans want it to be - a stable society with traditional, heterosexual family values but with space for homosexuals to live their private lives and contribute to society." [Mr Wong Kam Seng, DPM on Aware Saga, 14 may 09]

Misquoting scientific studies, political statements, and the bible has been a regular tendency of the extremist Christians as they try their best to pain a bad picture of gays. The article also tried to imply that it is the gays who was causing the problem and that they were not abiding by "live and let live" mantra, when obviously it was the gang from Church of our Savious who caused it all guided by their feminist mentor. Whilst mention was made of the DPM's gratitude for NCCS to isse a statement distancing itself from the New Guard, the Christian extremist was careful not to mention DPM rebuke on the role of COOS namely,

"Religious individuals have the same rights as any citizen to express their views on issues in the public space, as guided by their teachings and personal conscience. However, like every citizen, they should always be mindful of the sensitivities of living in a multi-religious society.

If religious groups start to campaign to change certain government policies, or use the pulpit to mobilise their followers to pressure the Government, or push aggressively to gain ground at the expense of other groups, this must lead to trouble. Keeping religion and politics separate is a key rule of political engagement."

The grossly biased and one sided reporting of Christian Extremist even on interviews where the full text could easily be referenced and they shown to be misleading and taken out of the full context, shows how brazen and lawless they are. In the last days, the bible says that men will be lawless and their hearts to God grown cold. When they could bear false witness without even a basic conscience and regret, the nature of our heart can be questioned. Through, the Christian anti-gay campaign, we begin to change from mild mannered, God loving, a righteous and a Holy nation, to one that do not mind to cheat, lie, and steal, on account that the ends justifies the means. That is, they can do whatever they deemed necessary without any boundaries, so that Singapore will not cross the line they deemed set by God.

(Deu 11:16 NKJV) "Take heed to yourselves, lest your heart be deceived, and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them,

As such, the Christian Extremist has lost the war, because they have lost their conscience and humanity and became that which Christ would Himself would despised. Just as the religious Pharisees bore false witness against Christ despite being followers of the law and claim to abide by the scriptures, we see now that the Christian extremist bearing the same kind of false witness. In the Aware saga, the church has lost its innocense, something you would not want to compromise. The biblical Christians of the 1st century never compromised their morality and righteousness because they know that once this slippery road is taken, we can easily cross the line set by God. In Nazi Germany, the Christians there (forming 80% of the population) crossed it, and 6 million Jews died, together with 150,000 gays. Lest we forget the dangers of religious extremism especially in a secular society can be very destructive.

lest we forget.




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