Prop 8 - How to appeal when not harmed nor the defendants



(Heb 13:4 NKJV) Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

The proposition 8 is now at a critical stage, with a good chance that Gays will get married sooner rather than latter as even the state defendants, conservative Politicians and judges have voiced out support for gay marriages.   The stay on Judge Walker’s decision to allow gay marriages will only harm gay couples who have been denied this basic civil right and all its associated benefits. It is ironic that whilst we deny gays the right to marry, the mega church pastors of the Christian Right are breaking their marriage vows including Pastor Benny Hinn, Suzanne Hinn, Paula White, Randy White, and Zachery Tims.

The key players for Prop 8 are as follows:-

a) The plaintiffs – City of San Francisco asking the court to deny the stay of Judge Walkers ruling to allow gay marriage, and for the gay marriage to resume immediately.

b) The proponents – asking for the stay and appealing to the 9th circuit but could not show why they themselves will suffer irreparable or substantial injury. They cannot show that they will be harmed by Gays getting married. Legally for the Federal courts, they may not having a legal standing to repeal since they were not the defendants who has decided to fully support the decision of judge walker.

c) The “State Defendants” – California’s Governor and Attorney General opposing any stay. By refusing to appeal, the terminator may have terminated "proponents". They have also asked for gay marriage to resume immediately.

The stay of the judgment to allow gay marriage will be in place until 18 Aug 2010 to allow the opportunity for the proponents to appeal to the 9th circuit to maintain the stay. As Judge Walker’s ruling was so detailed and based on the findings of facts, if the appeals do end up in the Supreme Court a year or two down the road, the chances of appealing his decision is not great and if the court rules in favor of Judge walker, overnight, gay marriage will be legal in America, not just in California. Therefore, If California doesn’t get gay marriages immediately, two years down the road, perhaps America will and all the constitutional amendments and voter referendum in the states ballots to ban gay marriages will be overturned. Praise the Lord.

Fighting an uphill battle with no real facts other than a conservative ideology and grossly false rhetoric,  the Christian Right is launching an all out offence as a last push to stop gay marriage. One word characterize the Christian Right in America which we in Singapore so eagerly follow, that is the worship of self, exalting themselves to be given special rights to hate, to discriminate, to restrict the secular space of others, and to deny others basic human rights. Their arguments boils down to gays cannot get married because we the majority says so. Even the existing 18,000 gay marriages we want to annul and destroy, and call this protecting marriage.

For example, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in the States has insisted that it is their Civil Right to determine the basic human rights of others which they themselves enjoy but want to keep it to themselves. The wishes of the majority according to the Christian Right override the protection of the minority (just because they were the majority in the states). Yet, Christian organizations such as "Open Doors" would argue against religious persecution of Christians in other countries even though it was the will of the majority in those non-christian countries.

As their champion Rev Pat Robertson continues its round of outrageous and unfounded allegations based on fear and rhetoric, this time saying that the Gay “sub-culture” is 20 times more abusive, aren’t Christians so gullible as to be led like a sheep to believe whatever they have been told. This is the danger Singapore faces with mega church pastors having a cult like and zealous following.  Where are honesty, integrity, and truth? Has our self righteousness thrown out all morality that we rationalize our goodness in comparison to the “sinful” gays?.

The downfall of Christianity comes in the witness dock in the Proposition 8 trial when they were asked to justify the allegations made against gays. Apart from being mere assertions, they could not prove with empirical facts. Under cross examinations, they could not give a good reason for their allegations and shown to be propagating lies. The downfall comes not because the church has fallen in size or strength, but when we lose our righteousness, morality and reputation.

As the Christian Right is insisting on appeal right up to the Supreme Court, each time they go through the lengthy court proceedings for the next two years, they will be putting Christianity on witness docks not to talk about the Gospel Good News but about why we lie, cheat and steal in order to deny gays the basic human rights including marriage. The witness dock can be a very lonely place as we are cross examined and have to provide clear empirical facts for our reasons. It is hard to defend a lie and will make a mockery of the Christian faith. Our unrighteousness will be revealed openly in the court of law repeated over and over again for the next two years. We can't run away from the "finding of facts" concluded by Judge Walker.

Biblical Christians are to be so upright and good in their character that when others come to harm us, we return their hatred with love. In Proposition 8, we become the people that caused great harm and even insisting on the special right to hate and discriminate, with no redemption after being found guilty as a Christian community in the secular court of law. We cannot even fulfill the basic standards of decency and goodness let alone proclaiming the good news through our Christian witness.

Unlike Christ, who welcomes all, the Christian Right cares very little for the humanity of "the other". Gays don't even exist in their opinion and if they had their wish, they would not only ban gay marriage but gays themselves and have laws such as proposed in Uganda for the death penalty. The argument of causing harm to straight marriages and to children are just rethoric and fear mongering. They are going to loose Proposition 8 because that is their basic motivation and this is ungodly and evil. 

As pronounced by Judge Walker, there is no “gay marriage” just “marriage” where all are welcome irrespective of race, gender, and sexual orientation.  The arguments by the Christian Right were just a red herring to be used as a wedge issue to gain leverage, following, and to energize the Christian base as a political movement to conquer the nations and the mountains secular world. We lost our soul in trying to take over America even trampling over the weakest and using them to achieve our agenda and purpose and put a Christian label on it. But they had their angels protecting them, and we should be aware as well for we may be fighting God Himself if we were not careful.



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