When sin is magnified in our judgement



The lifestyle of the daughter of the famous Singaporean anti-gay Pastor Lawrence Khong of FCBC/Love Singapore has been brought to light again after Pastor Khong made a strong "moral defense" by insisting that gays be jailed (Law 377A) to the Law minister. Apparently, she has a son born in wedlock some 8 to 10 years ago. The daughter is actively involved with Pastor Khong in the churches ministry.

Often, judgement in the bible is relative. The servant of the rich man was judged very harshly because he didn't forgive the other servants who owed him very little when the rich master had forgiven him much more. The weighing scales of judgement is how we have judged others.

Therefore, if we condemn and judge others for something that is not even a sin because of our strict judgement without considering the context of the bible, the same measure of judgement will be put on us.

In the situation of Pastor Lawrence Khong, although generally few would care of a child born in wedlock, it becomes a grievious sin for his daughter. The same level of scrutiny they used against gays, will be measured unto the Pastor, family and the churches represented by Love Singapore and NCCS. Even the smallest alleged sins will be magnified and broadcasted to the whole world. 

These Pastors would throw a "unholy" angst when they see a gay person who has come out of the closet accusing them of promoting a lifestyle of "sin". Even though, there was no violation of the 10 commandments for coming out - no adultery, no stealing, no divorce, no crime, the Pastor's would rail against gays claiming it was a religious abomination.

There was a reason why same sex acts were reffered to as an abomination in the OT bible because it was done by straight people in their faith religious worship of their deities. Why blame gay people if a pagan worshipper wants to have anal sex with the occultic priest to join themselves with Satan! In sex, the bodies are joined and sex is so powerful that it is used in religious faith to join themselves with the demonic spirit of the priests.

The reason why Lesbian sex (as was debated in the recent 377a case in Singapore) was not mentioned in the OT in same light as sex between men was also obvious. The ancient cultic religious worship were often confined to males because of the patriachy which was dominant. The women were sidelined. It was only later in the NT times in Rome and Corinth, that same sex acts between women were common in the pagan temples which serves also as a postitute den for the straight men which perturbed St. Paul to no end. Hence the modern laws against gay sex if often slanted against gay men.

The churches have already thrown the first stone many times causing so much harm to the Gay community because our condemnation kills the spirit and soul of innocent people. All the stones that we throw will one day comes back multiplied by 10 times. The pharisees took the prostitute to Jesus wanting to kill her but Jesus only saw their sins.

The Prostitute did commit a sin because she had sex with the married men. But where sin abounds, grace also abounds if we seek God's grace and mercy instead of the law. Her sins were forgiven whilst the sin of the pharisees who followed to the letter of the law was unforgiven.

When NCCS/Love Singapore look within her pews, surely there would be much prostitution, adultery, children born out of wedlock, abortions, and divorce. Many of us act like prostitutes in our sex life. These are not forgiven if they like the servant of the rich man do not forgive others even for the slightest of alledged sins when Jesus had forgiven the servant much. When we are sin conscious, we fail to focus upwards on the depths of God's forgiveness and grace towards us in Christ Jesus. It is not our righteousness, it is Jesus'.

What do we seek today? grace or law? mercy or judgment? Jesus forgave the prostitute but the Pharisees went away condemned by Jesus. There was no forgiveness for the Pharisees. Sin and judgement abounds when we are law conscious instead of being conscious of God's love, grace and mercy through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.




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