Being blessed in order to survive



We often forget nor plan for the necessity of survival. We need to survive before we could venture on to do the ministry of Christ. We should put ourselves in a position of survival and susternance of our lives whether in our Christian faith, livelihood, health, or relationships.

The full Gospel of Jesus Christ includes a position of redemption and all its benefits both on earth and in heaven as our inheritance. We come into the Kingdom of God by faith in Jesus Christ, by our love for God, but let us today grasp our blessings through the Cross of Calvary.

Often gay christians pay such a great price to be Christian and to be gay, struggled in our spirit through reconciling our faith and sexual orientation, and to get out of the grave harm, pain, lack and brokenness caused by those trying to convert us to straight, the rejection we faced, and our closeted existence. It is time to enter into a position of freedom, healing, a position of grace, a place of rest without works. 

We are all in different positions of life. A friend of mine received more than 2,500 of cash in the good luck red packets or "ang pows". Another lamented that he had received only $30 cash. The difference is one of position - their family, one from a very rich and influential family, the other poor. There are however many actions that we undertake that result in us entering into unfavorable positions that we need the grace of God to survive:-

a. A gay christian man choosing to marry a woman because of the wrong theology by anti-gay groups such as Exodus (Choices /Liberty League in Singapore). He is now trapped in an unloving relationship with divorce looming and possibly loosing his children.

b. A transexual christian deciding to live out her true self and then later to undergo a sex change operation, but realised that life was very difficult for who would employ a transexual in SG/Mly. A life of odd jobs meant little savings for retirement. She is now broke in a difficult position in her old age.

c. Buying a new handbag for a very needy transexual friend not realising that a chinatown bag of SGD 30 will not do and she was expecting a handbag of $200 to $300, when she was even struggling to have food on the table. When we have barely enough to survive, why choose the luxury of life and be put into a position of need/debt rather than having savings. 

We should desire a blessed state (and not "happy" per say). This position of blessedness is a position of rest where the work is completed and finished at the Cross of Calvary.

a. Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 5:3)

The world would view being humble, gentle, and not demanding your rights and say as weak. There is a critical spirit in both the Christian Right and the left where often their voices drowned out those they are opposing using sweeping generalization, narrow definitions and conclusions. We are not humble, but trying to force our way through. 

Withour humility, we will consider ourselves as correct and right most of the time, with pride setting in and our way is correct. Heaven is within us we claimed, as if we were god, the centre of the world is around us, the divine nature within.

Without humility and a contrite heart, we would not be able to admit that we are a sinner requiring redemption and salvation in Jesus Christ. Hence, entering into the Kingdom of God.

The first position of blessedness is to come to a position or location within the Kingdom of God. Salvation is positional.

b. "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" (Matt 5:4).

Jesus' followers were a pitiful lot - sick, poor, outcasts, jobless, homeless for which there is a lot of suffering, pain, and dissapoinments of life. We wonder what could have been - if this or that had not happened. What would have been if we had not been born gay! We seek comfort because our friends, and this world could not comfort us neither do religion and all its demanding religious laws.

Jesus did not promise to take away our pain in the butt or our area of suffering, but He did promise that we will be comforted here on earth to bear our own specific Cross. And one day, when this life is over, we shall no longer mourn but see Jesus in heaven.

When we are in Christ and praying by the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit compforts our Spirit and Soul and soothes the pain, hurts and loss in our lives. Jesus will heal our broken hearts and redeem all that we have lost - all that the locust of the Christian Right has taken away from the lives of gay people of faith. We need the comforting of the Holy Spirit to continue on this journey of live.

We are in a position to access the comfort of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ when nothing else seems to work. Hence, we are in a position of rest and security and comfort in the Holy Spirit in prayer.

c. "Blessed are those who are meek, for they shall inherit the earth", (Matt 5:5).

Nobody likes those who boss around, demand that everyhting be centered around them, argumentive, agressive, demanding, harsh, and controlling. One would not gain a following and support around them.

But the meek, the gentle, those who has power but instead practised self control, will inherit and be in a position of success in what they do because will inherit the favor of the peoples around them. We are not to demand our own rights because our rights and blessings come from God.

Therefore, blessings come when we are in a position/location of self control, slow to anger, slow to assert our rights, but quick to stand beside others giving support. As a return, we will obtain physical rewards on earth - better work life, family life, spiritual life and church ministry because God will be the rewarder of our faith when we do not insist on our rights.

I have seen GLBT Christians so hurt and rejected and in pain that they become critical, gossiping, judgemental, self righteous and begin to hurt others. When there is so much injustice, it is easy to "unfriend" others in the facebook in our anger. They are not in a position of blessedness because few would want to be around them nor show them grace.

We can only come into this position of meekness and gentleness by forgiving others with the strength, motivation, and conviction of the depths of Christ forgiveness of the sins in our lives. The measure we are able to receive grace from God is the measure we are able to give grace to others. Let us not demand our rights and standing, for our blessings and inheritance of faith comes from Jesus Christ.

d. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled" (Matt 5:6)

When we do not thirst and hunger for God's righteousness, the sense of having a right standing with God, a state of holiness and spiritual works, we will seek other gods whether physical or spiritual crowding us out from the blessings of God.

We are to hunger and thirst for that which represents the mighty move of the Holy Spirit and the affirmation of the holiness of God in Christ Jesus.

When we come into that position/location of seeking the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ, we will be filled ie God's presence and move will fill our lives.

 This is a spiritual world, some seek after the various gods and deities. When we come to seek Jesus Christ, which is the righteousness of God, we will be filled with the understanding of God in our lives - the knowledge of good and evil, what is meant to be righteous and holy.  

Therefore, we are blessed when we put ourselves in a location/position of seeking and thirsting for Jesus, more of Christ in our lives, more of the presence and knowledge, and understanding of God.

Do we as gay christians go to Singapore church wide Christian healing, evangelism, revival rallies? or do we go into a big closet and just frequent the inter-faith dialogue/religious activities. Let us put ourselves into a blessed position where there is a mighty annointing and move of Christ, so that we can be filled with the Holy spirit and be blessed.


Much of the blessings of life comes with the position/location we are in. It does not necesarrily come with striving and hardwork. Blessings come effortlessly by grace when we are at the right place.

We make a choice to move into the right place/location of blessedness in our lives"-

a. By standing in the Kingdom of God by faith in Jesus Christ knowing that within our spirit there is no salvation. Salvation comes not from within ourselves, but through Christ Jesus. We are to actively focus and remind ourselves of the blessings of the Kingdom including the provision of shelter, food, medical needs and a loving family. It is our position in Christ that matters and not how much good works we do.

b. Be standing in the position of being comforted and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit in prayer. This could include a season of silent meditation and reflection inviting the Holy Spirit to come into our lives.

c. Be standing in a position of self control, slow to exert our authority or to defend our rights/name, but instead be mindful for we represent Christ to a lost world and that our blessings and redemption comes from God. It is a blessing to be slow to react lest we are harsh or rash in our actions and not realising our own error or the consequences of our actions and speech. When we do not exert our rights or defend our name, it is God who will defend us.

d. Be standing in a position/location of grace to be blessed to receive the righteousness of God in our lives, to receive more of Christ in our lives and the powerful workings and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. This position of blessedness comes when we seek God's heart including attending the services/major events of other mega churches where led by the spirit of God. Just attending our local church often leaves us hungry for more, as we seek to be fed fully the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.

Be blessed. Stand in the right place and blessings will come.  Lift up your hands and raise it up high for the healing rains of Jesus Christ.

















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