People Like Us in Christ (PLUC)

The Christians in Malaysia may not be as gentle as portrayed in the recent debate in Malaysia in the “Allah” court rulings. They are linked to the Religious Right in American and are aggressively persecuting gays. Their anti-gay crusades have now been well established in Malaysia where the 1st Exodus East Asia (EEA) Conference was held in May 2009, hosted by Americans Alan Chambers, Rev Heisha Fernandaz, Dr Melvin Wong, the Canadian, Bryna Kliewer, and organized by PLUC (“Pursuing Liberty Under Christ”).

The anti-gay agenda is well organized with EEA members/supporting groups includes:-

  • Choices in Singapore (Church of Our Savior),
  • Pursuing Liberty Under Christ, Malaysia
  • Fountain Gate Ministries, Singapore
  • Rainbow-7, Taiwan
  • New Creation, Hong Kong
  • Real Love Ministry, Malacca
  • The Society for Truth and Light, Hong Kong
  • Liberty League, Singapore

In Malaysia, this agenda is supported by many churches including Charis Christian Centre, Full Gospel Assembly KL, Subang Jaya Assembly of God, Charis Sanctuary (AOG), Glad Tidings AOG, Faith Charismatic Centre, and New Covenant Church. There are anti-gay courses in the Bible College of Malaysia in the guise of Pastoral care.

The activities and anti-gay agenda should be of concern. They are well organized, have full time Pastors, and gives awareness talks amongst the churches and schools. Jesus came not to condemn us using the law, but preached Love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. Liberty is found in accepting Him as Lord and Savior, and not in converting gays to straight. Such anti-gay message has the potential to confuse the Gospel message, and deny gays the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I am reminded that we should not misuse our liberty for lawlessness and recklessness. This will make the grace of God cheap.

The zeal of the gay Christians is manipulated to make them feel guilty that their sexual orientation is somehow sinning against God, and needs changing. However, Jesus greatest angst was against religious fundamentalist who interpret the bible laws in the strictest way, without understanding the Spirit behind the Law, and put heavy burdens yet being hypocrites themselves. Jesus called such people whitewash tombs, appearing moral and righteous on the outside, but full of sin and death on the inside. Many gay Christians in Malaysia will enter into deep emotional self condemnation and the damage can be long term and they soon leave the church dismayed by institutionalized religion. May God have mercy on those who manipulate and abuse the spirit, and soul of these precious gay children of God.

The Christian right is selectively taking from the Jewish Mosaic Laws, which Christians do not follow because they are bound historically, culturally to the Jews. These laws were motivated by the context of the worship of Baal and Astoreth (see Book of Judges) which were sexual in nature and demand sex with temple prostitutes and even sex between men themselves. We do not ban Heterosexuality because straight people have sex with temple prostitute. The Ten Commandments also did not mention Homosexuality because it reflects the roots causes of their sin. Their sin was not same sex acts per say, but worshipping the Egyptian and Canaanite gods.

In the book of Judges, Samson’s wife came from the Philistines (Jug 14:2). Despite being forbidden by God to marry out of the tribes of Israel, the courtship was the work of the Lord, seeking a pre-text for action against the Philistines. Similarly, the anti-gay agenda will bring gays out of the closet, put them in bondage. However, in the long run this agenda will backfire, when the members realized that change is not possible, just as asking straight men to change is not possible nor necessary as it is part of God’s wonderful creation. The harm by such Christian anti-gay groups will turn out for good in the long run, for arising from their own will be their greatest antagonists, the Saul changing to Paul after seeing the light that God accepts Gays no different than straight people.

When we take our liberty in Christ for granted, it will be taken away from us. Just a butterfly out of the cocoon will only live for a couple of days in liberty, living a lie will be self destructive and will not last long. Permanent freedom and liberty is found in Christ who created and accepted each one of us beautifully whether gay or straight. Our sexual orientation is innate and by itself does not make us a lesser or greater sinner. Let us not be deceived by those in sheep’s clothing trying to proclaim a false liberty, for true liberty is found in a relationship with Christ. When we deny our innate sexuality, we deny Jesus who loves us and created us wonderfully from our mother’s womb as a gay man or women. True liberty Is found in accepting yourself as Christ has accepted you.

The greatest tragedy is that many thousands of gays will never enter the church of Jesus Christ as a result nor will ever accept God’s love and saving grace because of the hostile stance against gays disguised as love and liberty by the Christian Church. What is one or two hundred associating with these groups when compared to the many hundreds of thousands of gays outside the walls of the church! Wherever there is a strong anti-gay platform eg Rainbow-7 in Taiwan is the biggest Exodus ministry in Asia, God will raised up stronger Gay Christian voices there in the Jesus Rock Harvest Churches. Wherever there is hate disguised in the name of God, God will raise up love to counter it.

We may locked shut the doors of the church to prevent gays from coming in to corrupt us and excommunicate gays inside the church unless they covert to be straight, but one day, the doors of the church will be broken down, for Jesus Christ has torn the veil and we are now no longer under the Law but under grace. When the doors of the church are forced opened, perhaps even the walls and the roof may come tumbling down upon our hypocrisy, religious pride and self righteousness. Real conversion is not from gay to straight, but to become a new creation in Christ Jesus, being forgiven of our sins, yesterday, today, and tomorrow and be reconciled to God. Our sexual orientation makes us no more different than our race, culture, language, sex, and financial status. All are welcome Home in Christ Jesus, none are rejected.



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