PinkDot 2013



The PinkDot event, a gathering of Gay Singaporeans and their friends celebrating "the freedom to love" was held at Hong Lim Park or the speakers corner in Singapore, a place reserved for the general populance to gather to hear out their causes.

Instead of the typical anger filled anti-government causes, there was love in the air. No loud shouts of indignation, but a picnic and carnival atmosphere with a live band. It was after all a celebration of love.

The PinkDot is now in her 5th year, growing exponentially to 21,000 from just 2,500 when it first started in 2009

Indeed, PinkDot has reached the size a "mega church". Size do matter because individuals make up the tiny dots that together form a large symbol of love in the midst the darkness.

We do live in darkness, each a candle of light waiting for the dawn of the morning to come when 377a will be decriminalised.

In an irony in the background of the ongoing criminal investigation of CHC leaders for financial fraud, the attempts by Love Singpore and NCCS to put gays in the closet, we have the greatest gathering for pink law offenders of 21,000 pink dots gathered at the same place being partners in crime of daring to come out of the closet. 

Mark 11: 23 “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.

If you have faith that is, to speak. Our speech matters because we are created in the image of God. When God spoke, the world was created.

The PinkDot is a voice of coming out, a voice declaring that the GLBT community are "Singaporeans too" and "this is our home".

A  tiny voice of each individual multiplied to a chorus of 21,000.

We speak by wearing a pink outfit, in doing so, we have outed ourselves in the safety of the sea of pink dots. Each pink dot represents an outing and a statement and a voice by itself together forming a very loud undeniable chorus for change. by just being who they are.

There has always been voices, small voices, of GLBT churches of less than a hundred in many countries declaring God's love
against the large tsumai raised by mainline Christianity.

The Christians up the road at the St. Andrews Cathedral are so afraid of the "gay agenda". It is not to conquer the world or to make people gay.

It is simply to be yourself, to be how God created you as. When we declare that out in the open, and step out of the closet, we become visible.

The Gay aggenda is simply coming out, to walk in integrity and truth. That is troubling to the church because the very existence of gays contradict their faith interpretation of the bible.

But who can argue against love, love that is pure, and against all odds. When we come out in the pink candle of light, we are speaking out a message that cannot be hidden for the light shines brightly in the midst of darkness.


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