Is Jesus the only truth?

(John 1:17 NKJV) For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.


Is Jesus the only truth? not really, for the reality of the gods in the other faiths are true, and they do exists in a spiritual realm. Angels and demons are a spiritual reality. 

The irony of many GLBT churches is that through our intellect we see the deception of the Christian Right and their abuse of the biblical truths yet to set free ourselves and to be fervent GLBT Christians for the move of God requires us to accept many of the aspects and workings of God in the mega Charismatic Evangelical churches. By the power of the Holy Spirit, they grow in their tens of thousands whilst we remain in our tens in numbers.   

There is so much deception and counterfeits of the Spirit of God. There is deception even in the church as their anti-gay indignation is coming as a rising storm. In the weeks where the lifting of the debt ceiling in the US has become a hot topic, the Christian Right seems to ignore much of the concerns, and instead continued rattled their anti-gay cry. The Christian Post has countless new articles published in a daily basis against gays. Even the Charisma magazine joined in.

 More than a decade ago, at the City Harvest church, the sermon by the pastor Sy Rogers making strong and poorly substantiated statements on gays and sexual orientation made us reflect whether being gay is innate! When we try to force something through that is poorly substantiated or contrived, the opposite will result. People will see through our attempted deception in the name of Christianity and the truth revealed.

Attending churches and listening to sermons somethings beg more questions than answers. We read the bible not in isolation, but the verses should tie to the context, especially the religious context and ancient cultures. It's not because the truths are presented, but sometimes it is so contrary to the truth and the context that it begs the question, what is the truth? And the answer is not always obvious but is often opposite.

We say that God is a mystery beyond our finite minds, but this is not Christian but pre-Christianity, the experiences of the Jewish faith where God resides in a tent and the priest sees God once a year and had a rope tied to him as not to be struck dead if he was not careful. There was a real risk of seeing God! But truth and grace came in Jesus Christ in contrast to the strict judgement of the law, the truth and understanding of who God was and is, and the unmerited gift of salvation through God's grace. We don't die when we see God physically. God didn't ask us to comprehend Himself with our minds, He gave us Jesus and the Holy Spirit, whom we can touch, feel, and experienced a relationship with.

The anti-gay Christians could only come against gays using the Jewish laws, the same laws which sent Jesus to death at the Cross Calvary, the same laws which Paul in Romans said could not change the soul but instead resulting in the slippery slope in worshipping unnatural idols even to the extent of having sex with the priests!. There was no mention of same sex orientation, rather sex came as a potent tool for religious faith of joining two parties together in the physical and the spiritual. There is no innate morality in a people of faith, because faith is not moral per say.

The problem with the law is that it is without context ie if you work on Sunday or eat pork, then you are a sinner. In condemning gays, we say that we are all sinners! as to imply that homosexuality was a sin (but not heterosexuality), but here we missed being consistent. Is drinking a sin, strictly yes! because we easily breach the alcohol limit and considered drunk. They were blaiming Jesus for being a sinner because they were have one too many drinks.

How can we blame gays for having sex with the people they love, when the bible talks about same sex activities as a religious practice to worship demons because anal sex with the priests were practised by straight men to be posessed and these religious worship of demons were an abomination and not gay sex per say. Same sex orientation is a sexual orientation in our modern context and not a religious practise by people of faith.

The anti-gay Christians and perhaps Queer Christians both missed the point, the bible was written to keep the Jews holy in the context of not worshipping religious deities and gods. Grace and truth came in Christ, because God became real so that we can commune with not through the law but through relationship and by faith in Christ' death and resurrection. The end purpose of the law was revealing the need for Christ in the context of abstaining from pagan worship. This truth was revealed only in Christ. The law itself never passed away, because Christ's payment for sins is valid until the end of times!

 Christ is the truth to God because in no other faith that God came to humanity, and God died for mankind, and rose again miraculously. It doesn't mean that the gods of other faiths were no less real. Their gods may have come down to earth, but they were not recorded as showing love nor grace. In Christ, we see the manifestation of God, God's love, grace and mercy.

(Deu 6:4 NKJV) "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one!

(Deu 6:5 NKJV) "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.

When the bible says that the Lord God is one, it was speaking in the context of the many Egyptian religions and gods that the God of Israel had won the battle against. As they entered into Canaan, again the Jews will face the temptations of worshiping the Canaanite gods such as Baal and Asteroth. The declaration that God is one God is a declaration of the uniquesness and the speciality of God amongsts all gods, not that God was in anyway inclusive of the gods of the land.In fact, we are to stay holy and separate from the other gods/ religious faith. The Jews are to be faithful to God as they enter the promised land, and not worship other gods. It will take all their heart, soul and strength as not to depart from God.

Similarly, GLBT Christians are challenged to depart from their faith in Christ, because of the deep rejection by the mainstream and mega churches. Are we going to let this rejection and shame govern our lives? Do we react by rejecting the bible as the Word of God or that Jesus is the way and the truth? or can we be counted to remain faithful in our worship of Jesus Christ with all our soul, strenght and heart. It was the church that had rejected us but not God or Jesus!

The church is so concerned about marriage, and about being straight or gay, yet Jesus wasn't married. As gays, If our relationship was intellect based, instead of by the depth of spiritual experience through the Holy Spirit, we may easily fade away from God in the context of the extreme condemnation and rejection by the church as a whole even though we may attend affirmative churches. We still believe, we protest, but Jesus would not have the same part in our lives it used to. GLBT Christians are very "leaky". An inclusive setting only feeds the intellect, but we need the oil of God in our hearts to keep us burning for God. This only comes in the presence of God, the annointing of God in the Holy Spirit.

Was Christ queer? He wasn't. He was not inclusive. He is not include the bible believing religious Pharisees who were hypocrites and inconsistent. He said that they were dammed because they were stopping people from coming to Christ by over emphasising the law of God as if it was an end to itself and not seeing the futility of the law and the need for a Saviour. Many of those in the anti-gay movement is dammed because they are stopping gays from coming to see Christ as their saviour.

Surely, we are unlikely to have an open heaven when we don't even believe and be united as a congregation in the understanding that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and that salvation is through Christ alone. We don't believe in the power and workings of the Chrismatic gifts of the Holy Spirt, how can we expect the Holy Spirit to manifest His presence to work in a special way in our midst?

The core demands of the law will never passed away that is the righteousness in Christ ie there must be penalty for sin, and one cannot be saved simply for being a good boy/girl or a person of religious faith.

 (John 4:23 NKJV) "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

(John 4:24 NKJV) "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

Does Christianity have all the truth? defined as the revelation of God beyond that of a mysterious God where we groped in the dark rooms as Paul was commenting how the Athenians were once! Christianity in the present form does not have all the truth per say, but Jesus Christ is the way of receiving this truth of God for He was God incarnate.

The Jews were worshipping God by the law, ie where to worship and how to worship. The temple was a fixed lenght and size, ie your mega church can be of a certain size otherwise it is sinning against God. The law was too absolute and rigid. The Jewish law also condemned the Samarians and for Jesus to say that both mountains (Jersualem and Mt. Gerizim) are not the ideal is stunning but that Christians are to worship in spirit ie not at a fixed place/sacraments and location where the Holy Spirit was, but to commune within our hearts at a spiritual plane because the Holy Spirit now resides in the temple of our being, and in redemptive truth (not in the law) that Christ has set us free.

The truth is not the bible per say, but the truth is in the Christ revealed in the bible, the revelation of Him as Lord and Saviour and the way/path to God. It is not in any religious mountain or in a people of faith/ moral beliefs. There may be many truths in religious faiths but the truth to God is in Christ, and the worship of God in the spirit is in exalting Christ.The bible is priceless because it reveals Christ, His destiny and our destinies. It is a revelation of Christ that is a tread of the bible, and if we missed the centrality of Christ, we become the greatest sinners just as the Pharisees through the OT bible killed Jesus instead of worshipping Him.

 Is Jesus the only truth? One can still worship the law in Jerusalem, or a distorted version of faith in Mt. Gerizim. We can worship other gods but they will not lead us to heaven, we can worship ourselves even money, power, pocessions, but this kind of truth will not set us free to see God in the Spirit. Our worship of God will be carnal, using our own strenght to love and cause no harm. But the power and the Spirit of God will not move and abide with us, and we are left with an intellectual faith.

(John 14:6 NKJV) Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

God is building up His church that is not law minded, but is Christ and grace centered because this is the way to God. The anti-gay movement feeds and makes us law minded until our self righteousness makes us overweight in the flesh and we could not fit the door lest enter into heaven's door.

The anti-gay movement is self destructive and makes us move away from Christ and from the grace of God, and hinders us from worshipping the Spirit of God. It queched the move and power of God in Churches until we only have a form and little power.   There is no little substance as you see many vile anti-gay churches try to bring down the presence of God, and they do a good job through spiritual worship and tongues, but the road block to a greater measure of the presence of God for a revival, is us our anti-gay campaign.

When we sow extra barriers to the Christian faith of others by demanding extra conditions such as being a heterosexual, then we are sealing heaven for ourselves. Why there is no great power in the church? Why isn't there healing promised in the bible when we pray for others? It is not the "will of God" rather our hands are filled with blood that quenches the Holy Spirit of God. The entire Christendom is impacted not only those who are against gays but also affirmative mainline churches in the US, for the rain falls on both the godly and the ungoldly. We need more of the presence of God, the portals to heaven. The anti-gay deception in the mega churches is hindering a city wide revival when they do have the best preachers, worship band, prayer power, and resources to make it happen.

 Jesus is the only truth in terms of the way of redemption to God almighty. He is the personification of God. The other faiths in the bible were also true in the sense that their gods were real and powerful. They also demanded worship, and regularly it was human sacrifice. It was unnatural, as we were made to worship God alone. There is a lot of truths and wisdom in other faith beliefs, because part of God is in us from creation, basic morality and humanity. But when it comes to Jesus, the other religious faiths in the bible and today simply rejected Him as God for He was a stumbling stone. Even the intellectuals in Athens found it hard to accept Jesus' resurrection.  

Seek churches that is Christ and Grace centered and who worship the Holy Spirit proclaiming and exalting the truth of Christ death and resurrection for our redemption, so that we can live in the freedom of a relationship with Christ as a child of God and walk in the Holy Spirit of God. We need the presence of God like never before, because it is this annointing that breaks the yoke of rejection and shame in GLBT Christians. We can preach a thousand sermons that God loves you or that Christ accepts us as Gays, but this is only part of the story for our spirit must also be touched by the Spirit of God.

Seek churches that are affirmative of our sexual oreintation yet are Christ, grace, and Holy Spirit centered, for our souls and spirit need the presence of God to move on in our faith walk. Many have fallen and not finish this race of faith for the rejection and shame of being gay was just too much for them.



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