The Burden of the Cross on Gays


@ Singapore Armenian Church

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore suprisingly neutral potrayal of gays has resulted in a strong response from Love Singapore/FCBC, the Christian mega church anti-gay moral defenders of Singapore.

Walking passed the old Armenian church in Singapore and her hallowed grounds, i am reminded of FCBC church/love singapore antigay comments in the recent HPB debates.

Is church putting again the heavy burden of the cross on the gay community. Should we bear society's own sins and condemnation heaped upon the gay community?

FCBC has justified their stance of anything remotely positive on gays in the following manner:-

a) "FCBC, we are called to be the SALT and LIGHT to bring Kingdom transformation to our beloved nation of Singapore. The LGBT agenda and the FAQs released by the Health Promotion Board amplifies the need for us to stay vigilant and proactive on the issue. We must move AS ONE to constructively influence and shape public policy by engaging our Government", Lawrence Khong (FCBC) via Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), Singapore, Thursday 13:44, 06 Feb 2014 Facebook.

b) Lawrence Khong further shared in Facebook on Thursday 10:01, 06 Feb 2014, the Alliance Defending Freedom where Deitrich Bohnoeffer was quoted as "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guitless".... "Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act".

As a recap, FCBC position is that Gays should be put into jails, not be allowed to have jobs, and be denied all rights including formation of any support groups, recognition, and same sex marriage. No rights at all even when Christians have all the special rights of worship and forming mega churches and doing business in the guise of charity. No rights even though gays form part of the Singaporean society and pay taxes.

For FCBC and the mega churches, gays are personifying all the sin and evil of society. As such, Lawrence Khong equates Bohnoeffer's speaking against Germany's Third Reich persecution and genocide of the Jewish minority in WW2 as speaking out against gays. It is ironic that Hitler also persecuted Gays and put them to death together with the Jews. Hitler held similar views on gays as Lawrence Khong. Why blame gays as the scapegoat?

The personification of evil is in persecuting, condeming, and denying basic rights to a minority group, by blaming them of all the ills of society just as Hitler did blaming Jews for all the economic injustices suffered by Germany. The Jews were weak and a suitable scapegoat, just as Gays in modern day Singapore. Pastor Lawrence Khong is mis-representing the message of the Gospel.

Why put so much blame on Gays? because the church is sinful with all the children born out of wedlock, divorces, adultery and abortions by Christians sitting in the church pews. They also don't stand up to idol worship so prevalent in the streets of Singapore because that would be going against other faiths.  Even within the church hierachal, we idol worship the saints and Mary replacing Jesus as the centre. Since they couldn't condemn themselves or other major religions, gays are the weak scapegoat.

FCBC/Love Singapore also sought to move as ONE ie to unite the entire Christian groups in Singapore, to influence and shape the Government public policy when Singapore is a secular country.

There is a danger to peaceful co-existence of each religious group going out of their religious mountain and taking such an active political activism. It is gays on this occasion, but the next group may be another faith or another minority. The next activism may even be Government policies such as the Ministry of Manpower regulations, and the Charity Acts.

The bible does speak of Christians being SALT and LIGHT in Matthew 5:12-17. The context was the beatitudes where they were blessed when their heart was for God even though they were poor physically, and spirituality. This was in contrast to the Pharisees who were rich physically and spiritually knowing all the scriptures and dictating over all the Jewish religious life.

Yet, it was the multitudes who were blessed (contrary to the worldview that these were god forsaken poor peasants), when they were humbled being poor in spirit, and mourning because of their abject lack but were meek, hungering for God, merciful, pure in their heart, peacemakers, and were being persecuted for preaching the Gospel.

Hence, Jesus defintion of being SALT and LIGHT was a contradiction to the Jewish Pharisees, who pushed for the burden of the legalistic religious laws just as FCBC/Love Singapore is doing in Christ very name.

Being Salt and Light cannot be hidden, because it is who you are by nature of being Christ centered in the blessedness of the beatitudes, being blessed and a blessing to the nations. We don't become salt and light by persecuting gays. If we are just like the Pharisees and good for nothing and puting the burden of the law upon the peoples, one day we will loose our value.

As I was passing the Armenian Church in downtown Singapore, I felt a word from the Lord, to ask Pastor Khong of FCBC why he was putting the heavy burden of the Cross again on Gays when Jesus had already bore the Cross at Calvary.

Jesus is the sacrificial lamb and not gays! By putting the Cross on gays and her heavy burdens, innocent blood is on the hands of the church.


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