Norway bombing - Conservative Christian implicated?

22 July 2011 - Anders Behring Breivik, 32 years old, was arrested for a murderous rampage at a youth camp at Utoya Island near Oslo Norway, and for the massive bomb explosion in Oslo itself. The camp was for the youth wing of the left wing Labor party.

Breivik was a youth member of the conservative progress party from 1999 to 2004. The local media and the Police has described him as a right wing christian fundamentalist apparently from details of his recently created facebook profile.  Breivik was not particularly religious but desired for the Protestant church to return to the Catholic church to defend herself against Islam.

The Fox News report was careful not to mention "Christian" or "Conservative" but Huffington Post gleefully expanded on this theme. However, more than 84% of Norweigians are Christian by birth, and Breivik was not known to attend any of the conservative evangelical churches! which is strange since conservative evangelicals are known to attend church a few times a week. This guy doesn't go to church! Therefore, his Christian Conservative credentials seem rather fake!

 In his manifesto, he was motivated by the Templars (not Jesus Christ), doubt God's existence, and believes in Darwin. He considers Christianity a "crutch" and believes that it is cultural rather than defined by a relationship with Jesus and God. One could argue that his fall was led by the lack of Christ based Christian influence in Europe where Christianity is becoming more intellectual, and a form rather than being Christ centered. To call Breivik a "Conservative Christian" is a red herring.

News reports painted a picture of Breivik being "Christian" and "Conservative" based on his facebook. However, the Norweigian face book profile on 22 July 2011 did not show "Christian/Conservative".  It was only inserted on 23 July 2011 after the murderous event was made public and just before the facebook page was de-activated. The  face book profile was created on 18 July 2011 with the Internet creation address from Vienna, Austria. (and not Oslo). All the activities were from July 18 onwards with no "friends".

Whilst we may want to paint this as an example of religious violent extremism hitherto from Islam, but now allegedly from Christianty, the facts are unclear and very suspicious. Unlike other faith driven violence, his known postings on right wing sites did not indicate that he was motivated by God or religion! It was not like some religious militant websites where they quote religious text in every paragraph for justification of their vile actions against humanity.

The problem with the Christian Church is that it has been so busy condeming gays as sinners, calling for the death penalty in Nigeria, and on a crusade to limit the basic rights of gays that they themselves are receiving what they sowed. When we sow deception and false witness, we will be probably be mis-represented as well.

The Christian history has been violent traditionally in many crusading deeds and inquisitions when the church descended into a State Religion in 312 AD. However, this is the result of a departing from a Christ centered Christianity into a man made hierachy, beliefs and power structures of the Catholic Church. Religion mixed with power, wealth and control is dangerous. Their anti-gay rethoric came when the church descended into the slippery slope of carnality and deep in the tradition and orthodoxy of idol worship of the saints and Mary.

  The whole world now knows that Breivik as a "Christian" and "Conservative" and killed in the name of God and religion!   Does the truth really matters as we know from the Christianian Right repeating often a non existent gay aggenda until many preached it from the pulpit as "God's word". They so used to spinning lies about gays and are getting a bit of the medicine themselves.

The motto for Christianity is the Cross where Christ died for us, not that we take up arms to kill others. We were to be the gentle lambs for slaughter when we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the lions to eat up the innocent. However, when we start to harm and persecute the weakess minority such as the Gay tribe, we are walking on a slippery slope where we will no longer be known as representing the Love and Grace of God.


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