When God is rejected and evil exalted in Movie Noah

Gen 6:13 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth. 14 So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out.
Gen 7:16 The animals going in were male and female of every living thing, as God had commanded Noah. Then the Lord shut him in.

The greatest deception are often in the midst of truth and light, and it is subtle. For example, we talk about God as the higher power, the divine, all true, but missed out God as Saviour full of Grace, mercy, and love personified in Jesus Christ. In the movie Noah, God is mocked.

The occult Gnostic is ingenuously weaved into the narrative of the movie Noah, to subtly bring down God, and exalt mankind and their special gnostic seed of knowledge and power as their own saviour.

The movie Noah is a Gnostic faith which replaces God with “Creator”, and makes the demons look like angels of Light, and humans divine with special powers/knowledge of Eden in the Gnostic faith tradition under the guise of Christianity. It contradicts the saving grace and power of Jesus Christ represented by the Ark.

a)      Noah never mentioned God because the underlying gnostic faith separates between a higher unknowable God versus a creator of material or earth called the Demiurgic. Similarly, some Christians call God a mystery, creating distance when God is about friendship and relationship in the biblical Noah.

b)      God is portrayed as the “Creator” who was selfish and blood thirsty, first for kicking mankind out of the garden, denying the access to the tree of knowledge, and then wanting the destruction of the grandchildren of Noah. This is consistent with the Gnostic occult faith. Hence, wrapped around Noah’s hand is the skin of the snake, signifying special knowledge or powers which is actually a demonic manifestation of Satan residing with mankind. After, the fall, mankind is owned by the snake. In the bible, God is merciful even giving up His Son.

c)       In the Bible, the entire planet was filled with trees, and fruits, but in the movie, outside the Garden of Eden was totally barren. The seed from the Garden given to Noah was thus the Gnostic special knowledge and powers of creation giving rise to the vast forests and springs of water of life helping in the construction of the Ark. Hence, it was Gnostic special knowledge/power by the Creator that created the Earth, and not God. Biblically, God is all powerful and mighty, and created the entire earth full of abundance, trees and fruits.

d)      In the bible, it was the fallen angels that had deceived mankind and became the serpent of old. But now in the Gnostic occult faith, evil becomes good. In the movie Noah, the dark angels became angels of light giving special knowledge to mankind for them to survive on barren earth, and then helped Noah to build the Ark.

e)      In the movie Noah, the dark angels were punished by the creator and became giants, whilst in the bible, the giants came into existence because the angel of darkness had sex with the daughters of mankind producing angels thus corrupting the seed of mankind. Hence, evil becomes good.

The scene of Methuselah searching for the berry (the “seed of knowledge”) whilst the storm came killing him portrayed God as selfish in destroying mankind just because he sought after the fruit of knowledge. Biblically, only after Methuselah died, then came the flood and not before, for his name was a warning to the rest for it meant "his death shall bring judgment". He was the oldest living man at 969 years old symbolizing God’s enduring grace.

At the end, there was one door in the Ark, and it was God who shut them in, closing the door. It was God who protected Noah, and the Ark represented Jesus Christ. Despite the violent storms outside, inside the Ark, there is rest and safety. In the movie, even the Ark was corrupted with a stowaway, representing sin. In the bible, Jesus was sinless, and there was no hole in the Ark.

The occult underpinning of religious faith is so disingenuous that even thinking people of faith might been inadvertently practising the occult. The angel of darkness is often disguised as light and good just as in the movie Noah. The term “people of faith” are often used even for Christians taking away the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the way and the truth to God, rather than just another faith.

The main purpose of the occult is to distort the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of salvation through the Good News. This deception is so deep that Christians put their attention on gays as the greatest threat, when the war is actually for lost souls.

Therefore, in all things we do, let Jesus Christ have the pre-eminence, glory and honour, the true Ark of our Salvation. 


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