A Prophecy for African Christian Nations

The rise of Christianity in the African nations coincided with the increasing persecution of gays from the Christian pulpit in Nigeria, and Uganda. From the church pulpits they speak with seemingly the roaring "voice of God" asking for gays to be put in prisons at the very least or better still to be killed. Those who dared criticised them are said to come against God's annointed. These countries are poor and filled with political strife and eager to find scapegoats for their predicaments. When we are poor and desperate, it is convenient to find a weak minority group to blame for bringing God's judgement to the land. We seldom see our own sins - wars and genocide killing, the communal violence, rampant corruption, greed, and political dictatorship milking the people and living in luxury whilst the general population live in abject poverty. For example, the GDP of Uganda is less than 10% of Malaysia.

Country GDP (nominal per capita) GDP as compared to Malaysia Population
Malaysia USD 8118 100% 28 Million
Uganda USD 454 < 10% 32 million
Nigeria USD 1401 < 20% 155 million
Rwanda USD 465 < 10% 10 million
Tanzania USD 520 < 10% 43 million

The Ugandan newspaper "New Vision" repoted that a heated cabinet discussion on the "Kill Gay" bill took place recently, and the bill was still strongly supported. They do not realised that the harsh anti-gay laws in Africa will effectively cause great harm to themselves. The bill has such a strong support because for the rare occasion, both the Christians and the Muslims can used it as a common bashing item instead of going against each other. Their common religious zeal and fundamentalism can be used to blame gays for the breakdown of family and the nation. They have now a common enemy - gays. Nigeria despite being strongly religious - 50% Christian - has not seen any of the prosperity promised by the Christian Right, but a country in poverty.

It is all about a numbers game in Nigeria. In 1963, there were 47% muslim, and 35% christian. Today, there are 50% Muslim, and 48% Christians, and the numbers are not small with Muslims alone accounting for 75 million, making it almost the same Muslim population as Egypt and more than Iran and Iraq. The number of Christians at 70 million, effectively results in them taking over the Global Anglican Communion, and having a significant say in the Methodist movement. The battle in Nigeria is a proxy for the religious battles of the nations.

The "Kill Gay" bills in the African countries is an attempt to redirect the focus of Christians and Muslims against each other, and to blame a common enemy. Gays are the scapegoat for a fallen nation, and to pay the ultimate prize of the death penalty. It will start a witch hunt, news of outings of public figures, picture of gays hanged, and for a time and a season, the nation will feel "proud" of their false morality. But in no time, the season will be over, and they (Christians and Muslims) will again turn to each other, this time with much more agression because their self righteousness have been well fed by the blood of gays, and they will be ready to kill further.

The Christian Right in America knows well that the battle for Christianity lies not in Iraq and Afganistan, where victory will not bring any expansion of "the Family". The battle is in the frontier between the Islamic North and the Christian South of Africa. Gays are thrown in there to be killed to spice up the religious advantage and zeal of Christians "to stand up for God". The Christian Right in America cared not for the nations of Uganda nor Nigeria, nor for the demise of the countries which will come if the anti-gay bills were passed. Once the blood of gays are spilled in the streets of Lagos and Kampala, it will seal the fate of the "Christian" nations.


(Mark 15:14 NKJV) Then Pilate said to them, "Why, what evil has He done?" But they cried out all the more, "Crucify Him!"

We are reminded of the Religious Pharisees in Jerusalem, battling against their Roman rulers and the gods that they bring and having to stir up pubic opinion against these foreign rulers, and their puppets such as Herod. In a move of brilliance, why not let the Romans kill the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and let them suffer the back lash if any. They can then ride on the wave of this religious fervour to get rid of the Romans. However, the Romans were "spiritually" discerning, and even though evil, saw that there was no crime committed and wash their hands of any liability. In doing so, Pilate, return back the "sin" of killing Jesus upon the Jewish nation.

(Luke 23:28-30 NKJV) But Jesus, turning to them, said, "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children."For indeed the days are coming in which they will say, 'Blessed are the barren, wombs that never bore, and breasts which never nursed!'"Then they will begin 'to say to the mountains, "Fall on us!" and to the hills, "Cover us!"'

After the death sentence on Jesus was passed, He turned to the crowd, for He knew that jdugement was coming to Jerusalem, and asked them to weep not for Him but for themselves. Jerusalem fell in AD70 when the Jewish religious zealots fought against the Romans, and millions were killed and many fled to the mountains. The temple Jerusalem is no longer in the hands of the Jews today, the blue mosque resides there, due to the diaspora of the Jews from Israel.

Similarly, when the "kill gay bill" anti-gay bills are passed, the end is near for many African countries, and they will enter into religious strife like never before. The battle they seek to avoid by using gays as a common bashing point of religious cause, will come back like a flood to these nations.

Many legislators in Uganda have insisted that foreigners had no right to interfere with Uganda's sovereighty when in fact the push for the law was a result of an external influence from the Christian Right in America in the first instance. Nothwithstanding, they can insist on their rights, but when this door is closed, so is the door to foreign aid and support. Surely Christians in Uganda cannot have it both ways. Even without the new death penalty for gays, the laws against gays in "Christian" Africa, is appalling:-

Country % christians Penalty for Gay sex
Nigeria 48% Penalties in Sharia areas: Up to death for men, and up to 50 lashes (caning) and six months for women. Pentalty for men in non Sharia areas: Up to 14 years prison).
Uganda 84% All homosexual acts illegal (Penalty: Fine up to life sentence)
Tanzania 40% Male illegal (Penalty: Life Imprisonment)
Burundi 70% Penalty: 3 months to 2 years imprisonment (since 2009)
Kenya 89% Male illegal (Penalty: up to 14 years)
Zambia 90% Male illegal (Penalty: fine to 15 years)

In deep dark Africa, we begin our descent into the abyss of no return when we start to put gays to death not satisfied with the long prison terms and life imprisonment. There will be no light in deep dark Africa until the true Christ is exalted, one that displays God's love, mercy, grace, and compassion instead of a god of judgement killing those we deemed far less righteous than us. One day when we reached heaven's gate, we might find ourselves barred for our hands are filled with the blood of the innocent, for the first may be the last, and the Last first.

Poverty and Fundamentalist Religion is an explosive mix, with the trigger being the gay issue. It is not a gay issue, just those who uses it to rationalise their self righteousness for their own religious and political gain yet still called themselves Christians. They sacrificed not themselves, but sacrificed those who are weak and defenceless to show the world how moral and righteous they are outwardly. But God sees our hands and our hearts. We can't cheat God, His Word will condemn us and calls for righteousness and justice.