Day 1 - Gay marriage in New York

(picture from AP)

Day 1 - Gay Marriage in New York

New York is 15,339 km from Singapore, yet the ringing bells could be heard loud and clear through the echoes across the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and then Asia. This is a pivotal moment in the basic rights for the GLBT community.

In contrast in Singapore, the mega churches including City Harvest and New Creation together with the National Council of Churches are still holding tenaciously their special rights of keeping gays in bondage:-

  • Insisting on maintaining current 377A legislation which criminalises homosexuality

  • the practise of not permitting registration of gay clubs and societies

  • the practise of rejecting anything that seems to promote a "gay lifestyle" whatever that means!

 Gays have very little legal rights in Singapore.  Yet, the Pink Dot events showed us that love conquers all.

The churches are so politically powerful that no one wants to make gays as a wedge issue to loose political support. However, the bible is very clear in reaping what we sow. And there can be miracles, when we believe and trust in God.

When we deny the weak minority their basic rights (when we are the majority having all the rights and much more) - we will reap a multiplied consequences. That is the moral law of God, that even hours of prayers will not protect the church from. This means that there will be a move legislative or otherwise that will surely follow which impact many of the churches activities, registration of churches/societies, and promotion of "christianity". It's not that the gay community will be pushing it, it will come naturally as a law of the harvest of what we sowed. The gay community is far too weak and too small to do much effective activism.

We demand special rights to persecute gays and put them in the closet when it has nothing to do with the church and the harm caused will return to us. Day 1 of the gay marriage is the sounding of the bell that whilst gays in New York are rejoicing of their new found freedom, judgement is coming not on the gay community as prophesied by many but on their captors.

We hear the rumblings of a backlash in Singapore with new guidance for doing business by the charities since many of the mega churches have large businesses which are not their primary roles. This is a sad day because the Gospel message will be impacted because of our sin against the GLBT tribe.

God is hardening the Christian Churches to maintain their stance against gays till the very end just as Pharoah insisting that the Jews remained in bondage. The Christian Post in America have been busy throwing fire and smoke at condeming gay marriages and treatening every legal means to stop it. The more angst and the more vile it gets, it comes to a point of grace that God will release the Tsunami of Gay rights in America that will swept America, Europe, and Asia. We are at the point of God's grace.

We will be praying regularly, for the grace of God to be released upon the GLBT community, for an Exodus from the closet. Choices will be made by a new generation to come out even from an early age and they will no longer accept the status quo. They will chose the liberty to be who God created them innately. Their basic humanity and dignity will no longer be denied.

We will march around the Anglican Cathedral in Singapore just as the Jews marched around the walls of Jericho. There can be a miracle, when we believe in a God of miracles. We will remain quiet, not engaging with those who taunt us, but praying for the walls to be broken and for God's grace and mercy to be released.

 Let's start praying.


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