The battle for gay marriage in New York - the next stonewall

The Christian Post in the States dedicated much of its website to the on-going vote in the New York Senate on gay marriage. In a less than independent poll  published by the Christian Right through their Alliance Defence Fund  apparently showed that 62% of New Yorkers were against gay marriage. However, the polling methodology was not published.

They must have tried very hard to skewed the results:-

a. The Washington Independent reported that a memo from ADF to the polling agent laid out people to be excluded from the sample including those who comment on blogs.

Who else have they excluded? they probably went to an conservative church to take the polls!

b. The question was not speceific as to whether gay marriage should be legalised but whether people “believe MARRIAGE should be defined ONLY as a union between one man and one woman". People may believe in marriage between a straight persons yet agreeing to legalization of gay marriage.

For example, although one may believe in the Liberal Christian tradition, does not mean that Fundamentalist churches should be banned.

The wrong question was asked in the poll in order to extract a biased result just as many of the fake scientific studies done to "cure" gays.

The results from more independent polls showed very consistent results supporting gay marriages:-

Public Research Institute - 51% (May 2011)

Gallup - 53% (May 2011)

CNN - 51% (Apr 2011)

 ABC News/ Washington Post - 53% (Mar 2011)

 The Senate vote in New York is said to be the defining battle for gay rights if not stopped would have a domino effect. The bad news for Christian Post and the fundamentalist Christian groups is that the trend is strongly against them however they may like to skew the poll results. Even if the vote did not pass due to one or two undecided Republican Senators, the polls will be more supportive of gays the next year around based on improving trends over the previous years. The rain is coming whether we like it or not.

The skewing of polls also reflect fundamentally the issue with the Christian Right is that they are dishonest, and that goes for the same way they distort and misinterpret the bible. The problem has never been the bible but how we interpret it as a whole and guided by the religious, social and cultural pagan literature of ancient Israel. The bible was obviously not against gays with the anal sex being a religious practice that the straight folks were unnaturally engaging so that they can be possessed by the spiritual forces. The problem was that these Jewish folks were law and bible believing people of faith who played harlotry with other gods, just like the Christian Right doing with power and wealth.

The interpretation of the bible by the Christian Right is biased just as their polling was, bordering to being immoral, unethical, and proclaiming a false witness against a small defenceless group.

The Gay marriage may or may not go through in New York, but this was the place of Stonewall where the protests against the Police arrests of gays sparked the movement for basic Gay rights. It was no special rights, but freedom just to exist as being gay in the 60s could result in jail or fine.

40 years later in New York, what the Christian Right is asking for is special rights to deny other people the right to marry when their own marriage or religious faith is not impacted, and when they do not themselves honour their straight marriages with high divorce rates and tens of thousands being aborted.

In order to be morally consistent, whilsts attempting to ban gay marriages, the Christian Right should also insist for the following to be legislated:-

a. Divorces to be banned.

b. Abortion to be banned.

c. Adultery to be a criminal offence.

d. All other faiths to be banned.

(Mat 6:23 NKJV) "But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

How the Christian Right sees gay marriage is a reflection of the lack of the love in the body of Christ. There is a deep legalistic darkness until they even put on filtered glasses (via a distorted poll) so that they will not hear the voices and cries to God of gay people whom thay had despised and persecuted.

How we condemned and treat others with cruelty and harm and deny others the basic of rights which we ourselves enjoy will always come back to harm us. What we sow is what we reap. When we deny others the basic of rights, our religious rights will one day be impacted. We may protest based on our religious freedom, but would our voices be heard for we have done grave harm to others for a thousand years in the name of God.

Whether the law will or will not pass this time round, gay marriage will come but whether the Christian Right is morally indicted is another issue. Nothing will happen much when gay marriage is legalized, but only to prove further that the Christian Right were wrong and had distorted the image of God and the character of Christ, one of Love, mercy and grace.

The sword drawn by those who kill and put others in closets will return to them four fold for the law of God of justice will not pass away. Put away your swords and choose love before it is too late.


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