Press Reporting of Aware Revolution Polarised Society, MP retracts accusation

The Christian Post reported 28 May 2009 in their article entitled "Press Reporting of Aware Revolution Polarised Society, MP", that the media has been biased against Christians and supported what it terms "homosexual fraternity". The statement by the MP was used to leveraged upon their position, to make it more credible and substantiated.

According to the Straits Times, the day after the claim by the MP, "MP FOR Tampines GRC on Thursday apologised in Parliament for citing an e-mail from a writer whom he said he did not know, and for not verifying the substance of the contents.". In other words there was no verifiable substance in the claim, just hearsay. Reports from Christian organizations like to leveraged upon doctored reports, and half truths to stir up the fears of the majority, as to paint a bad picture of gays. The new guard of Aware is probably sore that the Press reported the truth about their aggenda and asked difficult questions which of course would highlight their lack of substance.

The Christian Right through Focus on the Family and Exodus are the main foreign influence to try to manipulate the politics in Singapore to be anti-gay. But they cared little that this is a multi-religious and multi racial society and going after gays will probably stir up the hornets nest of improper religious involvement into the political and secular world. Imagine a church of 30,000 such as City Harvest, which has very strong ties with the Anglican churches such as Church of Our Saviour, uses the pulpit or pastoral letters to encourage more involvement in the secular and political spaces, it would caused great trouble. If they can come against gays, who is to stop them coming against another minority or religious group. MPs would received thousands of letters from these activists making ti difficult to ignore.

The Transformation 2009 seminar clearly shows the Christian activist intention to move far beyond the religious space and when they become more powerful, in numbers, wealth and influence, who can stop them!. The cultural war in America is not really a war, but an invasion of the religious right to all aspects of the secular space resulting in a strong response to resist this insidious development over the past 30 years. Singapore cannot afford such battles as we are far more diverse in terms of religion than the states and any stirring by a forceful and outspoken group is dangerous.

There is an accountability and responsibility that resulted in the MP making the apology because he represented the government and using parliamentary privelage to make doubtful statements would not reflect well. The christian activists in Singapore should follow suit and be mindful of who they represent. They do not represent an earthly kingdom, but a heavenly kingdom. We are called to be ambassadors of Grace, God's grace reflected in the precious message of the Gospel of Christ. If a secular Government realised the importance of credibility, how much more necesarry for Christians to avoid low level gutter politics where anything goes - lying, cheating, stealing, half truths and rethoric to fan the fears of the majority, because it undermines the Christian Faith, and distort the image and representation of Christ.

Instead of apologizing against the Gay community, we have agressively persecuted them, and then justify it saying that there is a hidden gay aggenda to destroy christianity and the family structure. They are supposedly the cause of the family breakdwon of all our straight 7000 divorces and 15,000 abortions each year. We used terms such as a cultural war creating a distinct between the religious and the outside world, the world being represented by Gays and their "evil" lifestyles. We have the recent "Change is possible" East Asia Conference by Exodus in Malaysia on 22 May 2009 which will again bring many gays into denial, delusion, conflct, confusion, and self condemnation. As a result many will change yes, change their "religion", and no longer attend church because the condemnation and deception about gays told under the banner of Christianity at the Full Gospel Church in KL. After failing to "change", would be to fail God Himself. You would not ask a Heterosexual to "change" and then claim that something is wrong with them if they failed to do so. Singapore will be represented by Leslie Lung who is not gay, but a transexual.

(Gal 1:6 NKJV) I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel,

I believe that "Change is possible", but a change to the church to be more Christ and Grace centered. The other Gospel mentioned by Paul in the above verse to the Galatians was a deep concern that the Jewish church in Galatia had succumed to the influence of the Judaist who insisted that Christians must also follow and abide by the Jewish laws and customs. We have preached the Gospel of the law in the church after we have been saved by faith. ie after we have received Christ, we turned to a different law based gospel.

The law based Gospel doesn't make us more holy or obedient to the law, but result in a spirit of judgement and hypocrisy. Our failure to abide by the law will be glossed over by the focus on the apparent failure of others, even outside the church to do so for whom gays would be our prime target of condemnation as vile sinners under our interpretation of the law. Even the Pharisees did not stoop down to such a low gutter level for they brought the Prostitute to Jesus and not the Gay men.

The Lord loves His church and He is coming back. His steadfast love never ceases even though we have strayed far away from biblical Christianity which calls us to love, to show God's grace and mercy, and to preach the Gospel. The more we try to change gays, the more change and a great shaking is coming to the church. The longer we resist, the bigger the fall and the correction needed. We have gone far beyond just a simple retraction.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
His mercies never will come to an end
They are new every morning
New every morning
Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord
Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord
Great is Thy faithfulne

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